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KWF Wednesday Night Turmoil: 24th October 2012 – Philips Arena. Atlanta, GA.

Isolation, if you could only see, what will come to be YEAH!«< click to watch). The opening sequence ends and the pyro’s explode as we pan and zoom into the Philips Arena. Jim Ross welcomes us to Atlanta, Georgia: “What an outstanding pay-per-view we witnessed this past Sunday! Bound For Glory was everything we hoped for and more, with Title changes, slobber knockers, and a match of the century contender as CM Punk and Samoa Joe took each other to the limit.” He introduces William Regal, who concurs with JR’s evaluation of Bound For Glory: “It was a wonderful night, but now we look onwards and upwards to our next pay-per-view offering, and it’s one of my favourites, Survivor Series is just three and a half short weeks away.” JR: “Indeed it is William and ladies and gentlemen, the first match for KWF Survivor Series has been confirmed by our General Manager Edge. It’s going to be newly signed members of Why So Serious, Gambit and Jeff ‘The Joker’ Hardy to go up against The Dudley Boys for the KWF World Tag Team Championships.” Regal: “Ah Jim, I suppose that booking didn’t take much guessing from our fans, but as we come into Wednesday Night Turmoil, Edge has rubber-stamped that match and now that it’s confirmed, I can’t wait. You know, Edge think Gambit and The Joker will defeat The Dudleys, but has he ever thought; what if he’s wrong? If Why So Serious don’t win, then our GM’s going to look like a fool.” JR says that Edge is by no means a fool and he goes on to tell us that tonight, as well as all the fallout from Bound For Glory, we will see an array of talent on show as new boy Jack Evans takes on cruiserweight legend Rey Mysterio, and two Chicks returning to action after long-term injuries face off as Layla goes up against AJ Lee. “There’s sure to be more announced as the night goes on, and speaking of announcements, here comes just the man to make them.” ♫You think you know me♫ «< click to play). KWF General Manager Edge makes his entrance to a cheering crowd and heads to the ring.

After his usual bouncing on the ropes, the GM gets on the mic and echoes the commentators’ sentiments that Bound For Glory was a roaring success, and adds that everyone who competed was a credit to themselves, even Kaitlyn and Madison Rayne. The crowd laugh as Edge gives a knowing smile. “But one match in particular stood out. CM Punk and Samoa Joe put on one of the greatest matches I have ever witnessed. It was a privilege to watch, and both men left everything they had in this ring. The only shame was that there could be only one winner, and I’d like that winner to come out here now so that I can congratulate him face-to-face.” ♫Look in my eyes, what can you see? The cult of personality!♫ «< click to play). The KWF Champion, CM Punk comes out with the KWF World Title Belt around his waist and a smile on his face. He is visibly moving awkwardly, still carrying several bumps and bruises from his clash with Joe at BFG. He gets a tremendous reception as he climbs into the ring and gets a mic of his own. Edge congratulates him on his win. “You and Joe went almost thirty minutes in that match, and beat the holy hell out of one another. Honestly, when he had you in the Kokina Clutch, I thought you were done for. But you fought back and ended up tapping him out. I, along with a few others around here, had doubts about whether you could back your claims up. But after Sunday, you’ve made a believer out of me, and I think that at this moment, you truly are the Best in the World.” Punk looks pleased and surprised to hear that from the GM, as do the fans, but he appreciates the comments. “Thank you Edge. And I’d also like to take this moment to give a huge thank you to my good friend, Samoa Joe.” The fans applaud as one and some even chant Joe’s name. “I know a lot was said and done leading up to Bound For Glory, but it was all in the interest of competition and this Title. Truth is that Joe and I do go back a long way. We traveled the road together on the indy scene, and I know better than anyone just what an incredible competitor he is. So thank you Joe for giving me one of the best matches of my career.” Edge echoes Punk’s words, and then goes on to talk about Survivor Series. “Less than a month away is one of the biggest shows on the wrestling calendar. And as a show of respect to you Punk, as this company’s Champion, I have decided to let you pick whoever you want to face at Survivor Series in defence of that Title.” Punk again has a look of impressed surprise. Edge goes on to explain that over the next few weeks there will be a series of matches between some of the KWF’s top stars, and Punk will be able to scout them all before making his decision three weeks from tonight. Punk says that is a refreshing attitude for a GM to have, and promises that he will select an opponent worthy of competing for the top Title in wrestling today. Edge says that he trusts in Punk’s integrity, stating that he knows Punk will choose an opponent truly worthy and someone that is real competition for the KWF World Title. Edge announces that tonight’s main event will be the first of his showcase matches. “And it will be between King Dolph Ziggler… and The Phenomenal, AJ Styles!” The crowd cheer loud for the huge main event announcement, featuring their home state hero, and CM Punk promises to be at ringside to scout. “But I won’t be giving them any advice, I swear.” The crowd laugh as ♫Punk’s music♫ «< click to play) hits and he makes his way back up the ramp. JR: “Well how’s that for a couple of announcements? CM Punk will be allowed to pick his own challenger in three weeks time, and to help him, we’re going to have matches between some of our top superstars, starting tonight with King Dolph and Georgia’s own AJ Styles!” Regal: “I respect Punk for what he achieved on Sunday, but I think Edge is perhaps showing him a little too much respect here. What’s to stop him picking Hornswoggle? Or Little Jimmy!?” JR: “I think our Champion has a little more nobility than that, no offense to Hornswoggle or Little Jimmy of course.”

We’re back after commercials and Rey Mysterio is completing his entrance. JR and Regal reflect on Edge’s blockbuster announcement that CM Punk gets to choose his own opponent for KWF Survivor Series. Regal: “It’s a bloody foolish idea. What’s Edge thinking?! Punk’s going to pick Santino or The Miz, heck I’ve even got a chance if I wrestle you here Jim.” JR: “Aww I don’t think it’s like that at all. CM Punk prides himself on that World Title and Edge trusts Punk’s integrity enough to ensure that nothing gets taken away from the sanctity of the KWF Championship. I don’t think this is a risky move by the GM at all, in fact I’m looking forward to seeing some excellent matches and I can’t begin to predict who Punk will pick as his Survivor Series opponent.” Rey Mysterio waits in the ring, with Konnan at ringside. ♫Jack Evans’ music♫ «< click to play) hits and the audience rise to their feet for the arrival of one of KWF’s newest superstars. The comms tell that Rey Mysterio is due an X-Division Title match, but Edge has been making him wait to ensure that he is fully healed since his last injury. JR: “Mysterio is no longer a fan favorite, but this should prove a test of his will to succeed. Jack Evans is an up and coming young superstar. He knows that defeating Mysterio could lead to bigger and better things. Thank you for being with us ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for Turmoil’s opening match-up.”

Rey Mysterio w/ Konnan vs. Jack Evans

The bell rings and there is somewhat of a big fight feel as the comms discuss Mysterio and his career. Regal: “I remember a WCW Nitro event back in 1996 Jim. Rey Mysterio Junior was facing Dean Malenko for the Cruiserweight Championship. Back then Rey’s outfits were like they are now; full bodysuits with various tassles and designs on them. But they’re not so colourful anymore.” JR: “Oh no, absolutely not. Rey’s no longer a man of the people folks. Once Mysterio was a respected individual. A superstar that had revolutionalized cruiserweight wrestling. He’s a multiple-time Tag Team Champion, an Intercontinental Champion. He’s won the Royal Rumble against all odds and he’s been the WWE and World Heavyweight Champion. But he did all of this with the backing of so many fans worldwide. Nowadays Rey is a bitter man. He’s unapproachable and nobody likes him anymore.” Regal: “Jim all of what you say is true, but what’s he done in the KWF? Here’s where it matters and so far he’s been the KWF X-Division Champion only twice. To Rey, that’s not good enough and when these people cheered for other superstars such as Amazing Red, Daniel Bryan or Jay Lethal, Rey realized that people were moving on. He wasn’t as loved as he once was and so he turned his back on the fans before they could fully turn their backs on him. Mysterio still believes that he’s the best the cruiserweights have to offer. He’s not here to please anyone anymore. He’s here to win matches, win the X-Division Title and take that to the bank. Not only is Rey driven by the money, but I’m sure he’s going to take great pleasure in overcoming all these younger fan favorites who are trying to take his spotlight.” The contest so far has gone back and forth with Evans maintaining a high-octane, fast paced performance. Evans performs his cartwheel into a back-elbow in the corner. He decks Rey to ringside and then steps to the apron, turns around to spring backward off the middle rope and he backflips in mid-air for a double moonsault to land on Rey Mysterio! An incredible move and the audience love it! JR and Regal review numerous replays as the crowd chant ‘That Was Awe-some!’ *clap* *clap* *clap-clap-clap* ‘That Was Awe-some!’ *clap* *clap* *clap-clap-clap*

The fans can’t get enough of the action as Evans gets up and rolls Rey back in the ring for the Two-count. The contest goes on with Evans pulling off more incredible moves. JR: “That’s what’s going to take Jack Evans to the very top. He can ride the wave of his increasing number of fans and I’m sure he’ll be in the X-Division Title picture sooner rather than later.” Regal: “This kind of offense may also cost Mister Evans to break a neck Jim. This is where Rey is far superior to everyone in the X-Division including our Champion. Rey’s faced the biggest wrestlers in this industry and won. He’s faced the fastest and he’s had some of the most high-risk matches ever. But through all that, he has learned and that’s the important thing; Learning from your encounters, making them count in your favor going forward and using that experience to win every match in sight. Daniels is fantastic and God knows he’s an X-Division pioneer. But Mysterio truly has gone from the smallest stages of Mexico to the biggest here in the KWF. Look at him, he’s putting on a clinic now!” JR argues that this isn’t a ‘clinic’ we have come to know and love about Rey, this is a clinic in terms of keeping your opponent grounded and making sure he cannot get any momentum going. Regal: “The most predictable thing about most X-Division superstars is that they want to run Jim. They want to have the fast-paced matches and they want the approval of the fans. Not Rey, Rey’s got a habit and that habit is to win. He doesn’t have to please anyone while doing it and that’s what I like about KWF’s Rey Mysterio, he’s taking every victory and he doesn’t care if he costs people their careers in the process.” JR: “So you think this is a good thing? A bow and arrow submission, throwing Evans into the ring-post, hurting his opponent?” Regal: “Yes it’s good Jim, because not only will it win him the match, but it sends a message to Evans that he’s a boy in a man’s world. Evans won’t be crossing Rey again any time soon I can tell you that.” And with that, after keeping Evans grounded for so long, Mysterio goes to the top turnbuckle, dives off for a splash and gains the Three-count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio.

Rey’s music♫ «< click to play) hits and Konnan comes into the ring to pick Evans up and dump him to ringside. The crowd boo Konnan’s actions and he mouths off toward them, raising Rey’s hand as the comms review replays and Regal finishes: “God I love it when I’m right.”

We come to a commercial package outlining the competition that occurred this past Sunday at KWF’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. It was a ruckus crowd in Phoenix and the audience enjoyed perhaps one of the greatest Bound For Glory events ever. We saw The Dudley Boyz defend their KWF Tag Team Championships. Christopher Daniels took on the challenge of Sin Cara for the X-Division Title. Cody Rhodes challenged Sheamus for the Hardcore Gold. Queen Kaitlyn put up her crown and her Title against Madison Rayne. Mr. Anderson put up his Intercontinental Title against Christian Cage. We witnessed the return of rebel band Why So Serious and in the main event we saw an incredible encounter that will forever be etched in our memories as CM Punk defended the KWF World Heavyweight Championship against the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe! To take all this in, read the full show HERE and be sure to tell the world about KWF Bound For Glory!

At ringside JR and William Regal go over their favorite parts of Bound For Glory. JR: “The main event has been talked about worldwide William, but I must say that I was especially impressed with Sheamus and his performance in defending the Hardcore Title. When he drilled Cody Rhodes with White Noise through all those set steel chairs, he could have paralyzed the man and hurt himself in the process.” Regal: “That’s what Hardcore wrestling’s all about Jim. I tell you, WWE are currently doing a Sheamus versus Big Show rivalry and we had that on KWF Blogs back at Casino Warfare where their rivalry came to a halt via a Stretcher match. I agree with you, Cody was a challenge coming from left field at Bound For Glory. He was unknown in Hardcore and Sheamus was forced to bring his A-game. He brought it ten-fold and I tip your hat to him, he’s an exceptional Hardcore Champion and I don’t know who’s going to defeat him.”

We go backstage where Jeremy Borash is standing by waiting to interview the reigning year-long KWF World Tag Team Champions, The Dudleys. JB: “Bubba, Devon, congratulations on retaining your Titles this past Sunday versus The Usos, but I have to ask you, what were you guys thinking when you put Tamina through that table?” Bubba: “Shut up moron! Why are you asking us questions that you already know the answer to?! More importantly, that Edge already knows the answer to!” Devon, toward the camera: “That’s right Bubba. Edge! You brought’m back didn’t ya? You brought back Why So Serious to the Keystone Wrestling Federation. What happened? Tamina went through a table. Queen Kaitlyn, she laid down for a loss in a pay-per-view match. LAX and Randy Orton interfered in matches that were none of their concern and oh yeah, Chris Jericho, a man who’s due a World Title rematch hasn’t come back yet because he’s taking time off. Your show is a shambles Edge, it’s all chaos and no order and it all started when you sent Panther out to bring back that circus side-show, Why So Serious! Ha, you want to punish us GM huh? Well because we’re Champions, all you can do is fine us for our actions this past Sunday.” Bubba, toward the camera: “One year. An entire year we’ve been Tag Title holders and Edge you made it personal, you decided you didn’t like us as Champs because we still have our careers and all you have is a pathetic little Skybox! Well we got a message for you and your new recruits…” just then, the camera-man moves backward and across the interview scene comes Harley Quinn. She’s holding one end of a table and holding the other end is Kelly Kelly. JB wonders what’s going on and we watch as Harley (Christy Hemme) and Kelly set the table up. Bubba and Devon watch as they then sit on the table and Harley suggests that The Dudleys try and put her and Kelly through the table. Harley: “Haha, come on boys, it’s not that tough a job. Don’t you like us? Wouldn’t you want to put two girls through one table? Come on.” JB walks away in a panic: “I’m getting’ outta here.” While Bubba and Devon see these two hot Chicks sitting on a table inviting them to put them through. Suddenly though, Gambit is to the left of the scene. He stands against a wall and plays with a deck of playing cards. Bubba points a finger at him: “What are you doing here?!” Gambit casually stands there and says: “Who, me? Nothing homme. These ladies be offering you a chance. A gesture of good will. Take it, won’t you?” Bubba and Devon just watch as Gambit stays leaning against the wall and Harley and Kelly sit on the table, swinging their legs like two schoolgirls at a playground. Devon sets to walk toward them, but Bubba holds him back: “No. This is isn’t going down like this, it’s too easy. (To Gambit) We know this is a trap Cajun! Where’s Joker huh? Where’s the monster Abyss?!” Gambit doesn’t respond and Devon then pulls Bubba away and guides him away from the scene. Devon finishes: “We’ll see you and your clown friend at Survivor Series! The lot of you stay away from us until then, ya bunch of freaks.” Bubba and Devon exit the scene as Kelly Kelly steps off the table and walks toward her man Gambit.

Elsewhere in the arena we watch as Mr. Anderson storms into the Skybox of the General Manager. “Edge, I’ve been looking for…” Anderson looks to see that the man who he’s been looking for is right there, Randy Orton. Anderson: “You!” He sets to run toward Orton, but Edge holds him back and pushes him away. “Calm down, calm down! Retain yourself Ken, hold on just a second!” Anderson: “What the hell is he doing here?! (To Orton) You got some nerve you little b*tch, you wanna cost me my Intercontinental Title huh?!” Edge: “Hold on Ken, please, Randy’s explained everything to me.” Anderson: “Explained?! Explain this!” Anderson again sets to go at Orton, but Edge holds him back. Edge yells: “He’s done it to make sure he gets Cage. That’s all this is about!” Anderson stops trying to get at Orton. Orton finally speaks up: “Ken, I understand your frustrations, but you have to understand that this wasn’t anything personal. I made clear to Edge that I didn’t want my Intercontinental Title shot until Cage won the Title back because I wanted retribution against him for what he did to me back in the summer. It’s nothing against you, in fact, take it as a compliment.” Anderson: “Compliment? D’you want a thumb to your eye, would that be a compliment for ya?!” Orton: “Look Ken, my angle is clear on this and I didn’t feel Cage was going to defeat you so I took it upon myself to make sure that he’s the IC Champ so that I can be the one who defeats him for the Belt at Survivor Series.” Anderson: “Ohhh wait wait wait, I get it. I beat you. That’s right, on Turmoil going into Casino Warfare, I beat you to become number one contender to the Intercontinental Belt. You went on to win the IC Feast or Fired briefcase, but you knew that you couldn’t defeat me. That’s right? I’m right aren’t I?! (To Edge) You know this is wrong right? He shows up at Bound For Glory, costs me the match and now he’s the one going to Survivor Series?! You can’t tell me you agree with him?!” Edge: “No Ken, I don’t agree with him and Randy while I’ve heard you out, it doesn’t sit well with me what you did. Therefore, you will get your Intercontinental Title match at Survivor Series, but you’ve screwed yourself slightly in the process. You won’t be facing just Christian because Ken Anderson will be in the match as well. It’s going to be a Triple Threat match and it will be winner take all.” Anderson: “Yes! Haha, that’s the best decision you’ve ever made, ha! You like that Randy? You like that huh? You got Christian as Champion, but now you got me to deal with as well!” Orton complains to Edge, stating that he thought Edge understood, but Edge declares that he should have thought twice before screwing up his BFG Intercontinental Title match. Edge then tells Orton that he has to go get ready because as further punishment for screwing the IC Title match up, tonight, Orton faces the Big Show! The Viper isn’t too happy and he gives a fitting Apex Predator like glare toward Mr. Anderson. He storms out of the Skybox. Anderson says that he wants some action as well. He says he has a lot of steam to burn off, but Edge says he can save it. “Ken, go home.” The comms summarize, JR: “Anderson isn’t happy. He wants a match, but Edge has basically told him to go cool off. A smart move by our GM. Ken can save that anger for Survivor Series now.” Regal: “Indeed, but I do think this is harsh on Orton Jim. First he has to give up his one-on-one Intercontinental Title shot for a Triple Threat and now he has to face the Big Show?! Phew, that’s not a good night for The Viper.”

Layla w/ Wade Barrett vs. AJ Lee

We come back from commercials and Wednesday Night Turmoil returns with some Chick action. Layla and AJ Lee are both coming back from injuries and Wade Barrett’s at ringside with his fellow Brit, hoping she can pull off a victory for the British Invasion. Regal: “A lot was made of CM Punk’s losing streak this year Jim, but he went on to sort that out and now he’s the face of this company. I hope the British Invasion can follow suit, but since Wade Barrett’s return, he’s the only one that’s even won a match. The rest of the Brits keep losing.” JR: “Indeed, but what I find interesting William is that Wade is playing this whole situation very differently than what he would have as leader of WWE’s old Nexus faction or even the World Elite here in KWF Blogs. He’s been doing gym-work with his group, drilling them with training and then watching their progress from ringside. The old Barrett would be hands on, getting involved in matches and cheating to win.” Regal: “That’s not what a Brit does though Jim. There’s a certain etiquette that Wade wants to show as a leader and he’s not in charge of a bunch of rookies or a multi-cultural organization. He’s in charge of Brits and as a British group, he wants them to be able to be tough to beat. He wants them to be able to handle themselves in any encounter. They have to work well on their own before they can do so as a team and I commend Mister Barrett with his patience. Wrestling’s a very demanding business and Wade knows he has the number 30 spot at the Royal Rumble in his back pocket. For the long term, I think he’s training his faction to ensure that Wade wins the Royal Rumble match.” JR: “I understand where you’re coming from with this viewpoint William, but if you’re trying to tell our fans that Brits don’t cheat, I think there’s more chance of barbecue sauce coming out of my nose than that statement being true.”

The contest at hand goes back and forth, which confirms that Layla and AJ are both back to full fitness. The comms discuss how it was The Dudleys that put Layla out, powerbombing her through a table over a month ago. JR: “They were fined for that and fined for putting Tamina through a table this past Sunday.” Regal: “Yes and for the actions against Layla I’m sure The Dudleys will get their comeuppance in due course.” We’re reminded that AJ had a bad shoulder injury put upon her by Madison Rayne. This led to Madison winning the Women’s Title and since then she has lost and regained the Championship against AJ’s best friend, Kaitlyn. JR: “AJ was making a big deal about the Women’s Championship this past Sunday at Bound For Glory. I wonder what she’s thinking, knowing now that Kaitlyn laid down to the very Chick who injured her.” Regal: “That’s a good question JR. But more importantly, I’m wondering whether I prefer pancakes or profiteroles.” JR: “I’m sorry?” Regal: “Err, never mind. Move on.” We watch as Barrett applauds Layla’s time on top throughout the match, but AJ’s a spitfire and although Layla does well, Lee throws her against the ropes and runs against the far ropes herself to come back and whisk Layla under for a swift running hurracanrana. Lee then gets off Layla’s shoulders, runs against the ropes and comes back to level her opponent with a Shining Wizard and she covers, gets One, gets Two and get the Three. JR: “Wow, what an impressive sequence of moves! An emphatic victory for AJ Lee!”

Winner: AJ Lee.

Wade Barrett shakes his head as ♫AJ’s music♫ «< click to play) hits. The referee raises her hand as the comms review replays of the finish and Regal says that he could see Wade Barrett perhaps reaching in to trip AJ when she went against the ropes. “He must have thought about it, I’m sure. But this is again another loss for the Brits Jim. I don’t know how Barrett’s going to sort them out.” JR: “Well Mister Regal you mentioned patience and that’s exactly what it’s going to take.” AJ celebrates up the ramp while Wade helps Layla up.

We catch up with JB backstage and he’s managed to get a hold of Homicide and Hernandez. “LAX, I thank you for your time. I understand that you are willing to explain your actions as per this past Sunday where you cost Sin Cara a possible victory for the X-Division Title.” Homicide: “Explain? Yeah we’ll explain this, we’ll explain it to the world and we’ll especially explain it to you Edge. You see this ain’t nothin’ but a real thing and the fact is that every Mexicano, every Latino seems to get put on the shelf here in da KWF.” Hernandez: “What my partner’s trying to say is that we never got what The Usos got. They ‘work’ themselves to a Tag Title shot, but what about ours? Usos got The Dudleys in a straight up Tag match for dem Belts, but we never did. Edge would rather bring back Why So Serious than give us a straight chance? It’s bullsh*t and we ain’t gonna take it no more. We got overlooked, we got tossed aside and so we took it upon ourselves to continue the trend. All Latinos get screwed. Sin Cara, you’re a victim of circumstance homie!” Hernandez whistles and backs off out of the picture. Homicide exits shouting in Spanish and yelling “5150 bbrrrr-aa!”

We enter the Kingdom of Dolph Ziggler. It is a vastly different place to the one we are used to. There is no Kaitlyn, no Angelina Love and no Velvet Sky. There is only Madison Rayne, sitting in front of a mirror brushing her hair with her tiara and Women’s Title placed on the table in front of her. We see in the background that Kind Dolph is slumped on his throne, almost looking as if he’s sulking after losing three Queens in one night at Bound For Glory. Madison: “Now now Dolph, there’s no need to pout. Those girls were never Queen material. Now, not only do you have the Queen Bee to rule alongside you at the top of the KWF, but your Queen is the Women’s Champion, the legitimate Women’s Champion. Not some bimbo who got lucky like Kaitlyn.” Dolph does not look any more comforted. He barks: “I won her fair and square, and now thanks to you, not only did I lose Kaitlyn, but The Beautiful People as well. I had a good thing going and your little scheme messed it all up.” Madison: “Listen, you don’t need them. Kaitlyn just wants to play childish games with Panther, and Velvet and Angelina just want to put on make-up and compliment themselves. I am all about business, which is why I have this Title and this tiara. Together we can dominate the KWF as a Royal power couple.” Dolph seems to be buying into her words now. “You’re right. And tonight, I face AJ Styles in his home state, a perfect chance to embarrass him and to show the world that I am not simply the King by name. I earned this Crown, and Queen Madison, it would be an honor if you would accompany me to the ring to oversee my victory.” Madison smiles and nods: “See, that’s better… It is my royal duty to support my King in public appearances. I just hope my presence doesn’t distract AJ.” Dolph (sarcastically): “Yes, what a shame that would be.” He heads off to the back to get ready, and we hear a knock on the door. Outside, we see that The Beautiful People are standing there. Madison slides open the eye hole in the door. “Who goes there?” Velvet: “It’s us Madison, let us in.” Madison: “No.” Angelina: “Listen here you little tramp! Who do you think you are expelling us from the Kingdom, that’s not your decision to make, let us in right now!” Madison doesn’t say anything. Velvet: “Hello?! Where did you go?!” Angelina begins banging on the door again. Madison’s back now: “Be quiet! I explained on Sunday girls. It’s all there in black and white. After beating Kaitlyn, I am now the one and only Queen of the KWF. Read it and weep!” She shoves a copy of the BFG Women’s Title contract through the hole, before slamming it shut. Angelina reads it. “Damn it, she’s right.” Velvet: “Well you know what, we don’t need her, and we don’t need Dolph. We’re pretty enough to get by in the KWF. Let’s just concentrate on taking that Title from that little b*tch, and hurt her in the best way possible.” They both smile, until they hear a noise. It sounds like growling. They look down, and see Hornswoggle, who is indeed growling at them like a dog. Angelina and Velvet look at each other unimpressed, until Hornswoggle begins to bark loudly, which causes them panic and they run off down the hall. JR: “Hornswoggle clearly hasn’t forgiven The Beautiful People for the way they treated Kaitlyn.” Regal: “They’re right to run. His bite’s worse than his bark. Believe me I know, the little rascal.”

Well it’s the Big Show!♫ «< click to play).  The World’s Largest Athlete heads down to the ring as we get ready for our next match. JR: “Randy Orton only has himself to blame for being put in this predicament. Earlier on tonight, Edge declared that, as is standard punishment when someone gets needlessly involved in a Title match and affects the result, The Viper would have to compete here tonight.” Regal: “And given the opponent he has chosen, Randy must have peed Edge off quite a bit when he aided Christian in his victory at Bound For Glory.” JR reminds us that Orton explained earlier on that he helped Christian win so that he could face him at Survivor Series and get revenge for the way the Canadian beat him for the Intercontinental Title several months ago, rather than due to any allegiance. However, it backfired on Randy when Edge announced that the bout at Survivor Series will also feature Mr. Anderson and be under Triple Threat rules.

Big Show vs. Randy Orton

The bell sounds and we’re underway. Orton recognizes early on that locking up will not help him in his situation, and so he tries to pick off Show with shots. He aims kicks at the legs, but Show is able to swat them away. Orton then goes for a right hook, but Show blocks it, grabbing his arm in the process. He grins sadistically at the Viper, before using his other arm to club him down. This leads to the big man dominating the early goings, slowly working Orton over with shots and slams, wearing him down. This includes an elbow to the head, a head-butt, and some open-palm slaps across the chest, causing Orton’s torso to turn bright red and the fans in Atlanta to wince as one. Show is enjoying himself, as Regal states “This is probably what Edge was hoping for. Lesson learned to anyone thinking about disrupting Title matches again.” JR: “I don’t think Edge wants Orton to get beaten up, he just wants to give him a huge challenge, and he’s certainly done that.” Show backs up and runs up to try and squash Orton in the corner. However, Randy moves, sending Show crashing into the turnbuckles. The giant stumbles out of the corner, and Orton hits him with a couple of clotheslines, but cannot knock him off his feet. He comes off the ropes and goes for a further shot, but Show winds up a big clothesline of his own. Orton ducks it, before hitting a standing dropkick, finally sending Show down. He rolls to the outside as the fans cheer and we head into commercials.

When we return, Orton is working Show over on the outside, and after a few right hands, another clothesline sends him crashing down onto the ramp. Orton looks out to the crowd, who, despite his actions on Sunday, are still cheering him. He looks down on Show, before leaping in the air and attempting a knee to the head. However, Show moves and Orton drives his knee into the steel of the ramp. This turns the tide again as Show picks his opponent up, before launching him back first into the apron. Orton cries out in pain, as Show begins to methodically pick him off again. The referee’s count forces the action back into the ring, and Show performs a cocky one armed cover, which Orton kicks out from. The match goes on with Show dominating, as JR reminds us of the imperious form he showed while Hardcore Champion, before he was bested by Sheamus. “The destructive nature of the Big Show means that he doesn’t even need weapons to break a body.” Regal: “And of course he has the greatest weapon of all there, quite literally in his hand, the WMD.” After a sidewalk slam and kick out, Show decides it’s time to break out the Knockout Punch. He awaits Orton’s rise, before yelling out and swinging. However, Orton moves and avoids it, before *BAM!* laying the 7ft giant out with an RKO! He crawls across and covers, and despite not having the energy to hook the massive leg, Orton gets the Three-count.

Winner: Randy Orton.

Orton just about manages to get to his feet, and has his arm raised by the referee. The fans cheer as his ♫music♫ «< click to play) plays, and JR commends his victory. “What a way to win by Randy Orton. He was on the back foot for most of that match-up, but when it mattered, he nailed the RKO, and the three count was his. Big win in more ways than one.” Regal: “Indeed and if you consider that Big Show is two regular people put into one, Orton’s going to take great confidence from this as he takes on two superstars for the KWF Intercontinental Title at Survivor Series. What a match that’s going to be!” We fade to commercials.

When we return, we’re up in Edge’s Skybox and he welcomes in Jeremy Borash. Edge tells him that he was very proud of the effort everyone put in at Bound For Glory and “despite the numerous underhanded things that occurred, I was especially pleased with Punk against Joe in the main event. It was a dream match, a spectacle for a grand stage and I’m glad nobody interfered or nothing happened to ruin that one.” As JB sets to ask a question, there’s a knock at Edge’s door. Kazarian comes in and apologizes for intruding. Edge: “It’s okay, how can I help you man?” Kazarian reveals that he wasn’t happy to see someone using his own move this past Sunday at Bound For Glory. He says: “The X-Division’s the toughest place to get recognized. It’s a lot of hard work and unless you keep winning or unless you keep entertaining the fans, you don’t tend to get anywhere. I haven’t been involved in the Title picture for a while, but really that’s not what this is about. I’m not happy that someone can take my move and pass it off as their own. I’ve worked my butt off get so far in this business and Sin Cara using my Flux Capacitor this past Sunday, man, he nearly won the Title because of it and that’s my move.” Kaz says that he wants to face Sin Cara, asking Edge for an opportunity to be put back into the spotlight. Edge says that he knows what it feels like when someone steals his moves, referring to Christian Cage’s flagrant use of the Edgecator. He says that he respects Kaz for coming to him and “you can have your match with him kid. He’s not here tonight, that border toss on Sunday sent him right back to Mexico. But next week, Kazarian versus Sin Cara, you got it dude.” Kaz thanks Edge and exits. Edge then tells JB that he has two further announcements concerning next Wednesday night’s Turmoil. (Toward the camera): “It’s Halloween that night JB, so expect some ghosts and ghouls as we will have a Halloween party right here on Turmoil. The fans are welcome to dress up and so is the KWF staff – although some of our roster are already Halloween material. Secondly, to address LAX, it wasn’t cool what they did to Sin Cara, but they want to get an opportunity, they want spotlight, so how’s this; Homicide, Hernandez, next week – in Raleigh, North Carolina on KWF’s Halloween Special, you two will go into a tag team match against… Gambit and Jeff ‘The Joker’ Hardy!” The crowd cheer and chant in the background and we go to commercials.

We head backstage where happily reunited couple Panther and Kaitlyn are messing around, trying to dress Hornswoggle up like a dog. Kaitlyn: “Now we just need a collar with a little bell.” Panther: “Uh oh, best make it a flea collar.” Hornswoggle is itching his beard. All of a sudden, AJ Styles walks onto the scene. There is a cheer from the crowd as he and Panther bump fists. Styles asks Kaitlyn the question on everyone’s lips: “Why on earth did you do what you did at Bound For Glory? Laying down in the middle of the ring, voluntarily giving your Title to Madison Rayne?” Kaitlyn smirks: “Yeah, I know it was a bit weird, especially given how much I’d been talking about wanting to prove myself and retain the Belt. But, it was all part of an elaborate plan. Everyone could see how miserable I was being part of the Kingdom under Dolph and The Beautiful People.” Styles: “But you were still Champion.” Kaitlyn: “Sure I was Champion, but I didn’t really feel like I’d earned it. I needed to get out from Dolph’s grasp, and that’s where this dude came in (pointing to Panther).” Panther: “After I lost to Ziggles at Sovereignty, Edge sent me on ‘Operation Find Gambit’, as you know. But I never stopped plotting, trying to figure out a way to get her back and away from King Noodle Head. Anyway, after reporting back to Edge on Gambit matters, our former Thundercat leader was too busy to help me with matters concerning Kaitlyn. So I called Gambit, he called Madison and a meeting was set up between Madison and me. She was babbled on about wanting to win the Women’s Title, and I was babbling on about Kaitlyn, so we concocted a little scheme so that we could both get what we wanted. I sent this little pup (Hornswoggle) off with a note to let the Queen in on it, and it was all agreed.” Kaitlyn: “Madison would challenge me for my Women’s Title, and demand that the Queen-ship be put on the line as well, and that Angelina and Velvet were banned from ringside. I agreed on the pretence that I wanted to show that I could defend the Belt on my own, but really it was the only way to get something in a written contract saying that I would no longer be under Dolph’s court if I lost. And it turns out that Madison is slightly power-crazy, and really wanted to be the Queen herself. Can’t say I like her too much, but I must say, Madison relieving Love and Sky of their royal duties was fun to watch.” AJ then asks her about the Title, to which Kaitlyn replies that she wants to be Champion as much as the next Chick, but that she wants to win it legitimately. “That Title reign meant nothing because it was false. Now that I’m free from Dolph, I’m just glad to be able to breathe again. Do I want a Title shot? Am I hungry for Gold? Who’s not right? I’ll go after it, I’ll compete, but it’ll be on my own merit. Not as a lapdog for any King and not as a slave to The Beautiful People.” AJ says he understands, and congratulates Panther and Kaitlyn on a successful escape plan. Panther: “You got Dolph tonight right? Make sure you give him an extra hard Pele from us.” AJ laughs and promises he will. “It’s great to be back in Georgia, and I’m gonna put on one hell of a show out there. By the end, CM Punk is gonna be in no doubt that at Survivor Series, he should be facing The Phenomenal AJ Styles.” He and Panther do the old Thundercat sign, before the cat and Kaitlyn wish Styles luck and he exits. Panther turns to the former Queen and asks what she wants to do for the rest of the night. She looks seductively at him, and he thinks for a moment, before suggesting “A-Team marathon?” Kaitlyn: “Ooooh yeah.” They hi-five and exit.

We see shots of various sports such as basketball, football, soccer and ice hockey, showing teams working together and triumphing. A voiceover comes on. “In life, many people work better as a team. Working together with one goal in mind… to win!” The scene fades into wrestling, as we are now treated to shots from great Survivor Series gone by, such as Andre the Giant being the Sole Survivor at the very first event in 1987, Hogan and Warrior in 1990, and Randy Orton in 2005. “But some, prefer to be individuals.” We then see the debut of The UnderTaker, with Roddy Piper’s famous “Look at the size-a-that!” line, followed by the infamous Montreal screwjob on 1997 between HBK and Bret Hart, and finally the KWF screwjob of last year as Hulk Hogan dropped the Big Leg on Stone Cold Steve Austin and Unleashed Hell. “At the 26th Annual Survivor Series, you must trust no-one!” We then see the faces of several KWF roster members, including AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, The Dudleys, Randy Orton, CM Punk, and finally General Manager Edge, before the words fly into the screen. KWF Survivor Series – Sunday 18th November 2012.

JR: “What a show that promises to be in three and a half weeks time. I love Survivor Series, but let’s just pray we don’t get any surprises like we did last year.” Regal: “If it wasn’t for those surprises Jim, we wouldn’t have jobs.” JR: “Speak for yourself, I still got my barbecue sauce.” ♫The Royal theme of King Dolph♫ «< click to play) hits and he makes his way to the ring accompanied by Queen Madison. He is roundly booed, as Madison tries to protect her King by telling the fans in Atlanta to “Shut the hell up and show some respect!” He awaits his opponent, and the roof is nearly blown off the place as we hear Get ready to fly! «< click to play).

King Dolph w/ Queen Madison vs. AJ Styles

We see that during the commercial before these two combatants came out, CM Punk came down to the ring and has take a front row seat. JR: “He said he’d scout tonight and here he is. Looking to see if King Dolph or The Phenomenal One has what it takes to face him at Survivor Series.” Regal: “Well, as I understand it, Punk can choose anyone as his Survivor Series opponent, so I’m guessing he’s been watching tonight’s events as they’ve gone by. He has a special interest in this match though. He wants a really close look at the King and Mister Styles it seems.” The bell rings and we’re underway. They lock up, and quickly exchange arm drags, leaving AJ happier than Dolph, who claims to the referee that Styles had a handful of hair. However, this allows Styles to roll him up, getting an early Two-count. An enraged Dolph runs at AJ, but misses with the clothesline attempt, and gets a massive standing dropkick to the face which sends him through the ropes and to the outside. The fans cheer as Madison goes over to check on her King. AJ throws his arms out to the fans who chant for him as we head into our final commercial break of the evening.

When we return, King Dolph has somehow managed to get on top, and has Styles in a side headlock. JR shows us via split-screen how AJ wanted to spring over the top rope and on top of him, but Dolph pulled Madison in the way, which stopped Styles in his tracks before he could leap. Dolph then reached in and tripped his opponent, before pulling him to the outside and throwing him into the steel steps. JR: “A disgusting display from the King of the Ring, but Madison doesn’t seem to mind. She was laughing and urging Dolph to get AJ.” Regal: “A necessary move by Dolph. He knew Styles wouldn’t jump on top of a woman. He saves that for the after parties, ha ha.” JR: “Will you stop it? He’s a happily married man.” Regal: “I wonder what that’s like.” Styles is able to use a headscissors to get out of the hold, before applying an armlock, but Dolph falls onto his back, before kipping up and reversing the hold. However, so impressed is the King with himself that he lets go and starts strutting around the ring. AJ has a puzzled look as Dolph shows off, before flicking his hair. Madison applauds, but is the only person in the Philips Arena doing so. CM Punk is clearly unimpressed as he shakes his head. Styles is even less impressed, as he tells Dolph to wrestle. The match continues in the same way, with both men pulling off some impressive moves, but every time Dolph manages something, he struts around almost like Ric Flair. JR: “I know he’s the King, but does he realize the damage he’s doing to his chances of winning with these shenanigans? There’s a potential World Title shot on the line here.” Regal: “Don’t you remember Jim? Dolph said after he won KOTR that he wasn’t interested in a World Title shot because being King was the biggest prize in the business. He’s just using this match to showcase his undoubted talent.” JR: “That’s Dolph Ziggler copping in my view. The World Championship is the highest, most coveted prize in this industry and as an old friend of mine used to say; if you’re not here to be the World Champion, then there’s the door, you shouldn’t be here at all. King Dolph’s as arrogant as they come, but there is no doubting his talent and I do believe that In Dolph’s heart of hearts, if he got a Title opportunity, oh he’d take it, he’d have to; it’s the KWF Title!”

Dolph is on top again and hits a series of elbow drops, as well as a twisting neckbreaker, and a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker, picking up a couple of near falls in the process. He tries to end things by applying a Sleeper Hold. AJ is struggling and starts to fade. We can see the arms drooping as Ziggler has the hold on tight. Dolph orders the referee to check him. He raises the arm once, it drops, he raises it again, it drops again, he raises it a third and final time, but on this occasion AJ has the strength to hold it up. The fans cheer him on, as he hits elbows to the side of Dolph’s head, forcing him to let go, then as soon as he does, *BAM!* Pele! Both men are down, as AJ rolls towards the apron. He uses the ropes to get up, and bides his time as he sees Dolph rise. Madison holds onto AJ’s boot, but she soon lets go when she sees CM Punk get up from his seat. Regal: “Hey! Blatant favoritism! Why is Punk getting involved?” JR: “Why is Madison getting involved? Punk just wants to see a fair match like the rest of us.” Now that his foot is free, Styles is able to leap off the top rope and nail Ziggler with a flying forearm smash. He covers, but Dolph kicks out at two. He gets up and picks Dolph up with him, before attempting a suplex. However, Dolph blocks, and turns it into a suplex of his own. He lifts AJ up and appears to either be struggling, or going for a delayed vertical suplex. It seems to have been the former as AJ comes back down again, bringing Dolph’s head with him and laying him out with a DDT! The crowd go nuts as AJ climbs to the top rope, before a spectacular Spiral Tap squashes the King and Styles hooks both legs, getting One, getting Two and getting Three!

Winner: AJ Styles.

AJ Styles’ music♫ «< click to play) hits and the fans rise as one as the Phenomenal One picks up a big victory. JR: “What a great match-up that was, and if CM Punk wants another match at Survivor Series like the one he had at Bound For Glory with Samoa Joe, then in all honesty, both these men showed their credentials and more for that sought after spot in the KWF Title match.” Punk applauds as he heads back up the ramp, clearly impressed by what he saw. Regal: “We have an array of stars in this company, and these are just two of them. CM Punk has a lot more to see before he has to make his decision. But you’re right Mister Ross, very good display by both men.” JR: “What a fitting way to end the night, with the Phenomenal AJ Styles winning in his home state. We hope you’ve enjoyed our post-PPV Turmoil folks. Join us next week for more KWF action in our Halloween Special! Goodnight from Atlanta!” We fade out as Madison checks on Dolph, AJ Styles celebrates on the turnbuckles, and CM Punk applauds from the stage.

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