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KWF Wednesday Night Turmoil: 6th Feb. 2012 – New Orleans Arena. New Orleans, LA.

We start the show with a reminder of how last week ended. The main event saw two faction leaders in the form of Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio reluctantly team up to take on the KWF Champion AJ Styles and Royal Rumble winner John Cena. After the Doctor of Thuganomics had planted Del Rio with an FU and got the Three-count, LAX stormed the ring and not only started to attack Cena and Styles, but also Barrett. It was a four-on-three beatdown, until the music of Sheamus hit and the Celtic Warrior raced to the ring. LAX collected their fallen leader and backed off up the ramp, as the unfathomable image of Barrett standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Cena, Styles and Sheamus was seen around the world.

We hear ’Isolation’ by Alter Bridge♫ «< click to play) welcome us in through the credits and we come into the New Orleans Arena as the pyros light the place up. Jim Ross welcomes us to the show and introduces his co-commentator William Regal. They discuss the ending to last week. JR: “LAX tried to use the numbers to their advantage again as they aim to make themselves heard in the KWF, but for once the numbers didn’t add up as Sheamus evened the odds and they backed off.” Regal: “I can’t believe they attacked Barrett as well. He was supposed to be on Del Rio’s team. It’s anarchy I tell you!” JR: “Well, as you might expect, the situation has had some fallout, and has led to a mouthwatering main event here tonight. Edge has put together a six-man tag team match, as Alberto Del Rio will be teaming up with Homicide and Hernandez to take on the crowd pleasing trio of Sheamus, John Cena and AJ Styles!” Regal: “Wow, there’s six men I wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley… then again I would never be in a dark alley, unless my driver’s sat-nav plays up again.”

JR informs us of other matches we can expect tonight, including Velvet Sky against Eve Torres, and the number one contenders match for the KWF Tag Team Titles. “But we’re going to kick things off with the first of two Elimination Chamber qualifying matches tonight, and here comes the King.” The Royal music of King Dolph Ziggler♫ «< click to play) hits and the 2012 King of the Ring makes his way to the squared circle with his Queen, Madison Rayne. Regal praises Ziggler’s Royal presence, and the “delectable beauty” of his Queen. Ziggler awaits his opponent. JR: “Dolph looks confident, but has no idea who he’s facing. Who’s it gonna be?” *Drums* Rob Van Dam! *Drums* The whole f’n show! «< click to play).

King Dolph w/ Queen Madison vs. Rob Van DamElimination Chamber qualifying match

Ziggler seems a little shaken by the emergence of RVD, but tries to overcompensate for it by attacking him as soon as he gets in the ring. The bell rings to officially start the match and Ziggler is all over Van Dam. However, he gets pushed away, and as he goes back to him, gets a roundhouse kick to the face for his trouble. The fans cheer as Van Dam gets back to his feet and it’s an even contest again. He thumb-taunts and then he trades shots with his opponent, with RVD coming out on top. He backs Ziggler against the ropes, before Irish whipping him and leapfrogging, before laying on his front with a splits, and finally laying on his back with his feet in the air so he can propel Dolph across the ring by pushing into his stomach. Dolph escapes to the outside and is consoled by Madison.

He looks frustrated and slams his hands on the apron, but doesn’t get long to gather himself as Van Dam comes flying through the ropes and on top of him. Madison screams and gets out the way, but her King crashes down, as his opponent gets back to his feet and thumb-taunts “Rob-Van-Dam!” The crowd cheer and applaud the clear fan favourite here. RVD gets Dolph up on the apron, before hitting a leg drop across his back, and then rolling him back in. Madison screams at RVD, getting his attention. He looks at her and smiles, finding her overreaction funny. He takes her Tiara off her head and puts it on himself, before asking the crowd how he looks, and making Rayne more irate. However, this allows Dolph recovery time and he nails Van Dam with a baseball slide. Madison retrieves her Tiara and Ziggler is back in control as we head to commercials.

When we come back, Dolph has RVD in a headlock, dead centre of the ring. JR informs us on split screen how the King kept the upper hand during the break by launching Van Dam into the steel steps. He is wearing the Michigan native down and has him on his side, laying down on his front himself, before almost doing a headstand. JR: “He is such a show off. Instead of pulling stunts like that why doesn’t he concentrate on winning the match?” Regal: “He is Jim. That move doesn’t just look flashy. When he pulls his body up like that it increases the pressure on the head of Van Dam. You non-wrestlers are so naïve.” JR: “Well all I know is that one of these men will be joining Brock Lesnar in the Elimination Chamber match at SuperBrawl, where of course the winner will go on to join John Cena and whomever the KWF World Champion may be in the Triple Threat main event at WrestleMania. Lesnar defeated Joker Hardy last week, and later on tonight we have the third qualifying match, but right here it looks like RVD is fighting back!”

Van Dam manages to get up to a knee, and hits elbows into the gut of Ziggler, before going to run to the ropes. But Dolph tugs his hair and pulls him down again for another headlock. The fans boo and the referee warns him, but Dolph just says “What?!” Van Dam tries another method of freedom, and lifts his leg up to boot Dolph on the top of the head. A couple of these do the trick and he’s now free. He comes off the ropes and hits a clothesline, then another, and finally goes for a springboard enziguiri. However, Dolph moves and RVD accidentally nails the referee full-on in the side of the head. He looks down at the official, but not for long as Dolph attacks. Van Dam counters and hits a kick to the gut, before a DDT floors the King. Van Dam then plays off the fans reaction and hits a crowd pleasing Rolling Thunder. He checks on the ref, who is still out cold. “Get another referee out here!” he yells. As the King gets up, Van Dam springs off the middle rope and kicks him in the head. Dolph is flat out in the middle of the ring and prime for the Five Star Frog Splash.

Van Dam leaps up onto the top rope, before slowly raising up and pointing his thumbs inwards. Regal: “This won’t do much good if there’s no-one to count three.” Just as he is about to perform his token ‘Rob Van Dam’ gesture, we hear loudly over the sound system Feed Me More♫ «< click to play). The music sounds familiar, and a massive brute of a man dressed in jeans and a vest comes out to the stage. He marches toward the ring as Van Dam looks on in disbelief. JR: “What the? That’s… that’s Ryback! The machine that’s been causing all kinds of chaos on WWE House Shows, he’s here, in the KWF!” Regal: “Bloody hell! Look at the size of him!” Ryback gets in the ring, while the official is still down, and RVD is still on the top rope. JR: “What is he doing here?”

Ryback looks at King Dolph, he eyeballs Queen Madison, and then looks up at Van Dam, almost daring him to jump. RVD is reluctant, but has little choice, so dives onto the devastating figure below. However, Ryback catches him, before slamming him down to the canvas! He then backs off and looks at both Ziggler and Van Dam. He winds up his arm and awaits, then as RVD gets up, he charges over and floors him with a Meat-hook Clothesline. The crowd boo like hell as we see Queen Madison do all she can to wake up the referee. Regal: “I think the Ryback may be trying to put over his application for the Elimination Chamber.” JR: “Oh I’m not so sure about that. You can’t just walk into the KWF and get an opportunity like that, not if you’re a rookie with no reputation. No, I think this is something else, Ryback’s not even on our roster!”

Ryback picks Van Dam up, hoists him atop his shoulder and marches around the ring before crashing him down with Shellshock. As he gets up, we see that Dolph is just starting to raise up too. Ryback sees Madison by the referee and he marches over, grabbing him by the shirt and commanding “Wake up!” He throws him toward the centre of the ring where King DOlph has the cover. JR: “No, not this way, not this way!” And Ziggler pins for Three.

Winner: King Dolph.

The crowd boo like hell as Ryback and Queen Madison then get into the ring. JR and Regal can’t get their head around what’s going on here and then all of a sudden we see Ryback shake the hand of King Dolph, who smiles from ear to ear. He laughs, patting Ryback on the shoulder and Queen Madison is grinning too. “Oh my, the power of Royalty Jim. Looks like the King has hired himself some help.” Ryback kick-rolls RVD out of the ring, and Madison and Dolph celebrate. JR: “After so many impressive victories on WWE House Shows, one may have wondered how long it would be before Ryback made an appearance in the KWF, but not for one second did I think it would be like this!” Regal: “It makes perfect sense Jim. Dolph is a King, and a King needs protection. You can’t get much better security than that thing!” Ryback raises Dolph’s hand as the fans boo. JR is still going ballistic at what he’s seeing, but Regal finishes: “Whether you like it or not Jim, King Dolph has qualified for the Elimination Chamber.”

It’s time for our weekly recap of last week’s events. It was a huge night in the KWF as new X-Division Champion Jack Evans took on Evan Bourne, but got more than just his hand raised after winning as LAX rushed the ring to get vengeance on the man who took Rey Mysterio’s Title at Royal Rumble. AJ Lee defeated Beth Phoenix, but still had to avoid a paper-bagging from The Beautiful People who were on commentary. King Dolph taunted long-term nemesis Panther with the fact he had been given a spot in an Elimination Chamber qualifier. Brock Lesnar became the first man to qualify for the Chamber as he beat Joker Hardy. A monstrous affair saw The Absolute Lashley take on Abyss. The Masked Beast won a gruelling No Holds Barred match, but was badly hurt, and still ended the bout on his back, while his supposed master The UnderTaker looked on in amusement. Zack Ryder asked Edge for an Intercontinental Title shot, and the GM had an interesting proposal. Ryder would be granted a shot at SuperBrawl if enough people tweeted KWF Blogs with #ICRyder. Finally, in the main event, Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio took on AJ Styles and John Cena. The KWF Champion and the Rumble winner picked up the win, but LAX stormed the ring and attacked everyone, including Del Rio’s partner Wade Barrett. However, the numbers were evened up as the man they screwed out of the Hardcore Title at the Royal Rumble, Sheamus, headed to the ring to help chase them off. To take in all the action and enjoy one of our greatest Turmoil’s of the year, click HERE to read January 30th’s Turmoil.

We watch as Homicide, Hernandez and their new leader Alberto Del Rio all go storming into the GM’s Skybox. Edge is taken aback as Del Rio demands answers as to why LAX aren’t in the number one contenders match for the Tag Titles tonight. Edge says that LAX ruined Jack Evans last week: “And it’s not like I’m going to reward that with a Title opportunity. You should be thanking your lucky stars that you’re not suspended for tonight’s program. You guys are in the main event – and you’re lucky to even be there. I thought I’d give the fans the chance to see Cena, Styles and Sheamus give you gentlemen the old school wood-shed treatment.” Del Rio blasts off at Edge. He calls him biased and asks if LAX aren’t in the number one contenders Tag match then who is? Edge: “The Welsh Dragons.” Del Rio: “The Welsh Dragons? Those British Invasion punks?! And who else?” Edge: “Who else? Well, that’s a surprise. You’ll have to wait and see. But for now, mi amigos, if I were you I’d be inclined to get to your locker room and prepare for the main event. I’m expecting a great match.” Del Rio stares at Edge and Homicide and Hernandez pull him away. Del Rio blasts: “You should’ve given us a chance at the Gold Edge. You’re going to regret forsaking us perro.” He then spits on the GM’s floor before exiting with his tag team.

We come to a video clip in which former KWF Women’s Champion AJ Lee is on her way to Houston, Texas. She explains to the camera that after her win last week over Beth Phoenix, Edge has awarded her the night off, so she has decided to visit her injured Chickbuster pal Kaitlyn. She arrives at the home of her BFF, and the door is open. She wanders in. “Kaitlyn? K-ride? K-dawg? K-mart? Where you at?” All of a sudden we can hear some moaning and groaning. AJ’s face begins to look concerned: “But Panther’s in New Orleans.” She approaches the bedroom, and the noises get louder. She peeks inside, and sees Kaitlyn on her feet playing the Nintendo Wii. Kaitlyn looks panicked and drops the controller, before sitting down again and holding her ankle. “(unconvincingly) Ooh, ow, my ankle. I thought I could play some video games, but not just yet I guess.” AJ: “Oh thank God! I thought you were… I mean it sounded like… you know what, Never mind. I just came to see how you’re doing?” Kaitlyn explains that she’s feeling better, but that it’ll still be a few weeks before she’s cleared to compete.

AJ: “I can’t believe what Angelina and Velvet did to you, robbing you of the opportunity to appear in your first Chick Rumble, and robbing you of a chance at the Title. And you know if we’d both been in there we would have kicked both their candy asses.” Kaitlyn: “Oh I know that, and they knew that. That’s why they did it. The only way women like that can triumph is by underhanded tactics. AJ, you make sure it’s just a temporary situation because we both know that you’re gonna regain that Championship at SuperBrawl.” They bump fists as AJ asks Kaitlyn if she’s tweeted #ICRyder yet. Kaitlyn: “Woo, woo, woo, you know it!” Kaitlyn thanks AJ for coming to see her and asks if she’s sure she can cope with the Beautiful People on her own. “You can ask Panther for some protection, I mean he’d never hit a woman, but he doesn’t mind throwing things at them, like newspapers or rotten fruit.” AJ laughs and says “No that’s okay. They keep trying to paper-bag me, but I’m far too pretty and fast to fall for that. I’m sure I’ll manage.” Kaitlyn promises to be back as soon as possible, and wishes AJ luck in her Title bout at SuperBrawl. They fist bump again, before fighting over the Wii remote as we fade back to the arena.

In the ring we see that Eve Torres has already made her entrance. The Beautiful People’s music♫ «< click to play) hits and we watch as Angelina Love and Velvet Sky make their seductive entrance. JR reflects on Kaitlyn’s condition and says that it’s smart on behalf of Edge to give AJ the night off and for AJ to stay away from the arena tonight: “Last week they got awful close to grabbing AJ and paper-bagging her. Edge and AJ are right to ensure that she stays fit for her rematch for the Women’s Gold at SuperBrawl.” Regal: “Yes well let’s just put that aside and concentrate on one thing here… let the pigeons loose!” Regal chuckles as JR tells him to get his mind out of the gutter. Women’s Champion Angelina Love exits the ring and stands at ringside to watch as we get set for girl on girl action.

Eve Torres vs. Velvet Sky w/ Angelina Love

Angelina claps her hands and says “Come on Vel-Vel” as the bell rings and we get under way. Eve and Velvet lock up and Velvet attempts a side-headlock. Eve counters and goes behind for a waist-lock. Velvet butt-bumps her away and then poses, but then the crowd cheer as Eve clutches Sky from behind for a roll-up. JR: “The School-girl roll-up of Doom! Eve paying homage to AJ Lee right there.” Regal: “It’s a bloody roll-up Jim, there’s no doom about it and it sure as heck isn’t an AJ exclusive. That move’s been used by every wrestler out there.” JR: “Not with the added ingredient of doom it hasn’t.” Regal: “Bloody entity.” Velvet kicks out after Two and back on their feet, she’s hit with forearm shots by Eve. Velvet sends her toward the ropes and as Eve comes back, Velvet ducks under to lift her atop her shoulders. Velvet seems impressed by her own strength, but then Eve takes her to the canvas in a crucifix pinning predicament. She gets One, gets Two – but no, Velvet kicks out.

Sky scrambles toward the bottom rope and Angelina reaches in to hug her head and stroke her hair. “It’s okay, you got this Velvet, come on. Get her, just get her, come on now.” Love sends her love to Velvet and now it seems like Sky is taking Eve a lot more seriously. She gets up and marches at her with lefts and rights. She Irish-whips her to the corner and then runs at her abdomen, shoulder first. Velvet is relentless as she continues an onslaught of an attack, clobbering Eve down with punches and kicks, making it more of a street fight than a wrestling match. The crowd love the action, but the referee pulls Velvet away. Angelina shouts: “Hey! Get off her ref! You can’t afford her ass you know that!?” Regal chuckles: “There are so many jokes I could make with that right now.” Eve comes out of the corner and she tries to burst out with energy, but she’s slammed hard in the gut with a kick and Velvet finishes her off with In Yo’ Face (sitout double underhook facebuster) for the One, Two and Three.

Winner: Velvet Sky.

Velvet celebrates and she has her hand raised by Angelina Love. JR: “Nice to see Angelina get her hands so dirty, I mean it’s not like she’s Women’s Champion or anything.” Regal: “What are you moaning about Jim. She’s the Champion. She doesn’t have to wrestle every week. Her being here is a gift to the audience and people should appreciate it.” The male fans cheer TBP, but the women and children boo. We see Eve moving, trying to get up, but again, just like last week to Beth Phoenix, Angelina nails Eve with a Botox Injection and The Beautiful People paper-bag poor Eve. The fans boo as one as JR says that TBP are as strong and as confident as they’ve ever been.

We cut to a scene backstage where Zack Ryder is standing by a flat-screen. He has ‘Broski’ merchandise on a table behind him and he addresses us through the camera with a big smile on his face. “Broskis and Broskettes, I’ve been allowed this time by Edge to give you guys the lowdown on what’s happening with my mission to earn a shot at SuperBrawl for the Intercontinental Title. I wanna divert your attention to the screen now for just one second. This. Is. Sick.” We zoom in on the screen and we see Ryder at an event that’s full of fans. He’s cheering with them and holding up a sign saying #ICRyder. He then takes the camera off the person filming him and shows us that it’s Neil Patrick Harris! The two of them do the Broski fist-bump and Harris mouths to the camera “hash-tag I C Ryder!” They point the camera toward the outter arena and we see that Ryder and Harris filmed this while at the Super Bowl!

The film stops and back Live, Ryder addresses us again: “You see that my Broski’s, I suited up with one of my fave Bro’s of all and we held up signs, sent out flyers and signed fans t-shirts as we told the world to tweet hash-tag ICRyder. You guys have been doing a sick job so far and I wanna say thanks for that. Thanks to Neil, and to fellow wrestling Broskis and Broskettes Ashley Massaro, Derrick Bateman, Nattie Neidhart and the super hot Karen Jarrett. I hope this takes us where we all want me to be, and pretty soon, with my ‘Hoeski’ single on iTunes, my friends, fans and followers all tweeting for me, I’ll get that Intercontinental Title shot! Keep tweeting #ICRyder! Woo woo woo, you know it!”

We come back to the commentary table where JR and Regal talk more about the Chick match, but not for long as JR says: “I’m hearing something is going on in the back.” We see a camera racing down the hall, and there is a melee as LAX are attacking Sheamus. Del Rio, Homicide, Hernandez and Mysterio are like a pack of dogs, laying kicks and punches into the Irishman. JR: “What the hell?! Get some security back there!” Security is finally on the scene, but there aren’t enough of them as Hernandez and Homicide see them off, while Del Rio applies a Cross Armbreaker to the man he took the Hardcore Title off at Royal Rumble. Sheamus is in agony, and is finally laid out as SuperMex lofts him up, before Border Tossing him through a table. We see Konnan in the background, barking in Spanish toward Sheamus and as more security come, led by Edge, LAX exit the scene. John Cena and AJ Styles come along too and Edge immediately calls for a medic. JR: “He’s supposed to be in the main event! LAX trying to get the numbers in their favor again!” Regal: “It’s smart, and no wonder Cena and Styles look concerned. They’re going to get eaten alive in the main event now.” Medics attend to Sheamus while Styles and Cena have their hands on their heads in disbelief. Edge looks concerned.

After commercials, JR and Regal are still discussing the attack on Sheamus by LAX as Christopher Daniels makes his way to the ring. JR: “This is getting completely out of hand. LAX are laying waste to anyone and everyone, including poor Jack Evans last week.” That reminder segways nicely into what Daniels has come out to say. “I am out here to call out the X-Division Champion. Jack Evans, come down to this ring so that I can talk to you man-to-man, face-to-face!” Daniels waits, but there is no music. JR: “What is this? Daniels knows full well that Jack Evans isn’t here tonight. After the injuries he sustained at the hands of LAX I don’t even know if he’ll make it to SuperBrawl.”

The audience boo as Daniels continues: “That’s what I thought. Ladies and gentlemen, your KWF X-Division Champion is nothing but a coward. See I came out here to inform him, and each and every one of you that at SuperBrawl, I will be invoking the rematch clause that I never got after losing my Title at Survivor Series. I reserved the right not to invoke it while Rey Mysterio was Champion, and look at how that panned out. I guess the smartest man in wrestling was right. Anyone who has messed with Rey Mysterio has been beaten down by half of Mexico these past few weeks. But Jack Evans is a different story. He’s a rookie on the big stage, and he’s not faced a top level competitor like me before. And so Jack, if you’re man enough to show up, face me at SuperBrawl, and bring my X-Division Championship with you.”

The fans boo more, but soon cheer as Edge makes himself heard from his Skybox. “Hey Christopher, up here! First of all, you’re fully aware that Jack Evans has been signed off from competing for at least two weeks, so don’t come out here trying to make him look like a wuss, or I’ll put you in a handicap match against LAX myself.” Daniels dismisses this idle threat, and Edge goes on to say: “But you are right about one thing. You do have a rematch clause still available, so if you want to face Evans at SuperBrawl, I got no problem booking it, as long as doctors clear him to compete in time.” Daniels: “You’re damn right you’re booking it!” Edge: “But as you seem to be in a confrontational mood tonight, and you’re in your wrestling gear, why not stay out there and compete right now? As soon as you came out here I put a call down to the locker room, and I’ve already got an opponent for you.” Daniels wasn’t expecting that, and protests when Amazing Red’s music♫ «< click to play) hits, and it becomes apparent that Daniels has talked his way into an impromptu X-Division match. JR: “That’s why our GM is so popular. He’ll throw up a match from anywhere, and Amazing Red looks fired up as he gets set to take on the Fallen Angel!”

Christopher Daniels vs. Amazing Red

As Daniels has been caught off guard, he struggles to keep up with the pace of Red in the opening moments. JR: “Daniels may have been granted a Title shot at SuperBrawl, but Red will be thinking ahead to WrestleMania, and who knows, a big performance here could go a long way to ensuring his presence on the Grandest Stage of them all.” Regal: “Everyone will be eager to impress over the coming weeks, but I am already looking forward to Daniels v Evans. That should be an enthralling contest, assuming the Champion is fit after that thrashing he took last week at the hands of LAX.” Red comes off the ropes to hit a headscissors that sends Daniels flying across the ring, and then races over to hit a low dropkick to the head and gets a Two-count from the pin attempt.

Red is cheered by the audience, and quickly attempts an Infra-Red to try and seal the deal, but it’s too early in the bout and Daniels moves out of the way to send him crashing. From here the more experienced Daniels slows the pace down and works Red over, hitting double-handed chops and a perfectly executed suplex. He also attempts numerous pin attempts, often just getting One, but Regal points out that this is a technique to tire out an opponent who has already spent large amounts of the match racing around the ring. JR: “It’s interesting to note that Daniels is by himself here. His tag partner Kazarian took a hard shot to the nether-regions back at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view and it seems that he still hasn’t recovered from that pain. Daniels is opportunistically taking his chances at more Gold as he and Kaz failed in their attempts at the Tag Team Titles against Why So Serious.”

Red fights back against Daniels, hitting some knees to the jaw, but he gets caught with a kick to the gut, and Daniels then lifts him and crashes him down with an Angels Wings. He gestures the slit throat, before racing to the corner and leaping off, nailing Red with a BME. He hooks the leg and gets Three.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Daniels celebrates his victory, wiping sweat off his forehead and flicking it on to Red. He kicks some imaginary dirt back on to him before making the Title Belt gesture around his waist. The fans boo him as JR concedes that on form like that, Daniels has a good chance of besting Jack Evans at SuperBrawl, especially if the Champ isn’t fighting at 100%.

We turn our attentions to a video clip of New Orleans. We see shots of the New Orleans culture; the Jazz music and Delta Blues, the notorious nightlife within the French Quarters, Mardi Gras, the New Orleans Saints and the home of the Super Bowl – the Mercedes Superdome. The clip then fades into a showreel of documents telling that New Orleans has the highest homicide crime-rate of the largest cities in the United States… We see a close-up of a street-sign labeled ‘Bourbon Street’ and then we fade into a clip of a café. One or two customers are scattered around and there are a group of youngsters sat in a booth closest to the camera. The café door opens and in steps Remy LeBeau. He’s holding the hand of Kelly Kelly and he gives a nod to the servant behind the counter. “Hey Gambit, how’s it going.” LeBeau and K2 are followed in by a skipping Christy ‘Harley Quinn’ Hemme, Jeff ‘The Joker’ Hardy and Abyss, who’s holding both the Tag Team Championships. They all walk down the isle and we see customers suddenly stand up and leave, or back up so that they’re as far from Why So Serious as possible. The Joker and his group walk to the camera side of the café and stand over the booth where the group of friends are gathered. They haven’t noticed Why So Serious standing there, but then Joker slams his fists on the table and says: “Do you people want to give us our booth or would you like to know how I got these scars?!!!”

He chuckles as the group around the table then get up and leave very quickly. Joker sits down and shuffles along to allow his band mates to sit down. He says: “Ooh I like this place, there’s always food already served.” Gambit slides across opposite Joker. The girls sit next to their men and we then see Abyss pull over a table, rather than a stool, and sit on it. The group converse about the number one contenders match to the Tag Team Championships. They talk about the possible teams being involved. Joker: “We know those Brits are already in the match, but I think, I think their opposition will be the Hart kids, Edge has always had a soft spot for them.” Gambit: “Dat’s true homme, but de Tyson is injured and he ain’t gon’ be back any time soon.” The conversation goes on between the Champs and meanwhile Abyss hands the Tag Belts to Christy and Kelly, and he sets to eat all the food that was left on the table. Gambit doesn’t eat anything and Joker just sips various drinks that Christy is mixing beside him. Gambit and Joker mention The Dudleys, Legacy, The Usos and LAX. But then, Joker says: “It doesn’t really matter who we’re facing though right? At SuperBrawl these Belts stay with us?” Kelly says: “Right. These Belts aren’t going anywhere.”

We hear a loud thud and Christy Hemme laughs as Abyss falls backward to lay on his table. It looks like he’s passed out because he’s eaten so much so fast. Hemme stands up on her seat and jumps to mount Abyss. Gambit: “Damn, not again.” Hemme laughs and leans over Abyss’ face. The camera pans round to see what she’s doing and it turns out that she’s licking the food off Abyss’ jaw and chest. Joker, Kelly and Gambit all get up and set to exit. Joker pulls Christy by her hair and commands: “Off him Harley!” He walks with her toward the door, using her pony tail as if it’s a leash for a dog. Kelly Kelly pours water on Abyss’ face and he wakes up. Gambit lifts Abyss’ arm and helps him off the table: “Come on big fella, we done for de night.” They begin walking and we see Kelly leave a deck of playing cards on the table. She picks up both the Tag Titles and follows as Why So Serious leave the café.

Back in the arena, Wade Barrett stands outside the Skybox of General Manager Edge. He’s about to walk in, but then out steps Gail Kim and we catch the last part of her conversation with Edge: “Okay Gail, I can’t wait to see what you got. Good luck out there.” Gail thanks Edge and she leaves. Barrett walks into the Skybox and first of all he acknowledges Edge for putting Mason Ryan and Rob Terry in the number one contenders match for the Tag Titles tonight. “I appreciate it on behalf of the Welsh Dragons and my British Invasion, but Edge I hope that’s not your way of putting things right for me personally. Two weeks ago, you promised that you’d do something for me. You promised me that I would get something for being the real winner of the Royal Rumble and I’m done waiting for a result now Edge. I want to be at WrestleMania, I want to compete for the KWF Championship and I want you to give me what I deserve right now.”

Edge says: “Wade, while I must stress that I don’t owe you anything, you’re right, you deserve something and I’ve thought it over so here it comes. At SuperBrawl, Wade Barrett you’re going to be in the main event, competing against AJ Styles for the KWF World Heavyweight Championship! You’re getting the opportunity to be at WrestleMania, not to challenge for the Title, but to be the KWF World Champion. You’re the new number one contender Wade, how about that?” Barrett is taken aback. He looks somewhat shocked, but then he tells Edge that this is the least he deserved. He says Edge has done the right thing “for once.”

Barrett sets to exit looking satisfied, but Edge isn’t done. He tells Barrett that while he wasn’t fond of lining up on the same side as Cena, Styles and Sheamus last week, Sheamus was attacked backstage tonight and he’s not fit to compete: “So you’re taking his place Wade.” Barrett: “What?” Edge: “You, Cena and the man you’re facing at SuperBrawl will all be on the same team against LAX.” Barrett: “Edge?! Seriously?! Come on, how can you expect me to tag with those two!? I can’t, in fact I’m not. I’m not going through that, teaming with them and then going up against LAX, it’s going to be a five on one mate, you can’t put me in the match.” Edge: “I just did. Oh and Wade, you can go now.” Barrett is furious and he exits.

At ringside we see that British Invasion members Mason Ryan and Rob Terry are making their entrance. The crowd boo, but Regal is eagerly talking up the potential of the British Invasion. “Look at this JR. February 6th 2013 and the Brits are well and truly on their way to glory. Last year London had the Olympics, and this year the British Invasion will win Gold. Ryan and Terry will become Tag Champs and the mighty Wade Barrett will become the KWF World Heavyweight Champion. Fantastic!” JR says that Regal shouldn’t presume to know the results of the matches. The Welsh Dragons are booed as they wait in the ring.

The tron rises and out steps Gail Kim. JR: “Gail? What’s this about?” Kim has a microphone in hand and she says: “About a month ago two friends of mine told me they were ready to make a return to the KWF. They told me they felt they had the it factor to wrestle for Tag Team Gold once again. I told Edge and he was more than happy to have them come back, and given their successful history, they’re coming back to compete right here in this number one contenders match. Welsh Dragons, sorry about your damn luck!” The audience begin to cheer and then their volume rises even louder as we hear Beer! Moneyyyy!♫ «< click to play) and out from under the tron step Robert Roode and the Cowboy James Storm.

The fans go absolutely bananas as JR reminds us that Roode and Storm have been off KWF Blogs for well over a year. Regal can’t believe it and he says that he hopes Ryan and Terry put Beer Money back on the shelf again. Ryan and Terry don’t seem too happy that Beer Money have returned, but they talk to one another and psych themselves up. Roode removes his t-shirt. Storm takes off his Cowboy hat and puts his beer bottle on the top step of the steel stairs. Gail has a big smile on her face to see that her guys are back and the referee calls for the bell to signal the start of this huge match.

The Welsh Dragons vs. Beer Money w/ Gail Kimnumber one contenders match for the Tag Titles

The audience is going wild. There’s a big fight feel as Storm steps to the corner and Bobby Roode begins the match. Mason Ryan starts for the Welsh Dragons. Regal: “Come on Mason. Styler and McIntyre defeated these two back in 2010 and that was when the Gold was on the line. This is your chance to step up now.” JR: “An old WCW proverb was where the big boys play and that statement fits very well for this match-up right here. I’m very excited that Roode and Storm are back, and so are these fans.”

Roode and Ryan lock up and Ryan puts a side headlock on his opponent. Roode pushes him toward the ropes and awaits his return, but he’s not too sharp yet as Ryan takes him down with a strong shoulder barge. He covers for One and a half, and Regal tells that Roode and Storm will be way too rusty to compete as they once used to. Ryan tags in Rob Terry and he sets to target Roode who’s pulled himself up by the corner. Terry measures before storming toward him, but Roode shows his agility as he sees the Welshman coming and he props himself atop the top turnbuckle before flipping over the back of Terry and they rolling him to the canvas with a Sunset flip.

He gets One on the count, but JR says: “To men like Robert Roode and James Storm, a little ring-rust won’t hinder their performance at all. They know how to plough through and keep in mind William, we saw Gail Kim exiting Edge’s Skybox on Turmoil a couple of weeks ago. Beer Money knew they had this match coming, they must’ve been well prepared.” Regal: “Yes. How unfair. They knew they were going to face the Welsh Dragons tonight. They had the chance to prep themselves, but Mason and Rob didn’t know who they were facing.” JR: “That’s not what I said at all William. Beer Money knew they had the number one contenders match, but I doubt very much that Edge gave them the heads up about who their opponents were. In fact, if you take in Ryan and Terry’s reaction, they didn’t look surprised to see Beer Money’s return. I’m sure, if these competitors knew of each other tonight, then Edge would have made sure that the playing field was fair and that all parties found out at the same time.”

The contest goes on as Roode tags in Storm and they perform a double suplex on Big Terry. Storm covers for Two and we see Mason Ryan running in to make a break, but the referee backs him up instantly. This leads to Bobby Roode coming back in and dropping a leg over the throat of Terry. James Storm claps his hands in the air to signal a tag and by the time the ref turns round it’s Roode who has another cover on Terry. The ref allows it and he counts One, counts Two – but Terry kicks out. Roode then maintains control of Terry, keeping him grounded and he and Storm tag often to stay fresh. Storm chokes Terry over the bottom rope, but he lets go as he sees Mason Ryan coming in. The two come to blows, but meanwhile, Gail Kim has propped herself to lay on the apron by Terry, and she’s wrapped her legs around his head! The fans cheer and applaud as JR says that this is vintage Beer Money and Gail Kim’s their insurance policy. Regal: “We call it cheating in the UK but whatever.”

As the contest goes on, we can see why Edge felt it necessary to allow Ryan and Terry this opportunity. They’re very impressive as they tag often and show that they too can pull off the old double-team and gain advantages in the match when the referees back is turned. Roode and Storm are indeed rusty, but their concentration levels and their team ethic looks as good as it’s ever been and while William Regal besmirches the form of Beer Money, they go from strength to strength and after a melee, they befall the illegal Rob Terry to ringside before Roode picks up Mason Ryan and lifts him for a suplex. Storm catches his legs behind Roode and as he drops for a Powerbomb, Roode drops for a neckbreaker. JR: “Drinking While Investing! The DWI is back in full motion! All fans who pass the legislate say I, (Storm makes the cover as Roode goes to ensure Terry is out of the ring) because Beer Money are the new number one contenders!”

Winners: James Storm and Bobby Roode, Beer Money!

Gail Kim applauds and she gets in the ring to raise the hands of Roode and Storm. William Regal is very bitter about the loss on behalf of the British Invasion and he besmirches Edge’s “atrocious” decision that Beer Money have returned to be in the reckoning for Tag Team Gold right away. JR reminds us that Roode and Storm were very much in the thick of Tag Title competition before Roode got injured: “They had a storied rivalry against The Dudley Boys and once Bubba and Devon got them out the way, The Dudleys went on to keep the Tag Gold for well over a year.” Regal: “Yes, and then Edge brought back Why So Serious. I wonder what they’re going to make of this. It’s going to be Gambit and Joker Hardy versus Beer Money at SuperBrawl. I must admit, with the Tag Team Titles on the line, that’s one heck of a match to look forward to.”

Backstage we’re with Jeremy Borash with his guest at this time, the KWF Intercontinental Champion, The Viper Randy Orton. “Randy, I’ve seen a lot of controversy in this business and most recently we’ve all witnessed the return of Brock Lesnar and the hullaballoo around his contract. Now, by a means of earning an Intercontinental Title shot, all Zack Ryder has to do is get as many #ICRyder tweets as he can.” Orton smirks: “JB, how ever Zack Ryder manages to get his shot is up to him. I know Edge well and I know that he’s being his ultimate opportunist self and he’s using Ryder to get a response from the KWF fans. But to me, as much as Ryder’s not on WWE House Shows and as much as he has over a million followers on Twitter, he’s not by any means a mainstream superstar.”

Orton lifts his IC Title to the camera. “Zack. I am the Intercontinental Champion. I have defeated everyone in my path so far and I will not be upstaged by a spiky haired boy who’s playing ‘KWF Superstar’. When you get in the ring with me, you’re in with the big boys – and you’re gonna get hurt. Friendly word of advice, instead of tweeting and worrying about your single on iTunes, why don’t you hit the gym, have some matches and make sure that you’re ready for what may come at SuperBrawl.” Orton exits the scene and JB addresses us: “Well folks, there’s no confirmation of a Ryder versus Orton match yet, but it looks like the KWF’s Apex Predator is already focused and ready for the competition. Zack Ryder, good luck.”

We see Panther walking the halls talking to Hornswoggle. “And that my friend is how I saved Christmas.” Hornswoggle claps, but his face soon drops as he sees King Dolph appear, with Queen Madison and Ryback just behind him. Dolph is looking smug as he squares up to Panther: “I assume you saw my match out there, where I qualified for the Elimination Chamber at SuperBrawl?” Panther: “Yeah Dolph, I saw it. And I saw this guy (pointing to Ryback) win it for you.” Dolph: “Oh how rude of me, let me introduce you both to my new muscle. I felt, as King, given that I’m going for the World Championship now, I need protection on a daily basis. Ryback’s not only my backup in the ring, but out of it as well. VIP clubs, hockey matches and the upcoming NBA All-Star game, King Dolph will be there with his crown, his Queen, and Ryback!” Hornswoggle starts growling at Ryback, but the muscle-bound machine barks back and the tiny leprechaun runs away.

Panther is visibly uneasy about trash-talking Dolph as he normally does given the presence of Ryback. Dolph goads him some more, but Panther just says: “He’s quite a purchase, but don’t forget, in the Elimination Chamber, you’ll be on your own.” Dolph: “Oh listen to the jobber here, giving lectures and advice to me when he’s not even in the Chamber match.” Dolph and Madison laugh, but Panther retorts “Actually Dolph, you’ve heard there’s another qualifier up next right? Well you’ll never guess who’s in it.” Dolph’s face drops as we hear Panther’s music♫ «< click to play) hit in the background. Panther: “Now, if you’ll all excuse me.” He heads off to make his entrance as Dolph seethes.

Panther heads out to the ring to a huge ovation as JR reacts: “How sweet it is to see the smirk wiped off the face of King Dolph, and how about this William? Panther has been handed a qualifier for the Elimination Chamber.” Regal: “Handed is the right word Jim. What on earth has he done to deserve this? He hasn’t held a Title in ages, and he’s been spending his time goofing around with Kaitlyn and Hornswoggle and making silly noises with Brodus Clay. Blatant favoritism by Edge!” The fans disagree with Regal as we see signs in the crowd saying ‘Make noises for me Panther’ and ‘Haiyt!’ He awaits his opponent, and out comes ♫Mmmmmiisssterrrrrr…♫ «< click to play) Anderson!

Panther vs. Mr. AndersonElimination Chamber qualifying match

The crowd is pumped for this as two fan favorites collide to determine the third entrant in SuperBrawl’s Elimination Chamber match. Anderson puts his hand out for Panther to shake, but the Cat says “no” and smiles, with JR telling that nobody can trust a self-proclaimed a-hole like Ken Anderson. The contest gets underway and JR concedes that he can’t call this one. “Panther is in great form of late, but Anderson has been a main event guy in the recent past, and is a former WWE and TNA Champion. Both these guys would be excellent participants in the Chamber, but there can only be one.” Regal: “Anderson for me. He is an arsehole after all.”

After some back and forth, they lock up again and Anderson backs Panther into the corner, getting him in a headlock. Panther sends him against the ropes but gets shoulder barged down. Anderson goes for an elbow, but misses, and Panther applies a headlock. Anderson then sends him against the ropes and attempts a clothesline. Panther ducks it and stops on the other side, hitting a standing dropkick that sends Anderson to the outside. He recuperates as we head to commercials.

When we come back, Anderson is back in the ring and has gotten back on top. He fires rights into the torso of Panther, before Irish whipping him hard into the corner. Regal: “This is why I prefer Anderson. He knows how to control the tempo of a match. With Panther he’s always trying to do everything too quickly, just ask Kaitlyn. Hahaha.” JR: “Oh please.” Anderson floors his opponent with a backbreaker and covers, but doesn’t hook the leg and gets barely Two. He applies an STF and tries to wear Panther down. JR: “Ken Anderson is in control here, and Dolph Ziggler must be enjoying this. He and Panther have been mortal enemies ever since they fought over the hand of fair Kaitlyn. Ziggler won the battle, making her his reluctant Queen, but Panther won the war as he concocted a plan to free her, which is why we now have Madison Rayne as Queen of the KWF. Still, it’s worth it to see Kaitlyn away from Ziggler’s reign.”

The match has gone on with both men getting some good offense in, but Anderson looks closest to victory. Every time Panther almost gets a rhythm going, Anderson puts the fire out with a rake to the eyes or by escaping to the outside. He goes one too many times though as Panther comes leaping over the top rope to hit a cross body plancha. He slides back in and comes close to getting a count-out victory, but Anderson rolls back in at the count of Nine. Panther is on top now and hits a corkscrew DDT, getting Two on the pin. He soon applies a submission of his own and puts on a Muta Lock. Anderson frantically reaches for the ropes, and just about grabs the bottom one. Panther waits for him to get up, and charges over for an attack, but he gets caught, and *BAM!*

Mic-Check! Anderson is disoriented and eventually manages to cover getting One… Two… and no! Foot on the rope! Anderson looks on in frustration, and gets to his feet. He picks Panther up, lifts him onto the middle turnbuckle and appears set to go for a Green Bay Plunge from the middle rope. However, Anderson changes his mind and positions himself differently. JR: “Is he? Is he going to try a Mic Check from the second rope?” That is exactly what Anderson has in mind, but as he falls back, Panther is aware enough to grab the top rope and hold on. Anderson falls to the canvas alone and smacks the back of his head. Panther slaps himself a few times to get his bearings, and steps up to the top rope as Anderson holds his head, getting to his feet. Panther launches off the top and *BAM!* connects with a Sword of Omens clothesline! He covers straight away and gets One… Two and Three!

Winner: Panther.

JR: “Huge win! Huge huge win in the career of Panther! He’s qualified for the Elimination Chamber, and is now just one match away from being in the main event at WrestleMania and a shot at the KWF World Heavyweight Championship!” Regal: “If that were to happen Jim I would kill myself, just so I could spin in my grave. Completely undeserved that. Anderson had him, but got greedy when he went for that Mic-Check off the ropes.” JR: “Stop being so bitter William. Panther fought hard and defeated a former World Champion. He’s going to SuperBrawl, and I bet King Dolph’s victory champagne tastes a little less sweet right now.” Panther looks battered and bruised, but raises a smile as the referee holds his hand high and the fans cheer.

Back after commercials the arena lights fade to black. Regal: “Oh dear, we’re in New Orleans, home of the Super Bowl. Sorry folks, a half-hour delay is coming.” We hear screams from the audience and… *BONG!* JR: “We’re in the KWF Mister Regal, and that is the sign that signals the entrance of The UnderTaker.” However, the arena lights turn to a blood red and as music hits♫ «< click to play) we see smoke fill the stage area. The tron rises and at the very same time, out step Kane and The UnderTaker! JR: “By God, the Brothers of Destruction!” The UnderTaker and Kane walk together as they go to the ring and the comms remind us that their unity was established at KWFs Royal Rumble. JR: “It was a night where The Absolute Lashley disobeyed Taker’s orders and when Kane made his return, The Masked Demon aligned with UnderTaker and now it seems the Brothers of Destruction are back.” Regal: “Oh this is bad, this is a very bad bad thing. Good Lord, look at the faces of some of our fans Jim. They’re shocked. What a sight this is to behold.”

The UnderTaker removes his hood while Kane stands there motionless in the middle of the ring. Taker grabs a microphone and we all listen intently: “Kane is alive UnderTaker, Kane is alive. Those were the words said to me by Paul Bearer, words that struck lightning to my interior, words that reminded me that true evil shall always prevail.” The fans stay silent as Taker continues. “Kane is a sick, demented soul. He is a psychotic, merciless monster and by the time I had manipulated and molded a Beast known as The Absolute Lashley, Kane came to me, and he helped me build what you all now call The Absolute One.” JR gasps: “What?! I don’t understand. Kane was always against Taker and we thought that Kane was jealous of Taker’s acceptance of Lashley!?” Regal: “Shush Jim, listen.”

Taker goes on to explain that everything that The Absolute Lashley has been through has been a test. He says that it’s not just about wrestling matches with bigger opposition: “The Big Show, Abyss, No Hold Barred contests. The Royal Rumble. Sting. While not everything is part of a plan, Lashley, what is real is the fact that Kane was my accomplice all along. Everything you went through with him was a measurement of your mind, whether you could handle the mental torture and whether you could still be as powerful and as resolute as you have become. Tonight, tonight is where we bring that to an end, an end to this story where you face my brother again.”

The crowd gasp as Taker explains that Kane vs. Lashley is so far at a score of 1-1. He says that he wants to see the two of them settle their differences and he wants to see a winner to take the score to 2-1 and end the game. The audience cheer the idea and Lashley’s music♫ «< click to play) almost instantly hits. JR: “This is ridiculous. Taker and Kane were on the same page the whole time?! So all that back and forth between Kane and Lashley was all set up by Taker, and now he wants to see his brother and his apprentice go at it again? By God, he’s a sick man. You’re the one that’s sick Taker!? How can you play with people’s lives, manipulate their emotions and mentally kill people like this?!” Regal: “Aww Jim, lest we forget that Kane was an accidental creation by The UnderTaker. He thought he’d burnt the house down and he thought his brother went with it. But when Kane stepped into this industry, The UnderTaker had seen the true power he has and we’re about to witness a collision of all that he has become. This match will be a reflection of the Deadman, and I must agree, one cannot deny the evil that has occurred before our very eyes.”

The Absolute Lashley enters to stand fearless in the ring. Kane tilts his head to one side, staring at his brother’s apprentice. Lashley ignores him though and he steps toward Taker. The two of them are face to face, but then all of a sudden we see Kane hook Lashley’s arms from behind – and he holds him in place for The UnderTaker to take free shots! The crowd boo like hell as Taker punches Lashley hard in the gut, he slams a forearm in his face and Kane is monstrous as he holds Lashley in place. The audience can’t believe it and the comms go berserk. JR: “This was a set-up! A direct set-up and Lashley has no chance here!” Regal: “But wait Jim, look!” Lashley takes hit after hit after hit, but his energy levels seem to rise and he roars, and we see the whites of his big wide eyes as he breaks the clutches of Kane!

The UnderTaker takes two steps back as The Absolute Lashley turns to punch Kane and back him up toward the ropes. He slams him with an almighty clothesline and Kane goes over the top rope. The fans cheer as Lashley then turns his attentions back to Taker. Regal: “Is he, is he really going to do it?” JR: “Do it! Do it Bobby, come on!” The audience volume rises and rises and as Lashley stares wide-eyed at his master. The UnderTaker tries to calm the Beast, ordering him to stand down. Lashley waits for the noise levels to drop slightly, before *BAM* a huge uppercut – a move that’s almost half Kane, half Taker and Lashley takes his Master off his feet! The UnderTaker rolls as he hits the canvas and he exits to ringside. JR: “He did it! By God he did it! The Absolute Lashley struck The UnderTaker!” The Deadman is on his feet one side of the ring and Kane is on his feet on the other side. Neither of them get back in and The UnderTaker looks livid, absolutely furious that The Absolute Lashley has stood up to him and actually struck him down for the very first time ever. The UnderTaker rolls his eyes and we hear thunder as The Absolute Lashley standing tall right in the middle of The UnderTaker’s yard. We then see a shot zooming in high up in the rafters. It’s Sting! The Icon has been watching this all unfold.

We come to a video of two guys watching a football match. It’s the New Orleans Saints against the Carolina Panthers, and we soon see that the two guys are KWF superstars Panther and Gambit. They’re shouting at the screen after a play, and Gambit throws a yellow flag in the air. Panther: “No way man! That was clean!” Gambit: “You crazy homme? Foul on that play!” Panther puts his snacks down and stands up. “Oh yeah?!” Gambit does the same. “Yeah!” Panther: “You want to take this outside?” Gambit: “I wouldn’t want to embarrass you in your own street homme.” They continue to argue and the video moves on into shots of several KWF superstars in action. The voiceover comes in. “On the last stop on the Road to WrestleMania, there are chances for the top stars in the KWF to make their final push to be at the Greatest Show on Earth.” The action ends on AJ Styles, before coming back to Panther and Gambit, who have both kitted themselves out in full football uniforms of their favorite teams. They each get into a three-point stance before charging at one another. The video slams into the logo for KWF SuperBrawl, Live February 24th, only on KWF Blogs!

We come back to ringside and the comms reflect on the scenes that occurred moments before the commercial break. They wonder whether a part of the old Bobby Lashley is resurfacing and JR says that it seems like The Absolute Lashley has just about had enough of the abuse he’s suffered from The Deadman. Regal: “Oh I can’t wait to see what happens next there Jim. Sting was watching the whole thing unfold and remember, he was the one that told Lashley that he didn’t have to suffer The UnderTaker’s abuse. God, how intense!”

Alberto Del Rio, Homicide and Hernandez make their entrance as we get set for our main event of the evening. The audience boo as the comms review footage of LAX’s attack on Sheamus earlier tonight. Regal: “They were killing two birds with one stone. They got one over on Sheamus and they ensured that he wasn’t fit for this upcoming match-up.” JR: “Sure William, but what do you make of Wade Barrett as Sheamus’ replacement?” Regal: “Well Edge just goes from one extreme to the other doesn’t he? He gives Wade the match he deserves, an opportunity at the World Championship – and yet, Wade now has to team with his SuperBrawl opponent AJ Styles and with John bloody Cena. Wade isn’t at all happy about this and I don’t blame him.”

John Cena makes his entrance and the comms remind us that Barrett was pissed at Cena because he believed that he was the one who legitimately won the Royal Rumble. JR: “The decision of a ‘no-call’ of both Cena’s feet hitting the ground was a good one because Cena had to be given the benefit of the doubt.” Regal: “Alright Jim alright, that’s all done now, what matters is what’s coming and next for Wade Barrett is a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship.” Barrett enters and stands beside Cena at the foot of the ramp. The fans’ cheers for Cena almost filter onto Barrett, but the leader of the British Invasion cares not for the audience’s applause. Five superstars have entered, and now we await our KWF World Heavyweight Champion. Get Ready to Fly!♫ «< click to play).

Wade Barrett, John Cena & AJ Styles vs. Alberto Del Rio, Homicide & Hernandez

AJ Styles receives the biggest cheer of the night and he barely acknowledges Wade Barrett as he passes him and Cena, leading them into the ring. Hernandez is ready in the far corner and after a little jaw-jacking from both teams, we get underway with SuperMex against John Cena. The audience chant ‘Let’s go Cena!’ as one and JR tells of what a dream scenario it would be to see John Cena versus AJ Styles for the World Title at WrestleMania – again! Regal: “Hold your horses there Jim. It’s going to be Cena versus Barrett at Mania. AJ Styles can go wash dishes in catering for all I care. 2013 is the year of Wade Barrett and the British Invasion.” JR: “Even though the Welsh Dragons lost to Beer Money?” Regal: “D’you want a thump Jim?”

The contest begins well but as Cena holds out a hand for a tag to Barrett, Barrett declines and Cena is consequently pulled back into the contest by Hernandez and SuperMex shows his strength, taking Cena up and over for a suplex. The fans boo as Alberto Del Rio tags in and he grounds the Royal Rumble winner. JR says that Cena and Styles came into this match trying to get back at LAX for the attack after last week’s main event; “But it seems Wade Barrett is making sure he saves his own skin before helping anyone elses.” Regal: “The mighty John Cena needs help does he Jim? Come on, Wade’s looking after himself and he’s no fool either. Why should he tag in to be fed to the dogs and then not be helped by Styles and Cena?” JR: “So you’re saying Barrett couldn’t handle himself against LAX, is that right?” Regal: “Oh we’re just going to fight all night aren’t we!?”

Cena takes a lot of the punishment, but as Styles gets the fans going by pounding the top turnbuckle and Cena manages to fight back to dive across the ring and make a tag. AJ comes in like a house on fire and he takes down Homicide with a headscissor. Hernandez illegally comes in and AJ nails him with a picture perfect dropkick – and then Styles pats the arm of Wade Barrett and now the Brit is the legal man. AJ points toward the centre of the ring, demanding that Barrett cooperates, and he does. He gets in and we watch as the legal Del Rio tags in Homicide and Barrett initially finds it tough to keep up with Homicide’s pace. He takes some hits, but then manages to ground Homicide with a momentum-stopping big boot.

Barrett covers for a Two-count and then drags Homicide with a front facelock. He goes to his corner and puts out a hand, which John Cena tags. Cena and Barrett exchange eye contact as the Doctor of Thuganomics comes in and he trips Homicide into an STF! The fans cheer, but a full on melee breaks out. Hernandez dashes in to break the submission hold and we watch as Del Rio storms in as well. As he gets to the centre of the ring, we see AJ Styles come to the centre part of the ring apron. He jumps up and springboards off the top rope, perhaps trying for his flying forearm smash – but Wade Barrett shoves Del Rio out the way and *BAM* Barrett nails Styles with a Bull-Hammer Elbow!

The fans boo like hell, and Barrett has a sadistic look on his face. After Cena befalls Hernandez to ringside, we watch as he confronts Barrett and yells at him for his actions. But Barrett then also nails Cena with the Bull-Hammer. The referee tells Barrett off, but he’s then threatened by a Bull-Hammer and so the ref backs off and Disqualifies Barrett for disorderly conduct.

Winners, by way of Disqualification: The Latin American eXchange.

The Royal Rumble winner is down. The World Champion is down. And the new Latin American eXchange is gathered at the foot of the ramp. Alberto Del Rio is smirking. JR: “Aww, Del Rio knows he’s gotten away with this. Him and LAX were in real trouble and I think Homicide was about to tap out. But damn that Barrett. How can he shove Del Rio out the way to save him!? He was attacked last week, just like Styles, Sheamus and Cena were.” Regal: “Ahaa, yes Jim, but Wade Barrett has nothing to prove and he has no concerns whatsoever about LAX. It’s all about the World Championship to him and he’s taken this opportunity to pick his spot and make one hell of a statement. What a way to do it. Bravo Wade, you’ve come such a long way my boy, bravo.” JR and Regal continue their discussion as KWF’s Wednesday Night Turmoil concludes on the image of Wade Barrett.


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