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KWF Wednesday Night Turmoil: 13th Feb. 2012 – Garrett Coliseum. Montgomery, AL.


The opening titles roll and as we come into the pyro-filled arena, Jim Ross introduces us to another edition of “the most popular literary wrestling organisation on the planet, welcome to Wednesday Night Turmoil!” He introduces his co-commentator, William Regal, and informs us that we have some titanic clashes lined up for this evening’s card. “William, I am truly excited about tonight because Sheamus will finally get his hands on a member of LAX when he goes one-on-one with Hernandez. The newest faction in wrestling cost the Celtic Warrior his Hardcore Championship against Alberto Del Rio, and then attacked him again last week to prevent him from being in the main event six-man tag match. Sheamus had taken a Border Toss last week, but his match tonight against SuperMex will be one on one.” Regal: “Sheamus is a fool. He should have taken some rest-bite before his big rematch with Del Rio at SuperBrawl.”

JR goes on to tell us that World Champion AJ Styles will be in the ring tonight and he’ll be addressing new number one contender Wade Barrett. And the main event: “Well, let’s just say you will most certainly not want to miss it. We already have three qualifiers for the Elimination Chamber match at SuperBrawl in Brock Lesnar, King Dolph and Panther, and tonight we will have our fourth. It will be either Kurt Angle, or his opponent… The Phenom, The UnderTaker!” Regal: “That is a massive main event Jim. The first time we will have seen The Deadman in one on one action in a while, and up against the man he defeated at KWF WrestleMania 2011. And speaking of Taker, just have a gander at who’s been standing in the ring for the past ten minutes.” The camera pans around and we see that none other than Paul Bearer is stood in the centre of the ring, mic in hand. JR: “That is a familiar face, I wonder what he wants.”

Bearer addresses the crowd. “Ooooh yeeeesss, it is I, Paul Bearer. I have returned to the Keystone Wrestling Federation with a very important question. The UnderTaker, my UnderTaker, asked me to guide The Absolute Lashley when he was moulding him to be his future heir to the Dark Side throne. Such agility, such power, so much potential, and yet, UnderTaker, you have cast him aside and placed his destiny in a metaphorical casket. You decided that Lashley was not up to the task of succeeding you UnderTaker, and so you punished him, physically and mentally. But last week, the dark forces exploded in The Beast, and Lashley struck you UnderTaker. He knocked you off your feet, and I saw that look in your eyes. I saw that look that I have only ever seen once before, when I uttered those immortal words, ‘Kane is alive!’ And so UnderTaker, I urge you to come down to this ring because I have something very important to ask you.”

Bearer waits as JR and Regal are still bemused as to the point of Bearer’s presence. *BONG!* The lights go out, and when they come back on again, The Phenom is standing about five feet away from Bearer. He walks slowly closer to him, and Bearer slowly walks back. Taker is now stood in the centre of the ring, as a scared Bearer tries to speak. “T-T-T-T-Taker, you have…”

UnderTaker: “Paul Bearer. How dare you come back here and call me out. I cast you back into the shadows after the very disappointing job you did in guiding Lashley. It is because of you that his potential and promise that I moulded unravelled into the failure that he has become. When he struck me last week, that look you saw was not a look of surprise and it was certainly not a look of fear. It was a look of disappointment and anger.” Bearer becomes slightly more confident and quickly spouts what it was he came out to say. “I have spoken to Lashley this week UnderTaker, and he asked me to come here tonight so that I could give you a very important message. He wants you Deadman. Lashley wants to fight you, he wants to prove to you that he is the true successor to the Dark Side, and he wants to do it at WrestleMania!!!” The fans go wild as the challenge is laid down by Bearer. Taker’s eyes widen. JR: “What? What did he just say? The Absolute Lashley is challenging The UnderTaker to a match at WrestleMania?!” Regal: “Bloody hell!”

Everyone awaits UnderTaker’s response in anticipation, but he just laughs in the way he did two weeks ago as he looked down on Lashley’s broken body following his clash with Abyss. Taker: “Lashley wants to face me at WrestleMania? My failed protégé thinks he can end my streak? It is that kind of fearless bravery that enticed me towards him in the first place. But the fact stands that he is not worthy of succeeding me, therefore, is certainly not worthy of facing me at my own pay-per-view. So Paul, my answer is no.” The fans boo, and before Bearer can respond, Taker raises his arms and the lights go out. When they come back on, both he and Bearer have gone and the ring is empty.

JR: “Well what on earth just happened? Lashley challenged Taker to a match at WrestleMania, we all got excited, and then Taker says no?” Regal: “To be fair he’s quite right to do so. Lashley is a powerful force, but he is not in the same league as the Lord of Darkness, let alone when it comes to his speciality, WrestleMania.” We see a few confused and disappointed faces in the crowd as we fade to our first commercial break of the evening.


Low-ki vs. Austin Aries

Back after commercials, the competitors are ready and the bell rings for what should be an action-packed opening bout of the night. Aries is cocky as he smirks at Low-ki and the two of them lock up. Aries gets his opponent in a headlock takedown, but Low-ki kips up out of it. Both men get up at the same time and Low-ki performs a spinning roundhouse kick, then another and another. He keeps doing it but never makes contact as Aries backs off and exits to ringside. He does the ‘Timeout’ hand gesture and moans to the referee: “This isn’t Karate Kid! Get’m to wrestle!”

And so, Low-ki sprints against the far ropes and dives to ringside, smashing Aries into the barricade. JR compliments Low-ki’s stance and the crowd cheer him on as he slams hard kicks into Aries’ chest. He then rolls his opponent back in the ring and follows. Aries is quick to turn the tide though, standing up and stamping on Low-ki’s hands as he climbs back in the ring. The crowd boo as Aries then trips his opponent into the Last Chancery, but before Aries can synch in the move, Low-ki manages to get to the ropes.

An awesome contest goes back and forth and Low-ki gets a near fall after a Krush Kombo. Aries comes back and tries to slow the match right down, perhaps setting Low-ki up for another Last Chancery, but Low-ki won’t allow it to happen. He tries for a submission of his own, the Dragon Clutch, but no dice as Aries counters and flips Low-ki forward into a pinning predicament. One, Two – kick-out. That was close. Both men get up and sprint toward opposite sets of ropes and when they come back *WHAM* double cross body, it’s like a car crash in the centre of the ring.

The crowd love the action as the comms talk up the competitive nature and never-say-die attitude of the X-Division. JR: “Last week we saw Christopher Daniels versus Amazing Red, and now we have Low-ki v. Austin Aries, what a match and what a way to put Jack Evans on notice.” Regal: “And Daniels on notice too Jim. Don’t forget, it’s Daniels versus Evans at SuperBrawl. I’m sure the Fallen Angel will win that contest and carry the X-Title into WrestleMania.” The match at hand has been a rollercoaster ride and both men are exhausted. Low-ki has Aries on the canvas and he points to the top turnbuckle, going up and setting for Warrior’s Way. He attempts the move, but no, he slams his feet into the mat as Aries rolls out of the way. Low-ki’s feeling the pain of the impact and Aries capitalizes, finishing Low-ki off with a Brainbuster! He hooks both legs and the fans boo as A-Double gets the Three.

Winner: Austin Aries.

Aries’ music «< click to play) hits and the crowd boo as the comms review replays. They remind us that Austin Aries and Low-ki will be looking for X-Division Title glory throughout 2013, but this victory here would certainly put Aries ahead of Low-ki in the queue.


We go to a video package recapping the events of last week’s Wednesday Night Turmoil. It was a night where there were two SuperBrawl Elimination Chamber qualifying matches. There was a number one contenders Tag Team match involving the British Invasion’s Welsh Dragons up against the returning Beer Money. We saw another paper-bagging from The Beautiful People, Christopher Daniels invoked a long awaited rematch clause, LAX made yet another huge statement and Wade Barrett was named challenger to AJ Styles’ World Heavyweight Championship – and that encounter will happen at SuperBrawl! To take in the entire show, click HERE and read February 6th’s KWF Wednesday Night Turmoil!

We are in the Skybox of the Rated R General Manager, Edge. We see he is talking to someone, and as the camera pans across we see that that someone is Panther. Edge: “Congratulations on winning your qualifier last week against Mr Anderson. Who would have thought it huh? One of the KWF originals, X-Division Champion, Tag Champion, US Champion, and now you’re in the Elimination Chamber match at SuperBrawl with a chance to book yourself in the KWF Championship match at WrestleMania.” Panther: “Yeah, but I’m not letting it go to my head.” He casually turns around and we see that he is wearing a modified CM Punk ‘Best in the World’ shirt with Punk’s name crossed out and Panther’s scribbled over the top. Edge: “Subtle.” Panther: “I know right. But seriously Edge, thanks for giving me that opportunity.”

Edge: “No problem, you earned it. I know people are gonna say that I only gave you that shot because of our Thundercat history, or that it was just because I knew the look on Dolph’s face when you told him would be priceless, but you’ve been on a great run of results lately, and you went out and found me Why So Serious when no-one else had to stones to do it. You had to earn your place in the Chamber just like everyone else, and now that you’ve made it that far, I know you can go further.” Panther: “Yeah, I know I can too. I really just can’t wait for SuperBrawl to come around now. And the fact that Dolph is in there just makes it all the more sweeter. I know it’s going to be the toughest match of my career, but as long as King Ziggles gets eliminated before I do, I’ll be happy. Man, it’s just like the build up to Christmas, except the night before I probably won’t eat twenty mince pies and consume almost double my bodyweight in egg nog.”

Edge: “It would certainly make the Sword of Omens interesting if it’s accompanied by some vom… you know what… I won’t lower the tone.” Panther then asks Edge how Zack Ryder’s “Twittercontinental Title” campaign is going. Edge gives nothing away, but says that he’s been getting plenty from KWF fans and celebrities alike, and even from other KWF superstars. Edge: “Even Mister Belding tweeted #ICRyder just this morning.” Panther: “Belding? Wow, that takes me back. Zack Morris and the Saved by the Bell days. D’you remember Jessie Spano? She was a fox!” Edge chuckles: “Hey, have you tweeted #ICRyder yet?” Panther: “You know it.” Panther shakes his hand and exits.


Awesome!… I came to play! «< click to play) out comes The Miz to a booing reception. He gets on the mic and has a pop at Edge for allowing Zack Ryder to “go on a PR stunt” and use the whole #ICRyder notion to earn himself an Intercontinental Title shot. Miz: “What’s stopping me from getting my Mizfits to tweet hash-tag ICMiz?!” The crowd boo and JR says that very few would tweet that because Miz isn’t a particularly popular figure. Regal says that The Miz has a right to be angry and suggests that he would make a better opponent for Randy Orton come SuperBrawl, than Zack Ryder would.

The Miz continues mouthing off and the fans boo even louder, but then cheer as we hear ♫Ohhh Rad-i-oohh Tell Me Everything You Know♫ «< click to play). Zack Ryder enters and he looks ready to compete as he marches down the ramp. He already has a mic in hand and he says that last week the Intercontinental Champion’s words gave him something to think about. Ryder: “You see Miz, I have been getting tweeted by Broskis from all over the world. The response in terms of #ICRyder has been sick. But when a man like Randy Orton finally takes notice, you realize that to earn the match is one thing, but to be able to compete and have a chance at winning the Title, I have to be at the highest possible level of my game – and Miz, that’s where you come in. How ‘bout it chump, me and you right now?!”

Miz belittles Ryder’s challenge: “You wanna face me?! You’re gonna get your ass handed to you, this isn’t the a little league baseball match you moron.” Ryder gets in the ring and removes his headband and his shirt. The fans cheer as The Miz calls for a referee, claiming that he’s about to give Ryder a reality check. JR: “An impromptu match folks and it looks like business has just picked up.” Regal: “Things have gotten heated Jim and I’m looking forward to this, Miz is going to make Ryder run home with his tail between his legs.” JR: “Oh I’m not so sure, Ryder has his game face on and I think he realizes now that competing for the Intercontinental Championship is series business. If Ryder pulls off a victory here then he’s going to be full of confidence heading into SuperBrawl.” Regal: “If he gets enough #ICRyder tweets.”

The Miz vs. Zack Ryder

The audience chant ‘IC Ryder!’ as the bell rings and Ryder goes right at The Miz, knocking him off his feet with a modified Thesz Press and then he lays into him with hard right hands. Miz yanks Ryder by the trunks and slams him face-first into the bottom turnbuckle. The fans boo as Miz uses the trunks again, this time to roll Ryder to his back and then use the middle rope for leverage on a pin-fall. Ryder kicks out after One, but the referee sees Miz’s feet anyway and he warns him of a Disqualification.

Miz takes control of the match and Regal talks about how Zack Ryder is punching well above his weight. Regal: “The man’s not a great wrestler, he hasn’t proved anything in the ring and to think he can go toe to toe with Randy Orton, let alone The Miz is beyond living in an imaginary dream world. Ryder’s got a long way to go and I don’t think he’s going to come out of this well at all.” JR reminds us that Ryder was once aligned with Edge when he was part of the Ryder and Hawkins tag team. He then went it alone and it’s taken until now for Ryder to get some recognition. JR: “Ryder wants to be part of the Road to WrestleMania and anything can happen in the KWF William. If Ryder gets his match against Orton, then it’s an any given Sunday kind of situation. Ryder could pull off the performance of his life and he could become Intercontinental Champion.”

Miz dominates for the majority of the contest, but he takes Ryder too lightly and becomes complacent. This leads to a fan-led revival from Ryder and Long Island Iced Z makes a comeback to befall Miz by the corner. Ryder concentrates on winning the match, no time to waste as he slams Miz right in the mush with a Broski Boot straight away. This leads to some waving to the crowd and Ryder is all hyped up as he lands a Ruff Ryder on his opponent. He hooks the leg for a cover and Regal says “No way” in disbelief as Zack Ryder knocks off The Miz.

Winner: Zack Ryder.

JR: “Zack Ryder has done it!” yelps JR and the fans cheer as Ryder has his hand raised. He exits the ring and picks out a sign from the audience. It says #ICRyder on it and Ryder shows it to the camera. He gets back in the ring and holds the sign up as the comms remind us to tweet #ICRyder to increase Zack Ryder’s chances of landing a shot at SuperBrawl for the Intercontinental Championship.


We come to a video package where Jack Evans is working out in a California gym. He has taping around his ribs and one of his arms. He’s visibly struggling, but is showing the determination to still keep exercising. His voice comes in over the top: “People keep calling me a rookie, but I’ve been in this business for twelve and a half years. Sure I’ve only recently made it to the big time, but now I’m here I’m not gonna let anyone knock me off again. I worked my ass off to become X-Division Champion, and it’ll take more than some bruised ribs and a dislocated shoulder to stop me from defending my Belt at SuperBrawl. I’ve taken some beatings in my career, but nothing like what LAX did to me. But I’ve been in here every day for the past week preparing for my defence against you Christopher Daniels. I’m on schedule to be at that pay-per-view, and after all that crap you were talking last week, I’m going to take great pleasure in embarrassing you on the Road to WrestleMania.”

The video ends with Evans showing off with some flips and break-dancing as we come back into the arena. JR: “Well looks like Jack Evans is working hard to be at SuperBrawl. The Fallen Angel invoked his rematch clause and it seems that we are going to be treated to one hell of a contest a week on Sunday.” Regal: “Yes, but did you see the end of that clip Jim? Who’s Jack Evans think he’s fooling? He’s fine! All those flips and summersaults, he’s obviously not injured.” JR: “William there’s a big difference between being able to flip and being at a hundred per cent in a match against Christopher Daniels.”

We hear Beer! Moneyyyy! «< click to play) and the fans are on their feet as out from under the rising tron step Gail Kim, Robert Roode and the Cowboy James Storm. JR reminds us of Beer Money’s return last week and we see clips of their victory over the Welsh Dragons to become number one contenders to the Tag Team Championships. Regal: “It was a travesty. Mason and Rob didn’t know they were going to face Beer Money. It was a blind challenge and there should be a do-over. The British Invasion should be the ones facing Why So Serious at SuperBrawl in my view.”

Roode and Storm grab microphones and wait for the audience to calm. Storm speaks first and says how great it is to be back in the KWF ring: “No more injuries, no more storytellers telling us that we’re no longer a tag team. And Why So Serious, sorry about your damn luck, but come SuperBrawl, ol’ Bobby Roode and I are taking back our Tag Titles!” The crowd cheer, but not as loudly as they did earlier. JR reminds us that Gambit and The Joker are huge fan favorites. Robert Roode says that he wants to thank General Manager Edge for taking into account Beer Money’s past achievements and giving them an opportunity at the Tag Gold straight away. Beer Money say that they’re working in the gym by day, and spending money on beer by night – “and come SuperBrawl, we’re going to become the new KWF World Tag Team Champions!”

The crowd applaud Beer Money’s confidence, but then music hits «< click to play) and out from under the rising tron steps Christy ‘Harley Quinn’ Hemme. She stands on the stage for a moment and then smiles at the audience before skipping down to the ring. She gets in and skips around Storm, Kim and Roode. Gail becomes angry and she sets to go for Hemme, but Roode holds her wrist. Storm watches the skipping and takes a sip of his beer – but then Christy takes it. She waves it in Storm’s face and then exits the ring, skipping with the beer bottle in her hand and she takes it all the way up the ramp and back under the tron. James Storm looks baffled and he sets to exit the ring and chase after Harley, but Roode has the sensible head again. He steps in front of Storm and by the words that he’s mouthing to Storm and Kim it looks like he’s suggesting that this is a trap. JR wonders what’s going on, but Regal agrees that Roode is smart to keep his team away. JR: “It’s either a trap, or Why So Serious have begun playing mind games heading toward SuperBrawl it seems.” Regal: “Or maybe the delightful Christy just fancied a beer. Honestly Jim, you always read too much into things.”

We see the members of the Latin American eXchange walking into a Montgomery car dealership, with a caption that reads ‘Earlier today’. A salesman stands from his desk and goes to shake their hands, but Hernandez pushes him back down into his chair. Alberto Del Rio: “Look gringo. You already know who we are so let’s not bother with the introductions. Since I created this group, we have been on a path of destruction in the Keystone Wrestling Federation, but you already knew that, and there is just one thing missing from the LAX.” Homicide: “A sweet ride ese!” They all laugh, apart from the increasingly nervous salesman. Del Rio: “So show us what you got in this little lot of yours.” Salesman: “Err, certainly Sirs, and Madam, right this way.” They head out into the lot and we see LAX being shown various expensive cars. The first one is far too small, and Hernandez can barely fit in the drivers seat, so he rips it out and sits in the back instead. The next one is an SUV, but Rey Mysterio points out that they’re Mexican hooligans, not soccer moms, and he smashes one of the windows with a crowbar. Eventually, they find a mini-van they like. Del Rio admires the sleek interior, while Homicide and Hernandez check out the wheels. The salesman informs them that this particular model costs over 200 thousand dollars before optional extras. Melina seductively takes him aside. “That’s a real nice car, maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement.” The salesman is enticed, as we see the men in the background trying to hotwire the car, before piling into it. As they begin to screech off, Melina knees the salesman with a low blow and races over to jump into the back. LAX drive away in their new vehicle, leaving the salesman to roll around on the floor. We hear Ricardo Rodriguez’ voice from the van: “Alberto Del Rio! Alberto Del Rio! Alberto Del Rio!”


We’re back Live and Hernandez is in the ring having just watched that video package on the tron. Regal: “Haha, that was quite hilarious Jim.” JR: “That was ridiculous. LAX just bullied themselves a new vehicle – and what for? It’s not like Del Rio couldn’t afford it!” Regal: “Well that’s the funny part Jim. He could have pain and I’m sure he would have in the past, but this new LAX are proving that they can do what they want and take what they want. Just like when they took Sheamus’ Hardcore Title.”

Hernandez looks confident as the comms recap how he impressively smashed Sheamus through a table in the backstage area last week on Turmoil. JR: “Sheamus is a brave brave man, to be back so soon after taking such a beating, the Celtic Warrior is once again proving how much of a Hardcore competitor he really is.” Regal: “Yes, but rather than think of vengeance, he’s got to be smart and focus on the Hardcore Championship. That’s the end goal here. Taking another beatdown from LAX won’t do his body any good come SuperBrawl.” ♫It’s a shame that they lost their head, a careless man could wind up dead!♫ «< click to play). Sheamus enters to a rousing reception and the comms tell that the atmosphere is as if we’re about to witness a Street Fight.

Hernandez vs. Sheamus

The bell rings right away as Sheamus storms straight for Hernandez. SuperMex doesn’t back down and he lays forearm smashes into the back of Sheamus, but the Celtic Warrior bull-rushes him toward the corner. He lays shoulders into his gut, but Hernandez then lifts a hard knee and that catches Sheamus under his jaw. Hernandez springs off the ropes and bumps into Sheamus with a huge Get Off Me shoulder barge. This takes Sheamus off his feet and Hernandez grounds him for a cover, gets One, gets Two – but Sheamus kicks out.

The battle goes on between these two huge behemoths and Hernandez often targets Sheamus’ back. JR: “This isn’t about a victory to Hernandez is it William? He goes for the token cover, but he’s just as happy unleashing buckets of punishment on Sheamus.” Regal: “Well of course Jim. LAX have a direct plan and their end-game is to protect leader Alberto Del Rio and their Hardcore Championship. Every battle they go into is representative of defending the Hardcore Title and if Hernandez can batter Sheamus to a pulp for an easier victory for Del Rio at SuperBrawl, well, the job’s half done and Sheamus won’t pose a threat for Del Rio at all.”

Sheamus is a fighting Irish-man though and he’s not laying down to take a beating. He often fights back and this big-boy fight spills twice to ringside. Once with Hernandez on top, but a second time with Sheamus on top and now back on the apron Sheamus takes control. He steps inside the ring while holding Hernandez back over the top rope. He clobbers his chest with hefty forearm shots and then brings SuperMex back in the ring. JR: “Sheamus is setting for White Noise here, if he completes the move then this match may be over.” Sheamus attempts the move, but Hernandez fights out of it and he drops behind. Sheamus turns round and Hernandez attempts a clothesline, but Sheamus ducks, turns round and *BAM* “Ohhh my God!” shouts JR as the crowd go nuts for a surprise Brogue Kick! Hernandez is down and out and Sheamus picks up the One, Two and Three!

Winner: Sheamus.

Sheamus gets to his feet and he keeps his guard up, weary of an LAX attack. He poses for the audience, beating his chest and roaring as the comms review replays and comment that Sheamus has won back all the momentum, and now he has to take that into SuperBrawl when he takes on Alberto Del Rio for the Hardcore Title.


We see Edge walking the halls texting someone. He stops as he is approached by Queen Madison, who is followed by King Dolph, who is followed by Ryback. The King, his Queen and their new muscle stand opposite the General Manager, and Ziggler looks smug. “Hey ‘boss’. Just wanted to say thanks for signing Ryback up to a KWF contract. I had to spend far too long as King without any security. Sure I can handle any of the superstars you can throw at me, that’s why I won King of the Ring, but why should I have to? Ryback is more than willing to oblige.” Edge: “When I brought Ryback into the company, I had other plans for him. But if he wants to be your hired goon then okay.” Ryback doesn’t take kindly to the ‘goon’ remark, and goes to approach Edge, but Dolph stops him. Edge: “But whether he’s moonlighting for you or not, he is still an active wrestler in the KWF, and so next week, right here on Turmoil, he will make his in-ring debut. Ryback is going to go one-on-one with your good friend and mine, The Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay.” Dolph and Madison aren’t happy, but Ryback almost breaks into a smile, and utters “Feed… Me… More!” Madison leads Ryback away, while Dolph glares back at Edge, who just smiles back. JR: “Wow, Ryback’s competitive debut is next week against Brodus Clay.” Regal: “That’s a lot of meat in one ring. I hope it’s reinforced.”

Backstage we see Eric Young with a Cowboy hat on. He’s addressing us through the camera and he says how excited he is that he has his new Cowboy hat. “Like Good Ol’ JR, I’m going to wear my hat everywhere. It’s so awesome!” EY continues talking, but then we see Harley Quinn skip down the hall. She still has James Storm’s beer bottle in her hand and as she passes Young, she hands him the bottle. Young looks pleased to get a free drink, but then all of a sudden we see Gambit, The Joker and Abyss all come onto the scene and attack EY. They lay into him with kicks and punches, almost like a back street mugging. We hear Harley laugh in the background, but then Kelly Kelly is on the scene and she says: “Wait! Wait guys! Hold on.” She bends over and takes Young’s hat off. She stands up: “This isn’t James Storm. It’s Eric Young.”

The group stand there in a moment of silence, but then shrug their shoulders and continue the beat-down anyway. Regal chuckles: “Haha, Why So Serious are quite funny.” JR: “Aww, I guess we can see that the beer snagging by Harley was an intended trap for Beer Money, but Eric Young has taken the bait instead.” Regal: “Had it handed to him more like. Harley knew quite well that she wasn’t being followed by Roode or Storm, so she chose a bearded man in a Cowboy hat to take the punishment. You’re lucky you weren’t backstage Jim, that could’ve easily been you.” The audience don’t seem to see the funny side of Why So Serious’ actions, and JR finishes: “Poor EY.”

Mickie James’ music♫ «< click to play) hits and Miss Hardcore Country makes her way to the squared circle. She seems in good spirits and we see a graphic on screen telling us of Mickie’s new musical release. She gets on mic and says that it’s been far too long since she’s been in the Women’s Title hunt here in the Keystone Wrestling Federation. She says that she wants to be in the running for a Title match at WrestleMania, “and the best way for me to get noticed, is to challenge and defeat the current Women’s Champion. So Angelina Love, I am calling you out!” The fans cheer as JR applauds Mickie’s determination. Regal says that James is playing with fire: “Where you get Angelina, you get Velvet. That’s two on one and it’s not good odds for Mickie.”


The Beautiful People don’t take long to answer and as they enter, Angelina hands her Title to Velvet before she gets into the ring. TBP don’t perform their usual entrance, but Velvet does make a point of waving a paper-bag in Mickie’s direction, reminding her that if/when Angelina wins, a paper-bagging humiliation will be coming Mickie’s way.

Mickie James vs. Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky

Angelina has a smile on her face and she looks confident as the bell rings and the two lock up. JR says that he’s quite surprised that Love has accepted this match so willingly, but Regal tells that The Beautiful People are as clever as they are pretty: “Mickie James is the type of KWF Chick to work off the fans and feed off momentum and a big stage. However, by facing her now and defeating her, it would mean that Mickie wouldn’t even make it to the big stage later on. That’s why the challenge has been accepted so willingly. Angelina and Velvet know that an impromptu match on Turmoil is a lot easier for them to deal with that a big hyped up match at a pay-per-view. Sure, they prefer the pay-per-view spotlight, but if Angelina defeats Mickie right here then it means that come WrestleMania, neither Mickie James nor current number one contender AJ Lee will be in the Championship running. Thus putting the spotlight even more on The Beautiful People.”

The contest goes back and forth with James showing how resilient she is and showing that she’s one of the top competitors in Women’s wrestling. Love is malicious though, yanking James by her hair illegally and slamming her face-first to the canvas. The fans boo as Velvet waves a paper-bag in Mickie’s direction again. Mickie lashes out, swiping for Velvet, but Angelina comes at her from behind and she slaps paint brushes over her face. Love forces James into the corner and sets to choke her with her boot. However, Mickie fights back and with help from the cheers of the fans, she breaks out the corner, administering a headscissor takedown on her opponent. Love gets up, but James runs her over with a clothesline, then another, then another. She’s all fired up, but then Velvet climbs the ring apron. This distracts James and distracts the referee. The ref goes to tell Velvet off, but in the meantime Angelina’s picked up a canister. “That’s hairspray!” yelps JR and Love then uses it on James, Velvet providing the distraction while the ref’s back is turned. Velvet drops off the apron as Angelina nails Mickie with the Botox Injection and this one’s over.

Winner: Angelina Love.

The fans boo like hell as the bell rings and ♫The Beautiful People’s music hits♫ «< click to play). Velvet takes the hairspray away from the ref’s view and puts it in her back pocket. Replays show that she’d thrown the spray in when she was climbing the apron and the rest as they say is history. TBP pose arrogantly as they set to paper-bag and humiliate a defenseless Mickie. However, ♫music hits♫ «< click to play) and out comes AJ Lee. Lee storms down the ramp, but then she thinks twice about getting into the ring. Regal: “Come on then AJ, get in the ring to take your hiding. I bet she’s finally come out here to accept her paper-bag treatment.” JR: “I doubt that.”

Angelina and Velvet taunt AJ and dare her to get in the ring. But then, with make-up pouring down her face due to the hairspray, Mickie James is back to her feet and she turns Velvet round before leveling her with a Mick-Kick! This signals AJ to get in the ring and for once, Angelina is on her own – but she doesn’t hang around, diving out of the ring as quickly as possible. AJ then sees the paper-bag on the canvas and Mickie knows what she’s thinking. She positions Velvet in the centre of the ring and holds her in place. “Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare do it!” yells Angelina, but it’s too late as AJ Lee paper-bags Velvet Sky! The fans cheer as Regal says that this is an outrage and full-on disrespect to The Beautiful People. But JR says that there’s nothing stopping Angelina from trying to save Velvet. He finishes: “Well how about that. Mickie James may have been cheated out of a fair shot at Angelina, but it’s The Beautiful People who are taking the paper-bag treatment at the end of the night. Haha, Kaitlyn must be having a blast at home. Her bestie AJ has finally outdone Angelina and Velvet.” The crowd cheer as Mickie raises AJ’s hand and we go to commercial.


When we return… ♫Get ready to fly!♫ The music of the KWF World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles hits, and The Phenomenal One heads to the ring and through the yellow ropes. He has a mic in hand and doesn’t look too happy. “Last week, myself, John Cena and Wade Barrett took on LAX in a six-man tag match. Now I had no problem with that, despite the fact that Barrett will be my opponent at SuperBrawl, and Cena will be one of my opponents again at WrestleMania after I’ve beaten Wade. We all had a common goal to take down Del Rio and his cronies, but one man just couldn’t miss an opportunity to screw me over. Barrett, you may have thought it was clever to cheap shot me with a Bull-Hammer as I flew off the top rope, but believe me, all you did was make the World Heavyweight Champion very angry.” Regal: “Oh no, not an angry AJ Styles, what ever are we to do.” JR: “Have some respect William. That’s AJ Styles, he’s our World Heavyweight Champion!”

AJ continues: “Wade, when I heard I was facing you at SuperBrawl, I was kind of pleased. Given our history, it will give me great pleasure to nail you with a Pele, a flying forearm smash and of course the Clash, but after what you pulled last week, just for kicks, I’m gonna do all that twice as I send your ass packing.” The fans cheer Styles, but soon boo as Wade Barrett’s music «< click to play) hits and the Brit comes out to the stage. Barrett: “Well well well, we all knew he could fly like an eagle, but apparently he can whine like a b*tch as well. AJ, what I did last week was in fact very clever. I could tell you had one eye on WrestleMania, but when I slammed my elbow into your face, I got your attention. Now you know exactly what you’re dealing with on February 24th, and when SuperBrawl rolls around, I’m going to repeat history by beating you and taking your Title.”

Barrett berates Styles some more to the point that the Champion motions to get out of the ring and head up the ramp, but Barrett stops him in his tracks. “Whoa there AJ my son! Before you do something you’ll regret, remember that I am the leader of the most devastating faction in this industry, and I have four guys waiting just behind that curtain to come out here and give you the beating of your life if you even think about laying a hand on me.” Styles holds back and stays in the ring, mouths toward Barrett, daring him to bring SuperBrawl to the fans early. Barrett just smirks, but then there is a big cheer from the crowd as the Tron rises and out walks John Cena. He almost tiptoes as Barrett doesn’t realise he’s there. The Brit turns around and gets hoisted up, before *BAM!* being felled onto the steel stage with an FU! The fans go wild as Cena looks down at Barrett and waves a ‘You Can’t See Me’ taunt right in his face. The Doctor eyeballs Styles and nods, as the Champion smiles at Barrett’s demise. JR: “I guess Wade Barrett was bluffing about the British Invasion. The only guy behind that curtain was John Cena, who remember was also hit by a Bull-Hammer last week.” JR reminds us that Barrett only defeated Styles for the Championship that night over a year ago because of interference from John Cena. “Talk about full circle!” Regal: “What a bloody thug!” JR: “Need I remind you that he has a doctorate in Thuganometry William.”


We come to a video of two guys watching a football match. It’s the New Orleans Saints against the Carolina Panthers, and we soon see that the two guys are KWF superstars Panther and Gambit. They’re shouting at the screen after a play, and Gambit throws a yellow flag in the air. Panther: “No way man! That was clean!” Gambit: “You crazy homme? Foul on that play!” Panther puts his snacks down and stands up. “Oh yeah?!” Gambit does the same. “Yeah!” Panther: “You want to take this outside?” Gambit: “I wouldn’t want to embarrass you in your own street homme.” They continue to argue and the video moves on into shots of several KWF superstars in action. The voiceover comes in. “On the last stop on the Road to WrestleMania, there are chances for the top stars in the KWF to make their final push to be at the Greatest Show on Earth.” The action ends on AJ Styles, before coming back to Panther and Gambit, who have both kitted themselves out in full football uniforms of their favorite teams. They each get into a three-point stance before charging at one another. The video slams into the logo for KWF SuperBrawl, Live February 24th, only on KWF Blogs!

We’re back in the arena as the lights lower and the music of Kurt Angle! «< click to play) hits. JR informs us that it is time for our main event of the evening, an Elimination Chamber qualifier between the Olympic Gold Medallist and The Phenom. “What a pay-per-view worthy match-up, and of course it is a rematch from KWF WrestleMania 2011. The Deadman won that night, but only due to interference from the debuting Absolute Lashley. How ironic that UnderTaker now finds himself on the end of a challenge from his former protégé, a challenge that earlier tonight he rejected.” Regal: “And quite right too. He doesn’t need that distraction. He’s facing Kurt Angle here, and if he can go all the way and win the Elimination Chamber then his WrestleMania schedule will be filled.” As Angle waits, *BONG!* ♫The UnderTaker’s music «< click to play) plays and he makes his unmistakeable slow entrance to the ring.

Kurt Angle vs. The UnderTakerElimination Chamber qualifying match

There’s a big fight feel about this one as JR reminds us that Brock Lesnar, King Dolph and Panther have already advanced to the Chamber match at SuperBrawl, where the winner will be in the Triple Threat main event at WrestleMania for the KWF World Title. “We have three more spaces to fill in the Chamber match, and I have to say, I love how Edge has put these qualification matches together.” “Stop sucking up.” It is a tentative start to the match as Angle tries to figure out how best to take on the Deadman. It soon bursts into life though as Taker forces Angle into the corner and fires him with shots. He then slams him into the other corner, before hitting a clothesline followed by a big boot off the ropes.

JR: “It’s all business here for The UnderTaker. Clearly riled up by recent events with Lashley, and he’s taking out all his frustrations on Kurt Angle.” Regal: “I would not want to be in Kurt’s shoes right now Jim. An angry UnderTaker can be bad for one’s health, especially in the face department.” Taker brings Angle up and down with a sidewalk slam, and a casual pin brings Two. He picks Kurt up and goes to throw him against the ropes, but Angle reverses it before running at Taker and clotheslining him over the top rope. The Deadman lands on his feet, but it’s enough to raise the volume in the arena and give Angle momentum as we head to commercials.

When we come back, Angle has Taker in an armlock submission hold. He is trying to wear down The Phenom, who struggles and manages to reverse it into a Hell’s Gate. Angle is now in real trouble and scrambles for the ropes, just managing to reach them. Regal: “Wow, that was close. And against The UnderTaker it can happen just that quickly.” The hold is eventually broken. From this point the match goes back and forth, with Angle showing his wrestling prowess and growing in confidence as time goes on. He hits a belly-to-belly suplex, and follows this up with an Angle slam! Cover, One, Two – but a kick-out by Taker. The UnderTaker then sits up, but Angle ferociously boots him down to the mat. He heads to the top rope to attempt a moonsault, but misses as Taker rolls out of the way.

Regal: “Bad mistake by Kurt. He had control there, and should have gone for the Ankle Lock after the Angle Slam.” JR: “Decisions are key in a contest of this magnitude and even a man so experienced and accomplished as Kurt Angle is going to have problems with The Phenom.” The match goes on and Angle tries to maintain control, but it’s The UnderTaker’s power that’s overwhelming and the fans gasp as The Deadman takes Angle up and down for a chokeslam. He covers and gets One, gets Two, but no! Angle kicks out. A frustrated Phenom then lifts Angle up for an attempted Tombstone, but Angle gets out of it, sliding down Taker’s back and grabbing his leg, before tripping him forward and applying an Ankle Lock. The fans cheer as UnderTaker struggles. He can’t reach the ropes, and Angle is putting everything into this. JR: “UnderTaker has never tapped out, but this is the Ankle Lock we’re talking about here, one of the most devastating submissions in the history of wrestling.” Taker, with one big effort, turns around and kicks Angle away. Kurt flies back and knocks hard into the referee, who falls to the outside.

Angle looks back at the official, before turning round into a massive big boot. Taker realises the referee’s down and he sees his chance to inflict more damage. He heads to the outside and grabs a chair, pushing Justin Roberts out of the way. He slowly gets back into the ring and places it on the canvas. He looks as if he’s ready to Tombstone Angle onto it. Angle is down and Taker brings his thumb up to his neck and does the iconic throat slit sign. JR: “We know what that means, it’s time for…” but as Taker does the taunt, the lights go out in the arena. JR: “What the? The Deadman turned out the lights? Why?” Regal: “Never question The UnderTaker Jim.” The lights come back on, and standing there, right behind The Phenom, is The Absolute Lashley. The UnderTaker turns around and straight into a *BAM!* Sitdown Spinebuster from Lashley right onto the chair! The fans go absolutely bananas, as the commentators are stunned into silence. Lashley gets to his feet and stares down at his mentor, dead-faced, before raising his arms to cut the lights again. When they come back on, he is gone, as is the chair, and The Deadman remains flat out in the centre of the ring. Kurt Angle and the referee are both stirring, and look completely bemused as to what just happened. Angle manages to crawl over and drape his arm over Taker, as the referee slowly counts One…… Two…… Three!

Winner: Kurt Angle.

JR: “Angle wins! Angle wins! Kurt Angle is in the Elimination Chamber!” Regal: “Yeah, thanks to Lashley. Just what in the hell was he thinking?” Angle continues to look confused as he gets to his feet, just looking down at the motionless UnderTaker. He has his hand raised and celebrates his win. JR: “It’s sweet irony that Lashley made his debut to cost Angle his match against The Deadman, and now, almost two years later, he costs his former master a spot in the Elimination Chamber and hands the victory to Angle.” Regal: “I didn’t think soulless beings dealt in irony, the things you learn eh.” JR: “This has got to be about Lashley’s challenge to Taker for Mania. The Absolute One wants to face his former Master, but UnderTaker declined. Now Lashley’s sent a direct message, a test, to see if The UnderTaker will bite – and ultimately change his mind. God what a night!” We fade out on the image of Angle on the turnbuckles and The Phenom on his back in the centre of the ring. He sits up with his eyes whitened and the air zaps out of the arena as the audience gasp as one.


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