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KWF Wednesday Night Turmoil: 30th Jan. 2013 – McKenzie Arena. Chattanooga, TN.

We begin the night with a video recap of the end to last week’s show. The two final Royal Rumble combatants, John Cena and Wade Barrett - who had been arguing earlier in the night as to who actually won the Rumble - faced off in the main event. However, a great contest was soon interrupted by Alberto Del Rio and the new Latin American eXchange. Del Rio was joined by Rey Mysterio, Konnan, Homicide, Hernandez and Melina in attacking Cena, causing the Doctor of Thuganomics to win via DQ. It was scant consolation to the man officially confirmed as the Rumble winner by Edge earlier in the night as he was picked apart by LAX. As they addressed the crowd after their attack, it became apparent that this was nothing personal against Cena, but rather a statement that they would be overlooked no more, and that they were taking over. Each member commented on their own gripe with the General Manager, and Del Rio ended by stating that the KWF had been put on notice. The Latin American eXchange is a newly united faction with common ground – and it’s going to be Edge and the KWF that suffer.


The opening titles play♫ «< click to watch) and then we pan and zoom into the McKenzie Arena. JR: “Welcome to Wednesday Night Turmoil, and I can barely contain my excitement about the jam-packed, star-studded show we have to bring you this evening. I am joined as always by my broadcast colleague William Regal.” Regal: “Good evening to our audience at home. We do have quite a card lined up tonight Jim. We’ll see the new X-Division Champion in action shortly as Jack Evans faces Evan Bourne, and a little versus large contest in the Chick Division as former Champion AJ Lee tries to figure out how to take on The Glamazon Beth Phoenix.” JR: “But that’s not all, we are going to have the first qualifier for SuperBrawl’s Elimination Chamber right here tonight as Brock Lesnar gets his hands on Jeff ‘The Joker’ Hardy. No doubt revenge will be on the mind of Lesnar after Hardy and Gambit jumped him just a few weeks ago during his match with Abyss. But such is the hugeness of this evening, that isn’t even the main event. Our final match of the night will see tag team action as the Royal Rumble winner John Cena teams up with none other than the KWF World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles to take on the leaders of two devilish factions, Wade Barrett of the British Invasion and Alberto Del Rio of the Latin American eXchange!” Regal: “I don’t see why Wade has to team with Del Rio. Why can’t he tag with another member of the excellent British Invasion?” JR: “Why don’t you put your name forward William?” Regal: “I’m retired Jim, for now, but anyway, it would be a shame for me to embarrass both the KWF Champion and the Royal Rumble winner. Don’t want to make the young’uns look bad, know what I mean?” JR: “Sure thing, now let’s get right into the action with the ever popular X-Division.”

Evan Bourne gets a good reception in a rare appearance for the St. Louis native. Regal comments on his belief that this should be quite an even contest, as long as Bourne isn’t rusty. Jack Evans gets a huge cheer from the crowd as he makes his first appearance since he defeated Rey Mysterio for the X-Division Title at the Royal Rumble. JR: “It was a really humbling moment as he held that Title for the first time I was close to uttering the immortal words, ‘the boyhood dream has come true for Jack Evans!’” Regal: “Let’s just hope he doesn’t end up losing his smile.”


Evan Bourne vs. Jack Evans

The crowd are amped as the opening bout of the night gets underway and Evans showboats in the early going, doing handstands and flips to whip up the fans further. Bourne is in the spirit and goes for a handstand himself, but actually turns it into a headscissors as he brings his ankles down around the head of Evans and flips him over. Regal: “He may want to be a crowd pleaser, but those are the kind of mistakes Evans can’t afford to make if he wants to keep that Belt around his waist.” As Bourne enjoys the early going, hitting kicks and knees, JR reminds us that Evans was given the night off last week as a reward for his Rumble success, but says that as he understands, Evans spent the night in a local gym. “That’s the kind of attitude that could see him keep the Belt for a very long time. Becoming Champion is one thing, but it’s even tougher to keep the Gold and the X-Division is one of the toughest leagues in wrestling. Evans is doing well to keep his feet on the ground and focus on becoming an even better wrestler.” Regal: “Touché. Always good to hear a kid making sensible choices like that.”

Bourne goes high risk but gets a chest full of knee as Evans hits a modified Codebreaker. The Champ is in control now and runs through his moveset, hitting a standing moonsault, a corkscrew DDT and a spinning springboard legdrop. He gets a Two-count for his trouble, but the fans are almost relieved as it means the contest can continue. The bout goes back and forth, with Bourne showing that he hasn’t missed a beat. He hits a standing moonsault of his own, and he makes a cover; One, Two – Evans kicks out, but that was close. Bourne has the fans going as the comms tell that these are two outstanding fan favorites. Bourne heads toward the top rope and he attempts Air Bourne, but no, Evans moves. Bourne lands on his feet and as Evans gets up, Bourne takes him under with a hurracanrana. But then Evans gets to his feet quickly after and he mirrors Bourne, hitting a hurracanrana of his own and the momentum sends Bourne to the outside. Evans has the fans screaming and cheering even louder now. He measures before flying over the top rope with a Space Flying Corkscrew Plancha. He lands on his feet as well and takes in the fans applause.

The action is soon back in the ring and Evans is looking good, set to finish off Bourne. He hits a brainbuster DDT, leaving Bourne in perfect position for the 630-Senton. Evans points the top rope and the fans cheer, but as he climbs we hear screams and shouts. It’s LAX! As they did at the end of last week’s show, they rush the ring. Before Evans can get down, Hernandez is in and has grabbed him, launching him off the top rope and down to the canvas. Homicide and Mysterio grab Bourne and toss him over the top rope as the referee calls for the bell and it rings frantically.

Match thrown out.

All the male members of LAX are in the ring as Melina stands on the apron and shrieks delight in her ear-piercing manner. Ricardo Rodriguez is at ringside and he has a grin on his face. Konnan hits a few rights on Evans, before tossing him to Homicide who drop-toe-holds him toward the middle rope. He is draped in perfect position for Mysterio to hit the 619. Rey executes the move and the crowd boo like hell as the punishment isn’t over. The super-strong Hernandez picks up the dead weight of Evans and he gets him into powerbomb position. The fans boo as JR goes crazy on his headset, yelling at how unfair and unkind this is to Evans. Hernandez lifts him up and parades around the ring, before downing him with an almighty Border Toss. They’re not done yet though as Alberto Del Rio applies the Cross Armbreaker. As he does, Mysterio gets on the mic. “A victim! That’s all you are Evans, a victim! You’re jumping around, dancing like a tap-dancing white-boy, well this is our ring now. It’s our time! Come on Alberto tell’m!” Del Rio finally lets go of the Cross Armbreaker and takes the mic.

The audience boo as he speaks: “Last week was just a taste of what we are going to do here on Turmoil. You have been well and truly warned Edge. The spotlight is ours now. We’re taking it, we’re making the entire show all about us and when we become household names, when we are feared, that is when we will conquer everything and everyone in this company. For Evans this is a warning, a warning that it’s only a matter of time before mi amigo Rey Mysterio gets his Title back. Melina will become Women’s Champion, Homicide, Hernandez, the Tag Champions and I, I will transform my Hardcore prowess to the World Title and LAX will dominate the KWF! We are taking over and when it comes to Gold as our ultimate aim, it’s all only a matter of time. It is our destiny, and there is nothing you can do about it.” Homicide whistles into the mic before Konnan shouts “Me gusta or no!” Their music♫ «< click to play) hits as the fans boo them loudly. Jack Evans is battered and bruised in the ring, as LAX stand tall. JR: “That was a disgrace, a downright disgrace! Interrupting against Cena and Barrett is one thing, but to gang up on a sub-200-pound guy like Evans is pure cowardice!” Regal: “Dare you to say that to their faces Jim. They’re playing the numbers game, and making statements all over the place. You can’t argue with results.”

We come to our weekly recap of last week’s Turmoil. The show began with the winner of the 2013 KWF Royal Rumble, John Cena. The Doctor of Thuganomics was challenged about his victory by Wade Barrett who claimed that he had thrown Cena out of the Rumble and that both his feet did touch the ground. The replays were inconclusive, and Edge confirmed that in the event of doubt, the decision that Cena was still legal and in the match remained the same. Barrett was furious, though the KWF GM promised he would think of something to cheer him up, but for the immediate future, pitted the leader of the British Invasion against Cena in the main event of the evening. Edge also made a monumental announcement when he declared that there is to be an Elimination Chamber match at SuperBrawl, and the winner will join Cena and the KWF World Champion in the main event at WrestleMania in a Triple Threat match for the Title. Also on the show, Randy Orton defeated Gambit, and was bizarrely applauded by not only the rest of Why So Serious, but Gambit himself. AJ Lee announced her intention to cash in her rematch clause against Angelina Love for the Women’s Title at SuperBrawl. Panther and Brodus Clay were very entertaining as they noisily beat the pairing of Cody Rhodes and Christopher Daniels. Brock Lesnar paid a visit to the GM demanding a KWF Title rematch against AJ Styles, but left with only an Elimination Chamber qualifier against Joker Hardy to show for it. Natalya impressed as she beat fellow Canadian Maryse on Canadian soil. Edge and AJ Styles drew a line under their recent disagreements. The UnderTaker had a challenge for The Absolute Lashley after being disappointed by his disobedience in the Royal Rumble match, and arranged for him to face the Big Show. And finally, as Barrett and Cena battled in the main event, they were interrupted by the Latin American eXchange, who got the Brit disqualified as they attacked Cena. LAX then announced their intention to take over the KWF, citing Edge’s refusal to recognize their individual greatness as the main reason for coming together in wrestling’s newest faction. Alberto Del Rio declared “We’re here, taking over your main event and now you have to take notice, take notice of me as the new Hardcore Champion and take notice of us, the Latin American eXchange!” Click HERE to catch up and read the full outing of January 23rd’s Turmoil.

We see a Live shot of a man in a black hat and long black coat walking the halls backstage. It’s The UnderTaker! He comes to a door labeled ‘Rated R GM’ and he opens it to step in and close the door behind him. Back at ringside JR and Regal seem a little concerned. JR: “The UnderTaker’s gone to see Edge? What’s this about William?” Regal: “No idea Jim, but that scene right there sent a chill down my spine.” JR: “At least he isn’t out here.” Regal: “Yes but out here at least we know where he is and what he’s doing. There’s a normality to a man who walks around backstage – but not when it’s The UnderTaker. The Deadman will make you jump even at a fairground in broad daylight.”


In the ring we see that Beth Phoenix has already made her entrance and next comes AJ Lee and the fans cheer as she makes her way down to the ring. The comms tell that this should be a stern test for AJ, a battle against a much bigger and stronger opponent. JR: “AJ welcomed this match as she wanted to keep herself in the best possible shape heading toward SuperBrawl.” Regal: “Oh there’s no doubting Miss Lee has a nice figure and all, but I think this is more about ensuring that she’s ring-savvy before her big rematch.” JR: “That’s what I meant.” The referee’s about to begin the match, but then we hear the music of The Beautiful People♫ «< click to play). Velvet Sky and KWF Women’s Champion Angelina Love are booed on their way down the ramp. They don’t perform their usual entrance and simply make their way around ringside to make themselves comfortable on either side of JR and Regal on commentary. Regal: “Jim, if you weren’t here, this’d be my definition of heaven.” The BP are mean to JR as Velvet takes his hat and puts it on.

Beth Phoenix vs. AJ Lee – The Beautiful People on commentary

The referee finally gets the match underway and Beth begins by trying to take control, forcing Lee to a corner. She tries to clobber her, but AJ scrambles under Phoenix’s legs and then stands to turn and dropkick Beth right into the turnbuckles. This angers the Glamazon and she turns round to clobber AJ down with a version of the meat-hook clothesline. Beth covers for One, Two – AJ might be in trouble, but no, she kicks out before the Three. Beth grounds AJ now, taking full control and going on to dominate the majority of the match. Angelina and Velvet laugh at how Lee’s being beaten in the ring and they mention that they have a paper bag ready right here to ensure that they bag AJ before the night is over.

JR: “Is that really necessary? AJ’s going through a grueling match, can’t you just leave the poor girl alone?” Angelina: “Sorry JR, was that a little biased commentary there? Would you sooner rather that we left AJ, left ringside and you never be allowed in such close proximity to our presence again? Is that what you want JR?” Velvet slams JR’s hat back on the top of his head before he adjusts it. She says: “Yeah JR, is that what you want?” Regal butts in: “No no girls, please, we value your presence here. Jim shut up and enjoy these angels would you?!”

As the comms continue conversing with The BP, AJ gets back into the match and she shows us exactly why she’s been KWF Women’s Champion and she shows her spunky resilience, which aids her in getting a foothold in the match. The fans cheer as she performs a headscissors to take Phoenix head over heels and Beth flings through the ropes all the way to ringside. AJ goes out after her, but she eyeballs The BP, who wave a paper bag at her, and that’s enough of a distraction to allow Beth to get back in the ring. We watch as AJ turns her attention back on the match. She gets in the ring and evades an oncoming Phoenix to duck under a clothesline and go against the far ropes. She comes back and performs a step-up enziguiri, volleying Phoenix right upside her head. This takes Beth down to one knee and AJ goes against the ropes again, this time to come back with a Shining Wizard! She falls over Phoenix, hooks the leg and gets One, gets Two and that’s Three!

Winner: AJ Lee.

AJ has her hand raised as the fans cheer her impressive victory. However, we watch as Angelina and Velvet remove their headsets and quickly dash toward the ring. AJ escapes on the ramp side of the ring and she is smart to back off up toward the stage. Regal: “See that JR? Why do the fans like her so much? She’s a little chicken!” JR: “Naww Mister Regal, she’s a smart girl is AJ. She knows it’s two-on-one and she knows that she has a Women’s Title rematch coming up. Her best friend Kaitlyn was attacked by The Beautiful People at the Royal Rumble, so brutally that we still don’t know when she will be back. If The BP get their hands on AJ before SuperBrawl, she may be taken out before her big rematch. She has to evade Angelina and Velvet at all costs.” The BP shout toward Lee before they see Phoenix stirring. Angelina hands her Belt to Velvet and then storms toward Beth to lay her out with the Botox Injection! A devastating move and now Love and Sky humiliate the Glamazon, paper-bagging her in front of the entire world. Angelina screams toward AJ “this is you at SuperBrawl” and the fans boo the scene out.


We head backstage where Panther is conversing with his tag team partner from last week, Brodus Clay. “Man that was fun. Who says you can’t kick arse and still entertain anymore? With a ‘shee!’ here and a ‘haiyt’ there, it was like being in a kung-fu movie.” Brodus: “You know it my man. See that’s what the Funkasaurus is all about, entertaining the fans while squishing bad guys, and then dancing the night away with my Funkadactyls. Speaking of honeys, how’s your boo doin?” Panther: “My what? Oh Kaitlyn! Yeah, she’s on the mend. Though she’s blaming us for making her ribs worse. Said she laughed so hard when we did the Apache dance that she fell off the couch, dozy mare.” Brodus: “Ooh, my bad.”

With that, the mood soon changes as King Dolph Ziggler and Queen Madison Rayne walk onto the scene. The King laughs with disdain at Panther and Clay. “You two are pathetic. I saw your match last week. It was a travesty. I very nearly walked out the building because I was so embarrassed.” Panther: “That would have been a shame. We would have missed you oh-so much.” Madison: “Silence peasant!” Panther: “It’s Panther actually, but carry on.” Dolph squares up to the Black Cat. “Face it furball. You’ve lost to me twice, and the last time, I took your woman, now look at you. Relegated to teaming with this meat head and doing the comedy skits, while I am King of the KWF, and next week, I have a qualifying match for the Elimination Chamber at SuperBrawl against Rob Van Dam. Then, when I book my spot in the main event at WrestleMania, I’ll look on as you get handed the t-shirt bazooka for your own little WrestleMania moment. You can even get your wench Kaitlyn to help you carry it, if she isn’t still injured.” Panther is trying to control his anger, but the last comment causes him to move toward Ziggler. Brodus puts his hand on his shoulder to stop him. Brodus: “Err, Dolph. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t my boy here knock your noodle-haired ass outta the Royal Rumble just a week and a half ago?” The smile is wiped from Ziggler’s face and he stares down Clay now.

Queen Madison holds Dolph back: “My King, he’s not worth your gaze nor is he worthy of your emotion. Come, let’s head to our Royal quarters.” The King and Queen walk off as Panther and Brodus look on. Regal voices over: “Weren’t Panther and Madison on the same page once?” JR: “Yes, but only for a moment. They had a common goal; Panther wanted to free Kaitlyn from Dolph and Madison wanted Kaitlyn’s Queenship. They worked together that one time, but obviously Madison is all about her King now. I can’t wait for next week though, the King’s going against RVD – and the winner will go to SuperBrawl to compete in the Chamber!”

Back at ringside we watch as music hits♫ «< click to play) and out comes Jeff ‘The Joker’ Hardy. The fans cheer as he waves to them clown-like, but it looks like he’s almost doing it sarcastically. Regal: “He’s not exactly pandering to the fans is he?” JR: “No, this is what you say about Why So Serious all the time. They don’t do any of what they do for the audience, but they do what’s right for them without any regard for anyone else. We’ve barely seen Joker Hardy ever acknowledge the fans. But he’s got Brock Lesnar coming up. Maybe this is a way to get a proverbial sixth man on his side.” Regal: “Don’t be silly Jim. If Joker wants anyone on his side it’s probably, oh you know, that kliq he travels with?! Once again this is another example of a Why So Serious member doing something weird, something that doesn’t make sense and we bloody fall for it every time.”

Hardy is cheered as Regal accuses him of being the most popular bad-guy the industry has ever seen. Brock Lesnar makes his entrance to a chorus of boos and the comms converse, announcing that they’ve just been told of a huge match that’s set to happen right here tonight. Regal: “Ladies and gentlemen we’ve had an amazing night already. We’re about to witness Lesnar v Joker and along with such a massive tag team main event later, this has just been confirmed; there is going to be a No Holds Barred match between The Monster Abyss and The Beast, The Absolute Lashley! Jim, this must be why The UnderTaker went to see Edge earlier. He must’ve been setting up this match for Lashley.” JR: “Gosh William you’re right. But by God, a No Holds Barred match between Lashley and Abyss?! Is this another test from The UnderTaker? Or another ploy at hurting Lashley and bringing him down?! I can’t wait to see what happens there. What a match that’s going to be!”

Jeff ‘The Joker’ Hardy vs. Brock LesnarElimination Chamber qualifying match

The bell rings and Lesnar doesn’t bounce on the spot like he usually does. He has his eyes focused on The Joker. Regal: “That’s the look of a killer right there.” JR: “Are you talking about Brock or Hardy?” Lesnar starts toward The Joker and Joker circles him. Lesnar goes to grab him, but Joker evades, laughing as he back-strides toward the corner – but then Lesnar rushes him and smashes punches into The Joker’s painted face. JR: “Deceptively quick is Lesnar and Hardy’s cornered early.” Lesnar lays shoulders into his opponent’s gut and then he lifts him to sit him on the top turnbuckle. Brock looks to climb to the middle buckle himself, but Hardy uses Brock’s shoulders to balance and he then flips himself over the back of him and rolls him down to the canvas in a version of the sunset flip! Brock’s shoulders are down, but as the crowd count ‘One!’ along with the ref, Lesnar slams a heavy kick in Joker’s face and that breaks the cover.

JR: “Good God what impact. That was like being kicked in the face by a horse!” Regal: “Yes well don’t forget Jim that Lesnar’s unleashing punishment on Joker here. Why So Serious embarrassed him, attacked him and cost him a match against Abyss a little while before the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Now this is Brock hitting two with one stone. He’s able to batter Hardy and book himself a place in KWF’s Elimination Chamber number one contender’s match at SuperBrawl next month.” We watch as Lesnar battles Hardy off and gets to his feet. The Joker is frantic, throwing punches and kicks at him, but Lesnar is far stronger, and he grabs Hardy by the neck before launching him along the canvas, sliding under the bottom rope to ringside. Lesnar now takes a moment to bounce on the spot and he looks confident as he starts toward the ropes. However, we zoom in on Joker at ringside – and he’s laughing as we go to commercials.

When we return the crowd are on their feet as the comms review two things that have happened during the commercial break. One, the rest of the Why So Serious organization have made an entrance and they’re sitting on steel chairs around ringside. They haven’t touched Lesnar, but Brock is obviously wary of their possible involvement. And two, the comms have been told that there will be a number one contenders match for the KWF World Tag Team Titles next week Live right here on Turmoil. Regal: “I wonder what teams are going to compete Jim?” JR: “I don’t know, but whoever it is best be aware that one half of the Tag Champs is wrestling right here and Hardy is giving a spirited account of himself. He’s doing pretty well William.” Regal: “Yeah but distractions at ringside do help. His tag partner Gambit, Christy ‘Harley Quinn’ Hemme, Kelly Kelly and Abyss, they’re all here to do what exactly? Sit and watch? No chance, it’s only a matter of time before they pounce I’m telling you.”  Regal’s predictions are way off the mark however, as Lesnar sees fit to finish the match as quick as possible, reserving energy and getting it over with just in case there is a Why So Serious attack. The Joker fights and scraps as he typically does, but once Lesnar has him atop his shoulders, Joker has nowhere to go and Lesnar executes a textbook F5! He covers hooking the leg – eyeballing Why So Serious and getting the Three.

Winner: Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar’s music♫ «< click to play) hits and Brock advances to the Chamber match at SuperBrawl. Why So Serious remain seated after the bell. Lesnar then has a couple of extra punches at Hardy, but The Joker laughs and we see him mouthing something to Lesnar. Brock’s music cuts out and the fans boo as Lesnar continues hitting him with rights, and Why So Serious do nothing about it. JR: “That’s enough! The match is over, the man’s a human being Brock, you’ve got your revenge, now get out of here!” Lesnar grabs Hardy on the canvas and all of a sudden he puts on the Kimura Lock! The crowd boo like hell, but now we see Gambit, K2, Harley and Abyss all make a beeline for the ring. Lesnar unlocks the hold and escapes as quickly as he can. He smirks at the bottom of the ramp, mouthing off as he points back toward the ring. We see Gambit pull Joker to his feet, and the Why So Serious leader laughs as the scene fades out.


We are backstage where, in a very suave looking locker room, LAX are gathered to discuss tonight’s main event. They seem satisfied with their work so far and we can see Melina sit in the background stroking the Hardcore Title. Del Rio: “You see? What did I tell you? We only started the new LAX less than two weeks ago and look, me, Alberto Del Rio, in the main event. That is no coincidence my friends. That is the result of power.” Rey agrees and says that this is just the beginning, and that Edge has crumbled even faster than he anticipated. Homicide: “It won’t be long before me and SuperMex are getting our deserved shot at those Tag Team Titles, you can get your X-Division Belt back, Melly can become Women’s Champion, hell if we jump Randy Orton we could even make Konnan Intercontinental Champion.”

They each laugh, except Konnan. “Hey, I can still run with any of you punks. But why stop there? Once we’ve taken over, any one of us could then go on to take the KWF World Heavyweight Championship, and then the Latino domination of the KWF will be complete. Nobody can stop us.” Hernandez: “And certainly not tonight. Don’t worry Alberto, we’ll make sure LAX end this night on top again.” Del Rio: “No! Not tonight mi amigo. LAX will end on top, but it will be because I will have made AJ Styles tap out from the Cross Armbreaker. We can be deadly and attack en masse like we did to that burro Evans tonight, but we also have a chance to show how strong we are individually, and tonight, Alberto Del Rio will dominate the main event and show Edge and all those gringos out there why the Latin American eXchange is not just another faction of nobodies who only use numbers. We are the next level, the elite. On our own or as a group, nobody can stop us.”

The rest of LAX agree that they will not get involved tonight, and will allow Del Rio to do things on his own. Konnan says he respects Del Rio’s stance, and adds “Gentlemen… and lady. It’s true what my friend Tony said. First you get the money, then you get the power… then you get the Titles – and that leads to even more money. Movie deals, talk-show appearances, VIP seats to the moon. We’re gonna have it all.” Hernandez: “What about the women?” Konnan: “In this town? Haha, they’re cheaper by the dozen and they’re already set up at the hotel ese, haha!” They all chuckle as the scene fades out.

Elsewhere backstage we’re with KWF interviewer Jeremy Borash and he’s standing by with his guest at this time, the former KWF Hardcore Champion, Sheamus. Sheamus steps into shot and Borash asks him what he makes of Del Rio’s victory at the Rumble and this newly formed faction, LAX? Sheamus: “Well JB, faction or not, everyone knows what a ponce that Del Rio is. He’s a liar, a cheater, and I’ll tell you what I hate it. I hate LAX because they made me lose my Hardcore Championship. But don’t worry JB. I’m invoking my rematch and Berty, I want my Title back at SuperBrawl!” We hear the crowd cheer in the background, but JB asks Sheamus: “Sheamus, with all due respect, aren’t you worried that LAX will just help Del Rio again? I mean, it took five guys and a girl to beat you last time.”

Sheamus smiles: “A girl, haha, a girl didn’t beat me JB, but five guys did, I’ll give you that. No, you see there’s an art to Hardcore wrestling and while ya can’t prepare for the pain that you’d endure, what ya can prepare for is LAX. Ya see JB, I know for sure what’s coming this time and I’m going to be ready and bring a faction of my own to the ring. A faction of weapons! I’m going to go old school, bring a Walmart trolley to the ring –  That’s a shopping cart, for those of you that don’t know – I’m gonna have every weapon possible at my disposal and I’ll tell ya something else Borash, I’m looking forward to it. To be Hardcore Champion again, I’m going to have to go through a war. And that’s fine by me, ‘cause I love ta fight! I’ll get my Title back, or I’ll die tryin’!” Sheamus smiles and his eyes pop out as he excitedly exits the scene.

It’s time for the hotly anticipated No Holds Barred match the music of The Monster Abyss♫ «< click to play) hits. The Why So Serious member marches down to the ring as JR reminds us that his last outing was a brutal encounter with Brock Lesnar, which ended up being interrupted by the rest of his “unstable stable.” As Abyss stomps around the ring, the lights dim and The Absolute Lashley makes his eerie and intimidating entrance. They stand across from one another as Lashley brings the lights back up, and it’s quite a sight to behold. JR: “Only Turmoil can bring you such consistent pay-per-view quality matches for free right here on Wednesday nights.” Regal: “The hairs are dancing on the back of every neck in this building, the only exceptions being the two combatants in the ring.” JR: “I tell you one thing William, this is one match I highly doubt LAX will dare to get involved in.”

Abyss vs. The Absolute Lashley – No Holds Barred match

The behemoths stare one another down, and Abyss crosses his arms, before screaming right in the face of Lashley. The Beast does not move, or even flinch. Abyss swings a right at him, but Lashley blocks and bursts into a frenzied attack, raining shots down on Abyss and backing him into the corner. He then grabs Abyss by the throat and with one arm, pushes him so hard against the ropes that the Monster goes flying out of the ring. JR: “He just tossed him over the top rope as if he were a cabbage patch kid!” Lashley steps over the top rope and drops off the apron – but Abyss is already back on his feet. The audience gasp as Abyss tries to take control now, hitting Lashley with rights before lifting him and performing Snake-eyes off the ring apron. Regal: “Daring, very daring by Abyss. That’s a move of The Dark Side.”

Abyss sets to pick Lashley up, but The Absolute One sits up on his own accord and now he gets to his feet and the tides turn again. He clobbers Abyss with rights before grabbing him and lifting him up and over for a suplex, right on the floor! He picks Abyss up, before launching him so hard into the timekeeper’s corner that he smashes right through it. Justin Roberts just about manages to get out of the way in time before he gets landed on. Lashley doesn’t let up and grabs the chair that Roberts was sat on. He then smashes it hard across the back of his opponent, and Abyss cries out in pain. Abyss tries to block the shots with his hands, but just gets hit in the arms, which open up old scars. Blood starts to trickle down his arms, but it doesn’t slow him down.

JR: “Gosh, Abyss is a monster! He’s getting stronger with every hit from that chair William!” Regal: “Exactly why Why So Serious recruited him in the first place Jim. Remember, Abyss spent much of his life in a mental asylum, he’s very unstable and while chair shots would hurt a normal person, to Abyss it’s like energy being boosted in a battery. God, what a match we have here.” Abyss finally manages to grab the chair and yank it away from Lashley, before a jab to the gut and an almighty crack across the skull. JR: “My God! I don’t know how much padding is in that mask of Lashley’s, but I guarantee it’s not enough to stop that from doing a hell of a lot of damage.” Regal: “I bet he tastes copper, I always used to taste copper. Then again being smacked by Dave Taylor isn’t quite the same as being walloped by Abyss.”

The carnage continues as both combatants utilize weapons, but use power moves to ensure maximum damage. Abyss hits a sidewalk slam onto a chair, Lashley chokeslams Abyss through a table, and Abyss Irish whips Lashley hard into a strategically placed trash can. The Monster then looks under the ring again, and pulls out a two-by-four… with nails hammered through one end of it. JR: “Oh my, we’ve seen that baby before!” Regal: “Baby?! Oh that’s no baby, that’s freakin’ Janice is what it is!” Abyss gets in the ring and uses the blunt end to choke out Lashley, before taking the nails and raking across the mask of The Beast. He rips part of it open, but Lashley gets away before he can remove it completely. Abyss backs off and seems to be winding up for a big swing. He measures, but all of a sudden he gets taken down by a Spear from Lashley!

The fans are cheering both of them on, as they both lay flat out on the canvas. Lashley gets his arm across for a cover. ‘One!’ count the fans along with the ref, ‘Two!’ – oh but Abyss kicks out! Regal: “You want to know the scary part? These two don’t even have a quarrel with each other. They’re doing all this for the sheer fun of it.” JR: “They’re doing it because they’re fierce competitors, but more to the point, Lashley is doing it because of the egotistical and controlling UnderTaker.” Regal: “And Edge, he’s got to be partly to blame for agreeing to book it.” JR: “He’s just doing his job. These slightly sadistic KWF fans are loving this.”

As both men recover, they each head to the outside. They reach under the ring and pull a bag out. They get back in and face up once more, as Abyss undoes the string on his bag and pours thumbtacks all over the ring. The fans noise increases, and then goes up further again as Lashley undoes his bag and pours broken glass over the thumbtacks. Regal: “Well this should end well.” They just stare down from this, both covered in blood, daring the other to make the first move, but it is not long before the fists are flying again. Abyss starts to get the upper hand, and he fires Lashley against the ropes, before *BAM!*, he dumps him right on the tacks and glass with a Black… Hole… Slam!

The arena is stunned as the commentators are speechless. We see multiple replays of the move and then, as Abyss gets off Lashley, he stumbles from the blood loss and wipes the tacks and glass he has taken himself from the move. JR finally speaks: “Unbelievable, totally unbelievable William. If The UnderTaker was trying to put Lashley through hell then he sure has his wish. This match has got to be over.” Abyss slumps to his knees before finally covering Lashley. One!… Two!… Regal: “Oh my God! Lashley kicked out! Lashley kicked out! Jesus bloody Christ.” JR: “I can’t believe it! He kicked out of a Black Hole Slam right onto those thumbtacks and broken glass!?”

An exhausted Abyss then picks Lashley up, ready to perhaps finish Lashley off with a Shock Treatment. However, when Lashley stands to his feet we see him open his eyes – and there are the eyes of the Dark Side! Lashley’s eyes have completely whitened as he rolls them to the back of his head. Abyss pauses, but only for a moment. He sets to grab Lashley to finish him, but no, Lashley overpowers Abyss and lifts him up and down with an earthquake-like Spinebuster! – And it’s right onto the bloodied shards of glass, the thumb-tacks and the carnage in the ring. The Absolute One falls over Abyss to cover immediately and he gets the Three-count.

Winner: The Absolute Lashley.

The fans cheer what was an incredible battle, and it’s Lashley who has emerged victorious. He rolls onto his tack covered back and attempts to sit up, but he doesn’t have the strength. We can see the blood pouring down him still, but we don’t see for long as the lights go out. *BONG!*… When they come back on, The UnderTaker is standing there, hovering over his protégé. He just looks down at Lashley, not helping him up, but just staring. Lashley keeps trying and failing to sit up, and as the camera pans in on the face of The Phenom, we can see that he’s softly laughing at Lashley.

JR: “By God, that’s all the proof I need. I knew it all along. UnderTaker wasn’t interested in seeing Lashley ‘prove himself’. Last week against Big Show, and this week against Abyss were just sick games. He wanted to see Lashley battered, broken and bloodied, and now he’s just laughing at him.” Regal: “You may be right Jim. But Lashley is a puppet, always has been, and as long as The Deadman has a hold on him, he will have to go through challenges like this.” Taker goes to walk away from the broken Beast as we fade to commercials.


We come to a video of two guys watching a football match. It’s the New Orleans Saints against the Carolina Panthers, and we soon see that the two guys are KWF superstars Panther and Gambit. They’re shouting at the screen after a play, and Gambit throws a yellow flag in the air. Panther: “No way man! That was clean!” Gambit: “You crazy homme? Foul on that play!” Panther puts his snacks down and stands up. “Oh yeah?!” Gambit does the same. “Yeah!” Panther: “You want to take this outside?” Gambit: “I wouldn’t want to embarrass you in your own street homme.” They continue to argue and the video moves on into shots of several KWF superstars in action. The voiceover comes in. “On the last stop on the Road to WrestleMania, there are chances for the top stars in the KWF to make their final push to be at the Greatest Show on Earth.” The action ends on AJ Styles, before coming back to Panther and Gambit, who have both kitted themselves out in full football uniforms of their favorite teams. They each get into a three-point stance before charging at one another. The video slams into the logo for KWF SuperBrawl, Live February 24th, only on KWF Blogs!

We’re outside the GM’s Skybox and we see Zack Ryder addressing us through the camera. “Hey Broski’s, Zack Ryder here and I’ve got this time with Edge right now. He’s allowing me to take a cameraman into his Skybox for my meeting with him and hopefully bro’s, I’m gonna get myself some spotlight here in the KWF.” Zack knocks on the door before being invited in. He steps toward Edge and they do the Broski fist-bump and Edge says: “You wanted to see me and you wanted to make it public, so what’s on your mind man?” Ryder: “Bro, I have the sickest idea for SuperBrawl. How about you put me in a match – with The Viper, Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Title!?” Edge seems taken aback by Ryder’s request. He says that he gets it now, Ryder wanted to ask for this publicly so that Edge is the bad guy when he says “no.”

Ryder responds: “No bro, that’s not it at all. Look, my Z True Long Island Story is over and I need to fully focus on my wrestling career. I know I had a chance against Christian Cage before, but that was a surprise shot and that was on a Turmoil. I want to be involved at a pay-per-view again Edge. When I was entered into the Royal Rumble match, I had the time of my life, and I pulled off some pretty sick moves. Come on Edge, gimme a chance here.” Edge concedes that he knows how hard Ryder’s worked to try make a name for himself: “Similar to that of our KWF writers” (they both look at the camera, breaking the fourth wall). Edge says, given how many folks were irked about Brock Lesnar’s return and how Brock got his Title match, he’s not going to hand out Title matches anymore because people have to earn their shots. Edge says that we’re in the 21st century so he’s going to give Ryder a chance, but by a different way of earning it: “If you get our fans, other wrestling fans, anyone at all for that matter to tweet @kwfblogs the hashtag ICRyder, and enough people tweet that, then you’ll get your match Zack.”

Ryder is excited and Edge says that he’s looking forward to Ryder’s PR work. He says that he’ll give Ryder a match before SuperBrawl as well to make sure he’s ring-ready: “But for now, go get your fans tweeting #ICRyder and we’ll see how it goes. Good luck Zack.” Ryder thanks Edge and he says it’s “Siiiiick” that Edge is allowing the fans to ensure that he gets to SuperBrawl. To the camera: “So come on Broski’s, #ICRyder and I get a shot at Randy Orton and the Intercontinental Championship at SuperBrawl! Let’s do this! Woo Woo Woo, you know it!”

When we return from commercials, the music of The British Invasion♫ «< click to play) hits and Wade Barrett comes down to the ring. JR tells us that it is time for our main event of the evening, and straight away throws Regal the question of how on earth these two teams are going to work together. “Barrett and Del Rio have already shown hostility towards one another, and when the heads of two factions come together, fireworks usually follow. And then you have the KWF Champion AJ Styles teaming with one of the men he could well be defending against at WrestleMania.” Regal: “I’m not sure there’ll be problems there Jim. You’ve seen Cena lately. He’s regressed back to sucking up to these fans and trying to play the Mr. Clean character again. He’ll probably pick AJ up and give him a big hug instead of tagging him.” JR: “I doubt that but this should prove to be a fascinating contest nonetheless.” Del Rio is booed as he enters with only Ricardo Rodriguez by his side, introducing him. There is immediate tension between Del Rio and Barrett in the ring and the fans calm before the storm hits, by way of the entrances of first John Cena and then KWF’s World Heavyweight Champion, The Phenomenal AJ Styles!

Wade Barrett & Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena & AJ Styles

Cena and Styles discuss strategy in their corner before we get underway, and in the opposite corner it is very clear early on that Barrett and Del Rio are not getting along. They argue over who will start, while Cena and Styles agree that the Doctor of Thuganomics will kick things off for them. Del Rio finally insists and Barrett shakes his head and gets onto the apron. Del Rio smirks as he gets his way, but the smile is turned to panic as he realizes who is across from him. The bell rings and Cena hurls himself at the Mexican Aristocrat, smashing him around the head and body with shots. JR: “Del Rio orchestrated the attack on Cena last week, and now the brawler from West Newbury, Mass is getting his own back!” Regal: “What goes around comes back around Jim, I guess Alberto is finding that out the hard way.”

Cena fires Del Rio into the corner and follows up with a fast clothesline. He looks determined to beat the holy hell out of the apparent leader of the Latin American eXchange, but is thwarted as he goes to pick him up. He gets a thumb to the eye and Del Rio makes a desperate leap over to tag in Barrett. The Brit comes in and we are reminded that he too still has legitimate beef with Cena, believing that he was in fact the winner of the Royal Rumble. Regal: “And he’s right, both Cena’s feet touched the floor at the same time, you could clearly see it from one angle.” JR: “But from another angle it appeared that only one of Cena’s feet touched the floor. It was inconclusive, and Edge is right, the benefit of the doubt has to go with Cena.” Barrett and Cena trade moves and the Preston-born gentleman gets the upper hand, driving knees into the stomach of Cena, before lifting him up and down for a picture perfect suplex.

Regal: “Such elegance, such grace, you’re looking at a future KWF World Heavyweight Champion Jim, and I’m not talking about that sneaker-wearing hoodlum he’s just planted on the canvas.” Barrett makes a cover, but gets only Two. AJ Styles pats the top turnbuckle to get the fans going and they cheer Cena on as Barrett works the submission hold now as he drives his knee into the back of Cena and pulls back in his chin. The Doctor is trying to tag to Styles but is nowhere near the corner. AJ gets the fans clapping more and it seems to work as Cena gets to one knee. He elbows Barrett in the gut, before coming off the ropes and hitting a flying shoulder barge, then another, before lifting him up and hitting a sit-out suplex. JR: “That’s textbook John Cena and he’s got all the momentum here.” Regal: “But he’s not tagging Jim, that’s not the smartest thing to do.”

Cena raises his hand as the fans cheer, before the “You can’t see me!” coming off the ropes and going for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but before he hits it Barrett rolls him up in a small package and gets One, gets Two – but Cena kicks out. Barrett holds his head in his hands as we fade to our final commercial break of the evening.

When we return, Barrett is still working over Cena, and makes a tag to Del Rio. Regal: “They seem to be working well together now. They have a common goal of beating up John Cena, much like many old WWE fans I know.” JR: “Cena is one of the most popular superstars in the KWF William, and I put it down to his defiance, his refusal to change who he is and the way he has turned around from that slimy thug who was the poster-boy handed everything by former KWF GM’s Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.” Del Rio has Cena in trouble and he applies the Cross Armbreaker. Regal points out that he could tap before AJ Styles has even had a chance to be involved in the match.

AJ and the fans urge him on, and amazingly, he starts to stand up. He drags Del Rio into the air, holding up all of the Mexican’s weight with one arm, before slamming him down. Both men are on the canvas and crawl over to their corners. Del Rio makes the tag to Barrett, who can’t stop Cena reaching over and diving to tag in the World Champion. The Phenomenal One straight away leaps off the top rope to nail Barrett with a Flying Forearm Smash. The fans cheer as Styles is on fire, firing Barrett against the ropes and hitting a perfect standing dropkick. Del Rio comes in and swings at him, but Styles ducks, turns and *BAM* - floors him with a Pele!

Del Rio rolls to the outside, but the distraction proves enough as Barrett clotheslines Styles down. He smiles as he gets control of the match back, and lifts AJ up for WasteLand. He throws him down, but Styles somehow manages to spin out of contact with the canvas and he lands on his feet. JR: “Incredible! What athleticism from AJ, that’s our World Champion folks!” Styles sends a spinning wheel kick Barrett’s way and he covers now; One, Two – but Barrett kicks out.

Del Rio has been pushed back onto the apron by Ricardo, and after gathering himself, he sends Rodriguez to distract the referee. This allows him a chance to storm into the ring and get a cheap shot in on Styles. He then pulls Barrett back toward his corner and gets to the apron. Rodriguez then points toward Del Rio and the ref sees him reach in and legally tag the back of Barrett. The cheap shot on Styles wasn’t enough to lay him out and Styles tags Cena back in.

Del Rio however, doesn’t come into the action straight away. As Cena storms over, he still thinks Barrett is legal and he sets him up for the FU. But the legal Del Rio comes in and hits a chop block, causing Cena to drop Barrett and collapse. Del Rio covers Cena, but gets only Two. He stomps away at him and then throws him into the corner, before running up and hitting his patented jumping kick, right to the side of Cena’s skull. He is setting up for the Cross Armbreaker again, but as he goes for it, Cena reacts and twists him around, before lifting him up and planting him down with an FU in a matter of seconds! He hooks the leg and gets One, Two and Three!

Winners: John Cena and AJ Styles.

The fans go wild as Cena gets the ‘W’. JR: “Big win, a huge win and that must taste sweet to Cena, especially after being rushed by LAX last week. Alberto Del Rio has been taken down a peg, and without LAX in his corner, the Hardcore Champion couldn’t get it done in the main event that he craved so much.” Before Regal can riposte though, Mysterio, Konnan, Homicide and Hernandez storm the ring. They go after Cena, Styles and even Barrett. It’s four on three and Styles especially is struggling as both Mysterio and Homicide are ganging up on him. The fans boo until we hear ♫It’s a shame that they lost their heads, a careless man could wind up dead!♫ «< click to play). Out comes the former Hardcore Champion!

Sheamus races to the ring and slides in, battering down Rey, then Homicide, before hitting a Brogue Kick to Hernandez as Cena manages to toss Konnan out to the floor. Del Rio is still out of it, and Ricardo Rodriguez manages to retrieve him before regrouping with his faction and retreating up the ramp. JR: “Sheamus was the first guy to get jumped by this mob at the Royal Rumble, when he lost his Hardcore Title, but now he’s giving them hell back!” Regal: “And as if this weren’t bizarre enough, look at that. Wade Barrett fighting side-by-side with the likes of Cena, Styles and Sheamus. I don’t think he meant to, but what was I saying earlier about a common enemy? It could be that LAX have pissed off too many people these past couple of weeks. And they had no right, no right at all to do that to Wade.” JR: “For the first time since their formation, we see LAX on the back foot, retreating up the ramp. What an ending to this week’s Turmoil. God knows what we can expect next week. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have folks. See you next Wednesday. Goodnight from Chatanooga! And remember to #ICRyder!” We fade out on the image of a concerned looking LAX, and the foursome of John Cena, Wade Barrett, Sheamus and AJ Styles standing together staring them down from the ring.

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