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KWF WrestleMania: 31st March 2013 – MetLife Stadium. East Rutherford, NJ.


We come in via a Live panning shot of the audience here in the MetLife Stadium. We hear Justin Roberts’ voice: “Ladies and gentlemen, Mister Phillip Phillips.” The crowd holler and applaud as they stand as one and we zoom in on American Idol season 11 winner Phillip Phillips on the WrestleMania stage. He performs an acoustic guitar version of the ♫United States National Anthem♫ «< click to listen) and as he finishes we watch as five jets fly over the stadium pouring colored smoke, the same colors of the United States flag. Mr. Phillips stands to take in the round of applause and we hear William Regal and Hall of Famer Jim Ross on commentary. Regal: “This guy’s like a male version of Enrique Iglesias.” JR chuckles. The crowd are excited and there’s an atmosphere of anticipation as we get set for KWF’s last ever show.


We fade into WrestleMania’s opening video, a montage of the memories collected through KWF Blogs during its tenure and we’re reminded of the musical acts that have been a part of the product as well. We see original superstars, characters taken from Marvel and DC and we take in the glamour of KWF Chicks, the risks of the X-Division and the glory of the selection of KWF Champions. We then come to an updated reminder of how we got to the main event of Mania today and we see that it all began with AJ Styles defeating CM Punk for the KWF World Title at Survivor Series 2012. AJ has since held the Belt, defending successfully against Punk, Brock Lesnar and Wade Barrett before finally making here to Mania. Finally…

We hear “Finally, The Rock has come back…” as we see John Cena win the Royal Rumble, CM Punk overcome all odds to win the SuperBrawl Elimination Chamber and we hear the voice of The Rock spouting the term “Generations.” So tonight, on March 31st 2013 the Keystone Wrestling Federation brings to you our final show and we celebrate by putting forth a culmination featuring our very best superstars building up to our most star-studded main event ever. It’s The Rock representing the WWF. John Cena representing WWE. CM Punk representing Ring of Honor and TNA is represented by AJ Styles, The Phenomenal One, our reigning KWF Heavyweight Champion of the World.

We come back into a very loud MetLife Stadium and every single fan is on their feet as the pyro’s rain over the entire stadium. An incredibly long, loud and bright pyrotechnic display lights up the New Jersey sky, and once it’s finally over the camera pans across the tens of thousands in attendance. Good Ol’ JR, Jim Ross excitedly brings us in. “Welcome everyone to East Rutherford, New Jersey! Welcome everyone to MetLife Stadium! Welcome everyone to the final night and the final show in the three and a half year journey that has been the Keystone Wrestling Federation! Welcome everyone to KWF WrestleMania!!!” He introduces himself and his broadcast colleague William Regal, and asks the Brit for his thoughts now that we have finally arrived at the last ever KWF show. Regal: “Thank you Jim. It is with great sadness, but equally great excitement that I sit beside you here tonight for the very last time to call what may be the greatest pay-per-view either of us has ever seen.” JR: “Indeed it may well be William. Our General Manager Edge was determined that if we were going to go out, that it would be with the utmost style and excitement imaginable, and I can’t see any other outcome given the matches we have coming up.”

Regal reminds us that we are set to witness Randy Orton defend his Intercontinental Title against The Blueprint Matt Morgan to determine the greatest IC Champion of the modern era. Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar will face off in a rematch ten years in the making. Sheamus, Rob Van Dam and Samoa Joe will continue their brawl from Wednesday in a Hardcore Triple Threat match for the Hardcore Title. Kaitlyn will challenge her mortal enemy Angelina Love for the Women’s Championship. Panther will attempt to take the Crown from the head of King Dolph Ziggler in a ladder match. There will be an iconic Triple Threat TLC Tag Team match for the KWF Tag Team Titles as The Dudleys, Why So Serious and Champs Beer Money face off. Faction supremacy will be on the line as the British Invasion take on the Latin American eXchange in a five v five tag match. And, The UnderTaker may well be facing the biggest ever challenge to his fabled streak as he takes on his former apprentice and protégé, The Absolute Lashley. JR takes over: “And then, in our main event, what will be the last ever KWF match, a Fatal-4-Way to determine the last ever KWF World Heavyweight Champion. The Phenomenal AJ Styles will defend against Royal Rumble winner John Cena, Elimination Chamber winner CM Punk, and the People’s Champion, The Rock, in a match that has been built as one of generations. But that is for the end, we’re right at the very beginning folks, and what better way to kick things off than with this.”

JR motions to the ring, where the camera pans around to reveal the impressive ThunderCage structure. We hear Justin Roberts announce that this first bout is an X-Division ThunderCage match, “… and it is for the X-Division Championship! The rules are as follows. The competitors begin in the ring, and must eliminate their opponents by pinfall or submission. When two men remain they must climb up the cage, through the hole at the summit and claim the X-Division Belt. Whomever achieves this will become the new X-Division Champion! And finally, after winning a Battle Royal last Wednesday on Turmoil (click HERE to read our last ever Turmoil), Christopher Daniels can only be eliminated by the X-Division Champion Jack Evans.” With that, ♫Jack Evans’ music♫ «< click to play) hits and he makes his entrance to a huge pop from the crowd. JR: “What a perfect way to round off the KWF X-Division. It is full of incredibly talented young men, and none more so than this man Jack Evans. He has to be the favorite heading into this.” Regal: “Nonsense, Daniels is the favorite. He has immunity. All he has to do is make sure Evans gets eliminated and he’s guaranteed to make it to the final two!”


Jack Evans vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Kazarian vs. Evan Bourne vs. Amazing Red vs. Santino Marella vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Yoshi Tatsu vs. Sin Cara vs. Suicide vs. Low-ki vs. ‘Black Machismo’ Jay Lethal vs. Austin Aries vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Alex Shelley vs. Daniel Bryan Thundercage match for the X-Division Title

After every superstar has entered the Cage, the door is closed and the bell is rung. They all rush at one another and the carnage begins. As the match sorts itself out, JR reminds us that this is the second ThunderCage match in the KWF. “It was match that originated in WCW way back when, and was brought back under Panther’s suggestion by former GM Bret Hart at the very first KWF WrestleMania. Panther was X-Division Champion back then, and wanted to put on the greatest spectacle possible for the fans, which is exactly why Jack Evans has followed suit.” Regal: “Yeah, and what happened that night? Panther lost his Title to Kazarian. I’m telling you, Kaz’s knowledge of how to win this match will be a huge advantage to him and Daniels, who already has a huge advantage.” JR: “What makes you think Kaz will really help Daniels? It’s every man for himself.” Regal points out JR’s comment moments later when Kaz and Daniels team up to perform a double team move on Suicide, with Daniels getting the pin. Suicide is eliminated.

Regal: “Hmm, it was odd seeing Suicide, Daniels and Kaz in the ring at the same time don’t you think?” JR doesn’t answer and continues to call the action as Jay Lethal is hitting Austin Aries with chops, while Gabriel and Dutt are going at it in the corner. Gabriel flings Dutt across the ring with a headscissors, and the Indian clatters into Low-ki, who turns around and kicks him savagely in the head. He pins Dutt and manages to get the Three. Sonjay Dutt is eliminated. Amazing Red flies across the ring and clotheslines Bryan down, but soon gets dropkicked himself by Sin Cara. There’s superstars flying all over the place, and JR says this is exactly why the ThunderCage is the perfect way to show off the quality of the X-Division: “And whether you like the attitudes of a Daniels or an Austin Aries, it has to be said that the fans are going nuts for this one. Every member of our audience has one, two or three X-Division favorites and I’m glad that KWF concludes with this spectacle at WrestleMania.” Evan Bourne has taken down Kaz, which has separated him from Daniels, but the Fallen Angel is understandably aiming his attack at Evans. He lays the boot in, but Evans is able to fight free and starts hitting Daniels with kicks, before coming off the ropes and hitting a corkscrew kick to the face. Meanwhile, on the far side, Kaz reverses Bourne and rolls him up, getting Three. Evan Bourne is eliminated.


Kaz uses this chance to immediately join Daniels and help him get back on top against Evans. They hit a double suplex and Daniels eagerly covers, but Evans kicks out at Two. They continue to beat him down, and even try a double cover, but Evans is able to get his foot on the rope. Meanwhile, Lethal and Alex Shelley are having a high risk contest on the other side of the ring, with Lethal missing with an Elbow Drop, and Shelley climbing the cage, before dropping off to land a torpedo leg drop. He covers and gets Three. Jay Lethal is eliminated. Shelley has no time to celebrate as Bryan rolls him up, getting only two though. Santino is hitting Low-ki with punches, before ducking an attempted punch back and trying to hit the Cobra, but as he winds it up, he gets kicked in the head. Justin Gabriel seizes the moment and comes off the top rope with a 450-Splash, covering for Three. Santino Marella is eliminated.

Gabriel is also set upon straight away, by Low-ki, who grapples him to the ground and applies a front headlock to try and force a submission. Austin Aries sees this as an opportunity and grabs Low-ki, before applying Last Chancery. JR: “My God! He’s applied Last Chancery to Low-ki, who still has the headlock on Gabriel. It’s two submissions in one!” Regal: “And look. The pressure being applied by Aries is causing Low-ki to pull back harder on Gabriel. If this is on purpose from Aries, it’s genius!” It proves to be just that as Gabriel taps, soon followed by Low-ki. Justin Gabriel and Low-ki are eliminated. Evans is still being double teamed by Bad Influence, as Daniels slams him into the corner and Kaz follows up to hit a hard dropkick. He pins, but again Evans kicks out. We watch as Yoshi Tatsu and Sin Cara go at Kaz and Daniels. This breaks them up from Evans who gets a breather. Daniels and Yoshi go back and forth, but then we see Sin Cara getting the upper hand on Kaz.


JR: “These two have history. They fought toward the end of 2012 and Kaz cost Sin Cara the X-Division Title, twice.” Regal: “Yes, and the core of their rivalry was based around that thief Sin Cara using Kaz’s move, the Flux Capacitor.” JR: “Aww come on, Sin Cara was doing that move in Mexico for years before coming to the KWF.” Regal: “Exactly, so he should have arrived here, allowed Kaz to stake claim on it and that should have been the end. But, the guy doesn’t speak English, so when Kaz said ‘did you steal my move?’ Cara said ‘Si!’ haha.” Regal’s sentiments are followed by a successful Wave of the Future from Kaz and Sin Cara is eliminated. As Daniels gets away from Tatsu, Austin Aries takes over on him and rolls him up, getting Three by use of his tights. Yoshi Tatsu is eliminated. Daniels is getting more and more frustrated as he can’t eliminate Evans. He orders Kaz to perform Fade to Black. Kaz says Daniels should do BME, but Daniels says it’s too risky. “Fade to Black Kaz, come on, be a team player!” Kaz shakes his head and accuses Daniels of only looking out for himself. Daniels tries to calm the situation and says they’ll do one move then the other, but before they can, Shelley and Red nail both of them with hard kicks. Shelley backs Daniels into the corner, while Red hits Infra-Red on Kaz and hooks both legs, getting Three. Kazarian is eliminated.

JR: “We’re down to five now, and Bad Influence is no more. Frankie Kazarian has been eliminated, and now Daniels has to work alone.” The Fallen Angel is panicking, and tries to immediately strike up an understanding with Aries, who initially seems receptive, but as soon as Daniels turns his back, Aries grabs him and throws him into the side of the Cage. Alex Shelley is now trying to put away Jack Evans, but after attempting Sliced Bread 2, he is pushed off by Evans, who then springs back off the middle rope to hit a springboard spinning heel kick. Evans heads to the top rope quickly, before flying off to hit Shelley with the 630-Senton! He covers and gets Three. Alex Shelley is eliminated. The crowd go wild as Evans gets up to perform a couple of acrobatic front flips to celebrate his move. Regal: “Idiot. The match is still going on mate!” Amazing Red is really taking it to Daniels, while Aries has floored Bryan with a DDT. He doesn’t cover though, and just sits across the top rope in the corner watching on and resting. Evans goes across to try and take advantage of his slack attitude, but Daniels manages to push Red into Evans, causing a collision. Both men go down, and Daniels floors Red with Angel’s Wings. He makes sure by hitting BME and eliminates The Amazing One. Amazing Red is eliminated. The crowd boo as Daniels mouths off at Red, kick-rolling him toward the cage door. JR: “Amazing Red’s one of KWF’s most storied and most popular former X-Division Champions. Daniels sees this as a major coo to eliminate Red from this contest.”


Bryan is up again and goes straight back for Daniels, but is hit across the back by Aries. With Evans down, Aries and Daniels try to put away Bryan, and hit a double standing dropkick. Aries then picks Bryan up and goes for the Brainbuster, but as he’s about to, Evans recovers and hits a low dropkick to the knee of Aries, causing him to drop Bryan onto himself. He just manages to kick out of the resulting cover. Daniels attacks Evans again, and dumps him down with Angel’s Wings. He stands and looks down at Evans, before looking out to the crowd and holding his arms out in a cocky manner. They boo as JR says: “Big mistake. He should be covering, not posing.” Regal: “Oh let him enjoy the moment you big… oh no!” With that, Daniel Bryan has sneaked up behind and grabbed Daniels, taking him down with a LeBell Lock. The fans cheer as JR reminds us that Bryan was in an epic dream match with Kurt Angle this past Wednesday and just came up short, but he could well be on his way to victory here. However, Regal points out that even though Daniels is tapping out, he can only be eliminated by Jack Evans. Bryan realizes and lets go, before looking to Evans, then back at Daniels, before cracking Daniels across the back of the head with a hard kick. He then drags Evans across and drapes him over Daniels. The referee counts Three and Christopher Daniels is eliminated.

We’re down to three as Bryan, Evans and Aries circle one another. Evans looks confused as to what just happened, but doesn’t question it. He races over and tries to clobber Aries, as Daniel Bryan looks around the Cage, trying to plot his way up to the top if he survives one more elimination. Aries rakes the eyes of Evans and slams him into the side of the Cage, before getting a close Two-count. He then goes after Bryan, but gets blocked and hit with kicks. The fans chant “Yes!” with every kick, but eventually Aries blocks one, before tripping Bryan and trying to lock on an Anaconda Vise. However, Bryan is able to turn it into a LeBell Lock and pulls back on it. Aries is in real trouble, and reaches for the ropes. He is about to reach them, but Evans is back and dropkicks Aries in the face. He hits him so hard that he knocks him out. Bryan looks at him and says “Hey! How’s he supposed to tap out when he’s unconscious?!” He gets up and pushes Evans, who pushes back, and they’re soon firing shots at one another. Regal: “Morons. It hasn’t occurred to either one of them to pin him.” Evans sends Bryan against the ropes, but gets a flying clothesline when the Bearded Dragon returns. Bryan looks down at Evans, then up at the hole in the top of the Cage. He turns to look at Aries, but sees that the Greatest Man that Ever Lived has gotten to his feet. Aries boots Bryan in the stomach, before lifting him up and planting him with a Brainbuster! He hooks the leg and gets One, Two and Three! Daniel Bryan is eliminated.


Aries realizes that now is the moment, and seeing that Evans is struggling, he heads straight for the side of the cage. JR: “Jack Evans has been targeted as Champ throughout this entire match, but he’s made it to the final two. Does he have enough left to chase Aries down and win this match?” Aries begins to climb, and goes quickly as he starts to curve towards the top. He is practically upside down as Evans gets to his feet and sees that Aries is nearly there. He thinks fast and races up to the ropes, before leaping off the top rope and reaching up to grab Aries around the head, bringing him down and hitting a 15ft neckbreaker! “Oh my God! Did you see that!?!” Regal: “Goodness gracious me! That was unbelievable! He just soared through the air and brought him down with a neckbreaker from the heavens. I think both men might be out cold.” Neither man is moving, and the scenes look worrying. The referee on the outside is shouting at them to respond, but nothing. He motions his arms in an ‘X’ and EMT’s start racing to the ring. The Cage door is opened and they head in with mini stretchers. The doctors try to get a response from both men, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere. They set both stretchers up and both superstars are carefully lifted onto them. However, just as they are about to be lifted, Aries moves. He rolls off the stretcher and starts to crawl across the ring.

The EMT’s look on, and soon Evans is also crawling. They look to one another, and decide to exit, letting this match continue. JR: “I thought both of these men had broken their necks, but they want this so badly!” Regal: “Sixteen men Jim, sixteen X-Division athletes came into this and Evans and Aries are showing the might of all of them put together. This is incredible!” Aries and Evans start to climb, but a lot slower than Aries was before. They go up on separate sides of the Cage, and are soon both hanging upside down by the hole at the top. They release their feet and swing kicks at one another, both still clearly feeling the effects of a grueling match and a hellacious fall. Evans manages to swing his legs through the hole, but he’s not all the way through, and Aries pulls him down again. Aries hangs by one hand and aims a punch, but almost falls so grabs back onto the Cage. Evans tries to kick him, but Aries grabs his foot, before kicking the torso of Evans over and over again. An overhead camera shows what happens next and finally, one big kick causes Evans to fall. He crashes all the way down to the mat! Regal: “Like Mufasa dropping at the hands of Scar!” JR: “By God, a Disney reference!” Evans is down, he’s hurt and we watch as Aries uses one last boost of energy to pull himself through the hole and grab hold of the X-Division Title.

Winner and New KWF X-Division Champion: Austin Aries.

An absolutely exhausted Austin Aries stands atop the ThunderCage and holds the Title above his head. JR: “What an incredible match, and a fitting way to end the KWF’s X-Division. Jack Evans put up an immensely brave fight, but in the end he came up short. Huge credit must go to him, but I have to tip my hat to Austin Aries. He took a 15ft neckbreaker and still came back to win. Both of these men were set to be stretchered out of here, out of WrestleMania, but they both got back up and fought to a grueling finish.” Regal: “I echo all of that Jim. Great match, and Mr. Aries is a worthy Champion. He truly is the Greatest Man that Ever Lived. Well, in the X-Division anyway.” Aries celebrates, and despite the fans routing for Evans, they recognize Aries’ achievement and give him a standing ovation.


We head backstage where we see the KWF World Heavyweight Championship. The camera pans out and we see that it is sat next to it’s owner, The Phenomenal AJ Styles. He is lacing up his boots, as we see a shadow come over him. He looks up and we see that none other than Rowdy Roddy Piper is stood there. Styles smiles and gets up, before shaking the hand of the man before him. Piper: “My boy AJ Styles, are you ready for the biggest match of your life?” Styles nods and says: “Yes Sir I am. I know that I can win, and I know how I’m going to win.” Piper: “Glad to hear it sonny. Now I know that you’ve held many Championships in the KWF, and you’ve been Heavyweight Champion since Survivor Series, but tonight is the night AJ. WrestleMania! I main evented the first ever WrestleMania opposite Hulk Hogan and a certain fool-pitier called Mr. T. It was a great night. But you want to know the biggest regret of my career? That I lost that match. That was the biggest night of my life, not just as a wrestler or a character, but as a man. And I lost. I might have gone on to have great career after that, but that loss always stuck in my mind. And AJ, if you lose tonight then that will always be eating away at you for the rest of your days.”

Styles nods. Piper continues: “The great Ric Flair said; to be the man, you gotta beat the man – and AJ, you are the man. You’re coming into tonight as Champion and you got that target on your back. But kid, don’t let it faze you. The egos of Rock, Cena and Punk are ten times bigger than yours and the three of them will make mistakes tonight. I want you to capitalize on’m. I want you to overcome them and at the end of the night brother you raise the Title as KWF’s greatest ever superstar.” AJ nods and smiles at the thought. Before Piper exits: “Well AJ,  I came down here tonight to tell you that I believe you are the man. Of all the guys in the KWF roster, from what I’ve seen AJ Styles, you are the best. I know CM Punk has his ‘Best in the World’ t-shirt, but from the Rowdy One, I say that you are the one, the top dog, and that you will win the main event tonight!” Styles looks fired up and he embraces Piper before he exits.

Back at ringside. JR: “Rowdy Roddy Piper is in the house, and he’s on Team Styles!” Regal: “Sorry Jim I can’t hear you, it’s too loud in here!” With that, ♫the music of Kurt Angle♫ «< click to play) hits and the Olympic Gold Medalist makes his way to the ring. JR: “Here comes one of our industry’s greatest wrestlers, and he proved it again on Wednesday with a hard fought win over Daniel Bryan.” Regal: “He did, but he’s going to get torn to pieces tonight. Angle angered Brock Lesnar on Wednesday, and he paid the price. But that was only the beginning.” We see a video reminding us of the original rivalry between Angle and Lesnar, which led to a match at WrestleMania 19. After a grueling bout, Lesnar won despite suffering severe concussion after attempting a Shooting Star Press. Up to present day, Brock and Angle battled in the Elimination Chamber at SuperBrawl, with Lesnar eliminating Angle. He then went on to motion to attack Angle after a match on Turmoil, but declined, stating he felt sorry for Angle these days. Kurt was furious about this and challenged Brock to a match at WrestleMania, which Lesnar eventually accepted, but declared that he was so worried about how frail he thought Angle was, that he wouldn’t lay a finger on him before Mania. However, he did just that after Angle refused to shake his hand after Lesnar came out to supposedly congratulate him on his win over Bryan. Lesnar hit Angle with an F5, the same move he defeated him with at Mania ten years ago. And now tonight they go at it again. ♫Brock’s music♫ «< click to play) hits and the Ultimate Fighter makes his way out to the squared circle.


Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar

They both stare fire at one another as the bell rings, and Angle is straight in there wanting to take down Brock early. He does take Lesnar by surprise and manages to take him down, pummeling him with shots. The fans are cheering as the intense Angle is taking it to Lesnar early on, so much so that Brock is forced to retreat to the outside. However, Kurt follows and grabs Lesnar, before hurling him into the barrier. Angle means business and he’s clearly trying to show Lesnar that he’s still got the fire. He then goes to send Brock into the steel steps, but it’s reversed and Angle is sent into the steps instead. Lesnar shakes his head and tries to recover, before getting to work on Angle. He slams his back into the apron, before tossing him back into the ring. Lesnar looks determined to make Angle pay for his earlier shots, and starts working him over with some strikes. He backs him up into the corner and hits him with lefts and rights, but the referee is forced to intervene. Lesnar plays innocent, but then goes straight back to Angle, pushing his luck as the referee counts to Four.

Brock picks Angle up and slams him down in the centre of the ring, before going for a headlock. Angle slides out of it and takes Brock down with a drop toe hold, before applying a headlock of his own. However, Lesnar locks his legs around Angle’s neck and is able to get free. Both men rise and JR reminds us how both may have been brawling so far, but it was their tremendous technical bouts spliced with violence in the past that made their rivalry famous. They lock up, but Brock pushes Angle down with force, before bouncing on the spot with a smile on his face. The crowd boo. They lock up again, but the same thing happens. Regal: “Brock seems to be enjoying himself, and who can blame him?” JR: “Kurt went all out at the beginning of the match, but what may be worrying is if he’s running out of steam, and running out of ideas.” Regal: “Right, which basically means that Brock’s been right all along. Kurt Angle is past it and he should  retire.” Angle is trying to figure out how to go next, and goes to lock up again, but turns it into a go behind, before pushing Brock in the back, sending him into the corner. Lesnar turns around and is furious, but Angle now smirks back at him, growing in confidence. Lesnar runs over for a clothesline attempt, but Angle ducks before hitting a series of armdrags. Lesnar again heads to the outside, and looks incredibly frustrated. He picks up a steel chair and goes to get back in the ring, but the referee warns him. He instead smashes the chair repeatedly in frustration against the ring post and the floor.

JR: “An angry Brock is a scary sight and Angle better be careful not to poke the bear too much here.” Lesnar eventually gets back in the ring and the match goes on with both men getting extended periods on top. Lesnar dominates with power, but Angle’s technical nous and ability to reverse almost any attack allows him to stay in the match. He counters an F5 attempt and hits a German Suplex, followed by another, but as he goes for a third he gets elbowed in the face. This causes him to stumble, and Lesnar nearly decapitates him with a fierce clothesline. Regal: “That’s a Meat-hook if I’ve ever seen one. Ryback could learn from Brock.” Lesnar covers, gets One, gets Two, but Angle kicks out. Brock then goes for the Kimura Lock, but Angle manages to get to the ropes. Lesnar lets go, but only so he can drag Angle back into the middle of the ring and go for it again, but he gets lifted up instead, and down with an Angle Slam! Kurt drops down, before covering and getting One… Two… and no! Brock gets the shoulder up! Regal: “Goodness me, this is turning into a terrific contest.” JR: “I’d expect nothing less from these two.” The crowd cheer Angle on and Kurt pulls down the straps and goes for the Ankle Lock. He has it applied and Brock is showing that he’s in a lot of pain. JR: “I wonder if Brock is questioning Angle’s mettle now?” Kurt wrenches the ankle, and Brock is in great pain, but he shows determination to pull himself toward to the rope, and just manages to reach them. Kurt lets go, before dragging Lesnar back to the middle. However, Brock manages to kick him away, and Angle goes flying, shoulder-first into the ring-post. He stumbles back as Brock gets up, before being lifted up and *BAM!* F5! F5 connecting!

Lesnar has Angle down, but struggles to get across to cover. His ankle is too badly hurt, and he uses his fingernails to crawl across the ring to where Angle landed. He eventually manages to turn him over and covers, getting One… Two… no! Foot on the rope! Lesnar is now frustrated, but he starts to smile again as he looks to the ropes. He looks back at Angle and the crowd boo as Lesnar heads to the ring apron and begins climbing to the top rope. JR: “No, surely not again. He can’t think he can pull off that Shooting Star Press now when he couldn’t do it ten years ago!” Lesnar is measuring, but doesn’t look steady on his feet. This gives Angle the opportunity as he gets up and joins Lesnar on the ropes, before grabbing him onto his shoulders and falling back with an Angle Slam from the top rope! JR: “That’s what he beat Daniel Bryan with on Wednesday! Angle Slam! Angle Slam! Cover him Kurt!” Angle is exhausted and he looks at Brock, but then he also looks at the top rope. JR: “No Kurt, just pin him!” Regal: “Very foolish Kurt.” But the crowd cheer him on as Angle heads to the top rope, before turning around, looking out to the fans, and leaping off for a Moonsault attempt… and he nails it! Now he covers Brock and gets One… Two… Three!

Winner: Kurt Angle.

JR: “Angle wins! Angle wins! Kurt Angle gets retribution ten years on from his loss at WrestleMania 19!” Regal: “Brock had him beat, he had this won, but he went for that bloody Shooting Star Press again, and it cost him.” Angle is battered and bruised, but still has the energy to climb the turnbuckles and take in the cheers of that fans as he signs off his KWF career with a big win over the Ultimate Fighter.


We go backstage and we see Panther with a determined look on his face, ready for his upcoming match. He is halted in his tracks by Kaitlyn. “Hey Catman, I just wanted to say good luck out there. I’ve been there with you through all the crap with Dolph, had to put up with a lot of it myself, and it would make my year if you could go out there and beat the holy hell out of him and take his Crown.” Panther smiles: “Thanks honey kitten. It’s been one pretty exciting ride hasn’t it? And listen, I wanted to thank you for being there with me through everything, and now I see you out there kicking arse and taking names. This time tomorrow, you could be etched in history as the last ever KWF Women’s Champion. Good luck against Angelina, I know you’ll smash her right out of her boots with that Spear.” Kaitlyn thanks him as they share a hug, and then there’s an awkward moment. Panther: “Hmm, right about now is where Hornswoggle would show up or one of us would make a mustache joke.” Kaitlyn: “I guess we’re all out of them.” Panther: “Huh, well it’s a good job this is the last show then eh? Whatever happens beyond this Kaitlyn, I know you’ll be fine, you’ll be great.” He kisses her on the forehead and heads off to the ring. We see Hornswoggle turn up with a mustache on his face, apparently ready, albeit late for the segment. He says: “Man I hope he kicks Dolph’s ass.” Kaitlyn: “Yeah, me too.” She turns in shock to see Hornswoggle and says: “Wait, you can talk?!”

We fade into a video package chronicling the storied rivalry between Panther and Dolph Ziggler. There had been some bad blood between them, but things really kicked off when Ziggler beat Panther on the way to winning King of the Ring just after last year’s WrestleMania. Crowned as King of the KWF, Dolph used his power to try and influence people in the company, and soon decided that he wanted a Queen, and namely, he wanted Kaitlyn. This irked Panther, especially as King Dolph made numerous attempts to woo the Texas gal, but it was never reciprocated. However, this didn’t seem to matter to Panther, who was getting more and more outraged by Ziggler’s actions, and eventually challenged him to a match at Sovereignty, but the King said he would only accept if the ‘managerial services’ of Kaitlyn were put on the line. As the red mist descended, Panther accepted, and Ziggler won the match, making Kaitlyn his reluctant Queen.

The Black Cat went away, sent on an errand by Edge to find Why So Serious and this gave him time to cool off from hunting down King Dolph. Meanwhile, Dolph and more hired guns, The Beautiful People, terrorized Kaitlyn in the Kingdom. Panther would soon return and work a plan to get Kaitlyn out of Dolph’s clutches, before angering the King even more by eliminating him from the Royal Rumble. He then managed to outlast him in the Elimination Chamber match at SuperBrawl, but Dolph had the last laugh as he hit Panther with a Zig-Zag on his way out of the Chamber, costing him his place in the match. Panther has been trying to angle a match with the King ever since, and after a surprise win on Turmoil over Dolph’s bodyguard Ryback, he challenged the King to a Ladder match with the Crown on the line. This past Wednesday, after Panther broke into his Kingdom and turned it into a giant ball-pit, King Dolph accepted.

We come back into the Stadium where the ♫Royal music of King Dolph♫ «< click to play) plays and he is carried down to the ring on a portable throne by some well dressed servants. JR notes that both Madison Rayne and Ryback have been banned from ringside by Edge, and also that there are two ladders, one each side of the ring, one red and one blue: “I am just being told that there is an added stipulation to this match. The winner has to ascend the ladder and retrieve the Crown, but Panther can only do it from the blue ladder, while Dolph must use the red one.” Regal: “Hmm, interesting.” ♫Panther’s music♫ «< click to play) hits and the Black Cat races all the way down the ramp and into the ring.


King Dolph vs. Panther – Ladder match for the Crown and Kingship of the KWF

Panther is firing shots at Dolph and the King hasn’t even gotten out of his royal robe yet. JR: “One year of frustration and anger being unleashed by Panther all over Dolph Ziggler here, and this one could be over quickly.” Regal: “Nonsense, he’ll tire himself out soon.” Panther shows no signs of letting up as Dolph escapes, leaving Panther holding his robe. All of a sudden though, the Cat stops to put the robe on. He models it for the fans, before running against the far ropes and leaps over the top rope, landing on Dolph. He gets up and removes the robe, before tossing it into the crowd. He grabs the blue ladder and slides it into the ring, before lifting Dolph up and dropping him face first onto the apron. He slides in the ring himself and sets up the ladder. JR: “This could be it, we could have a new King!” Regal: “What’s the point? There’ll be no KWF after tonight, why would Panther want to be King of a non-existent company?” JR: “It’s not about him being King, it’s about taking from Dolph what he treasures most after Dolph took Kaitlyn from Panther like she was lunch money.” Regal: “Nothing wrong with betting women on wrestling matches, that’s how I met my third wife.”

Panther gets up the ladder, but Dolph is able to get in and stop him from reaching for the Crown. He pushes the ladder over, but Panther lands on his feet, only to get floored by a leg lariat. Dolph lays the boot into his opponent. He taunts to the crowd before nailing his opponent with multiple elbow drops. He taunts again, before throwing the blue ladder out of the ring and heading out to get the red one. He slides it back in and follows, but a recovered Panther baseball slides it into his face as he does. Dolph gets to his feet holding his face, but gets tripped face first onto the ladder again. The fans shout along with Panther: “Trip ya!” Panther turns him over and together they yell: “Flip ya!” followed by a big boot across the chest and: “Kick ya!” They cheer as Panther continues to work Dolph over. He takes him into the corner and lifts him up onto the top rope. He is setting up for a Superplex, but as he goes for it, Dolph pushes him off and he lands back first across the ladder. Regal: “Oh snap, that’s gotta hurt, haha.” Dolph laughs at Panther’s misfortune, before leaping off and hitting an elbow drop across the Black Cat. He takes the slight pain it caused him in order to hurt Panther further. JR: “King Dolph is now in control, and he looks comfortable working over Panther.” Regal: “It’s clever. Wear him down before trying to ascend the ladder. Panther went up there far too quickly, and I’ve heard similar from Kaitlyn, hahaha.” JR: “Will you stop it?”

The match goes on with Dolph on top, though Panther tries to fight back and manages to get his ladder back in the ring. Both are set up, but Dolph slams Panther into the side of his own ladder, before hitting a Fame-asser. He stands over Panther and yells abuse at him. “I’m better than you!” he shouts before wiping his forehead and flicking sweat at him. However, Panther grabs his feet and gets up, forcing Dolph to fall back. Panther slingshots him across the ring, but Dolph lands on the red ladder, and scurries up it. Panther has to react and goes up the same ladder. They are at the top and trading blows. Panther is getting more into his shots, and Dolph is hanging off the ladder, so Panther leaps off and grabs Dolph’s head on the way down, turning it into a modified PKO! The fans are on their feet as both men are down on the mat. JR: “What a move by Panther, but he’s taken himself out in the process.” Regal: “Moron.” Panther gets up first though, and sets up his ladder. He stomps on Dolph one more time for good measure, before climbing his ladder. Dolph is just about aware enough to push the ladder over, but Panther holds his boot out and balances on the top rope, before pushing back and leaping off the ladder to dropkick Ziggler down.

The match goes on like this, and Ziggler comes within a fingertip of retaining his Crown, but is pulled down. However, moments later he hits a Zig-Zag, but in the process, smacks his own head on the blue ladder. Regal: “Oh man, a mistake from Dolph. He had this match won if he hadn’t smacked his head.” Both ladders are set up in the middle of the ring and we watch as Panther climbs his and Dolph gets up to groggily climb his one as well. They get to the top at the same time and try to knock each other down. Dolph kicks the blue ladder, but it doesn’t fall. Panther stretches to try and do the same to Dolph’s, but can’t move it either, so he tries to grab the Crown. However, he can’t quite reach and only succeeds in knocking it towards Dolph, who grabs it. JR: “Dolph has the Crown in his grasp, all he has to do is unhook it.” However, Dolph cannot unclasp it, and in an act of desperation, Panther gets atop his ladder so he is standing right on top of it, before leaping off and *BAM!* clotheslining Dolph all the way down off his ladder with a very high risk Sword of Omens! JR: “My God! My God! What did we just see?!” Regal: “I don’t know, but whatever it was just killed Dolph Ziggler.” Dolph crashed to the canvas and rolled to the outside, while Panther took a lot out of himself too, but he is using the ropes to pull himself up. He staggers to the blue ladder, before positioning it, and slowly climbing. The Crown is swinging wildly from side to side after it flew out of Dolph’s hand and the crowd are going wild as Panther climbs higher and higher. Once Panther reaches the top he reaches out and catches the Crown, before pulling it down and winning the match.

Winner and New King: King Panther.


Panther’s music♫ «< click to play) blares out across the stadium as the fans are on their feet and they cheer for the new King. He sits on top of the ladder, holding the Crown in the air. JR: “Panther did it! He finally beat King Dolph, or should I say former King Dolph.” Regal: “I bloody knew this would happen. That damn Cat is King? What has this world come to?” Panther climbs down and goes up the turnbuckles, before Justin Roberts announces him as new King: “And now, the special guests to perform the Crowning Ceremony…” There is a long pause, until we hear ♫Are you ready?…♫ «< click to play). The fans go absolutely bananas as green lighting fills the Stadium, and the familiar figures of Triple H and Shawn Michaels head out to the stage! JR: “Look who it is?! It’s The Game and HBK! It’s D-Generation X!!!” DX head to the ring, throwing glowsticks into the crowd on the way. Panther looks as surprised as anyone, and waits his Crowning as Hunter and Shawn perform their DX Chops to the delight of the crowd. A throne has been bought in the ring, and Panther takes a seat.

Shawn and Hunter take their time, taking in the cheers and enjoying this WrestleMania moment. Shawn runs circles around Panther’s throne and finally hands a mic to Triple H. Hunter: “Well look who turned up to WrestleMania.” The fans cheer. Shawn grabs his own mic: “Well you know Hunter, I am Mister WrestleMania, so it was only right that I show up tonight to entertain the millions… and millions of The Rock’s fans… hold up. I must have picked up the wrong script. My bad. You go.” Hunter says jokes that DX’s last great ride in the KWF came when they defeated The UnderTaker and The Absolute Lashley at Survivor Series 2011. He says: “Hey, d’you ever notice how big a part Survivor Series plays in Pro Wrestling history? Especially in the KWF, I mean, it’s where Lashley was abducted in the first place, it’s where Christian Cage defeated Brock Lesnar after cashing in Money in the Bank in 2010. It’s where The Joker first brought us the Joker’s Playground match and oh yeah, it’s since last year’s Survivor Series that AJ Styles has held the KWF World Championship!” The crowd cheer as Michaels says: “It’s historic, especially in the KWF.”

Triple H goes on to get down to business and he asks the fans if they’re ready. “No, MetLife Stadium, I said ARE YOU READY???!!!” The crowd cheer more. “Then, for the thousands in attendance, for the millions reading at home, for Dolph Ziggler who just got his brains scrambled by our new King, and for the WWE and TNA, and Vince, Dixie, if you don’t hire these KWF writers then me and Shawn are gonna keep turning up like this and causing havoc. Don’t think I won’t show up in the Impact Zone and Pedigree Hogan if he tries to push his own daughter in scripts, I mean, what kind of wrestling powerhouse would do that?” Shawn shrugs: “How is Stephanie by the way?” Hunter: “She’s fine, why?” Shawn: “Never mind.” We see Panther on his throne and his expression says: ‘I think you guys have lost track.’ Hunter is finally set to say “Let’s get ready to Suck It”, but before he can, ♫Ryback’s music♫ «< click to play) hits, and the Machine heads to the ring with Madison Rayne in tow.

As they approach the ring, Dolph is getting to his feet on the outside. He grabs a mic and shouts “Stop this crap! What the hell are you two doing here?! And what is that guy doing with my Crown and sitting in my throne?! This is bullcrap! I am the KING! I am the KING!” *BAM!* Shawn’s out at ringside and he hits Dolph with Sweet Chin Music! Ryback then rushes the ring, but Triple H gets the upper hand, he kicks him in the gut, before slamming him into the mat with a Pedigree! DX dust themselves off as Madison screams at them from the outside. Hunter finally says his piece before HBK adds “And if you’re not down with that, we got two words for ya!” to which the fans yell ‘SUCK IT!’ With that, Triple H takes the Crown, and pronounces that, as the King of Kings, it gives him great pleasure to Crown Panther as King of the KWF! Panther gratefully takes the Crown and the scepter, before bowing to the crowd, and his Crown falls off. He shakes hands with Hunter and Shawn as the fans chant for DX. Madison is left screaming at ringside.


We go to a video package highlighting the ups and downs of the KWF careers of Sheamus, Rob Van Dam and Samoa Joe. We’re reminded of Sheamus’ stint with the World Elite, his successful tag team career with former KWF superstar Vladimir Kozlov and his rise as KWF Hardcore Champion. We see images of RVD flying from off a balcony to defeat Abyss in a Monsters Ball match. We see Van Dam’s highlights from his matches with Sabu; at KWF Survivor Series 2010. With Samoa Joe; at Bound For Glory 2011 and his voyage for the World Championship during the summer of 2012. We see a snapshot image of how he put his foot through a car window this past Wednesday Night on Turmoil. With Joe we’re reminded of how his KWF career started, a back and forth with Kurt Angle before winning the Royal Rumble and booking a date on the Grand Stage with the Lord of Darkness, The UnderTaker. All three superstars have been on different paths, but tonight it’s their chance to prove who the greatest Hardcore competitor really is.

The video fades into a sitdown shoot-style chat with KWF’s Hardcore Ambassador, the Hardcore legend, the Hall of Famer, Mick Foley. Foley says: “This past Wednesday night was probably my proudest moment as Hardcore Ambassador. Samoa Joe challenged RVD and Sheamus to spark WrestleMania by taking their fight to the streets. Now the footage is limited, because of legal reasons and the fact that Edge never sanctioned any street-fight between the three. But it was a moment in time that made me proud to be part of the KWF and it made me proud to see that our product is absolutely the best possible output of Hardcore wrestling that’s ever been seen.

Now in the old days, ECW often had such random fights and a lot of it used to happen within the arena and around the ring. But there, there’s no surprises of what can happen and the wrestlers knew their way round, so there was a kind of safety net where they knew they could survive. Samoa Joe took it to the streets on Wednesday night and these guys fought off KWF cameras, they closed their fists, they went out there to hurt each other and they bled in the snow. Now that’s what I call Hardcore. These three men are warriors. I heard William Regal describe it as war games between them and I couldn’t call it better myself. RVD is the Whole F’n Show. He is the most resilient wrestler I’ve ever seen and while he’s casual in his approach and while he thumb-taunts R-V-D, the guy can hurt ya. Van-Daminator. Van-Terminator. Oh he’s a Hardcore vet and he’ll know how to win tonight.

Samoa Joe, haha, Joe’s a guy that I personally recruited into Hardcore wrestling. I always told him that with his intensity, his guts and his ability to inflict pain; the use of weapons and the no-rules concept would fit perfectly with his wrestling style. And I was right. Joe’s one of KWF’s best wrestler’s period and God knows that if he can choke out Van Dam or Sheamus to win at Mania, then he’ll do it. Sheamus, well Sheamus is a different kind of animal all together. We call him the Great White, but I like calling him the Fighting Irishman. This is because I watch Sheamus a lot and I’ve become a fan of his since he went Hardcore and let me tell you something; Sheamus smiles when he gets hit. He enjoys the pain and that means when he inflicts it, his grin becomes wider, his eyes glow brighter and if you have such a sadistic blood-hungry Champion, it means you’re gonna have to damn near kill him to take his Belt. Who’s going to win at WrestleMania?… I have no idea.”


Sheamus vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Samoa JoeTriple Threat Hardcore match for the Hardcore Title

All three superstars receive equally loud cheers and the comms agree that the performances of these men individually will get them even more cheers tonight. JR: “The bigger the risk, the more pain inflicted, that’s what will highlight a clear fan favorite here.” Regal: “Indeed Jim, but remember, these guys are coming into this match on the back of a non-sanctioned street fight only a few days ago. Now that was brutal and I know for a fact that all three of them bled. But how’s that going to affect them here tonight? You can tell that neither one of them is at a hundred percent.”

The three approach one another in the center of the ring and Joe goes to jab at the reigning Champ, but Sheamus blocks him and Van Dam nails a kick upside Joe’s head. Joe goes down and Sheamus immediately lays over him for a cover, but Van Dam breaks the count before it can even get started. Regal: “Right there’s an example of why they had the street fight. They wanted to get some Hardcore off their chest before this match. Out in the parking lot it wasn’t about winning, it was about survival and now they can only have one thing in mind; getting that Three-count.”

Van Dam continues kicking Sheamus while he’s on the canvas, showing a ruthless side to his attack. Sheamus tries to tackle him down, but Van Dam counters and manages to roll him into a pinning predicament with use of his legs. He gets One on the count, before Samoa Joe dives over and breaks the fall. Regal: “That’s something that may help Van Dam. He’s certainly the most agile superstar in this match. If he can catch Sheamus or Joe off-guard like that then he can certainly get a surprise pinfall.” Joe jabs at Van Dam, closed fists as he backs him up toward the corner. He sets him atop the top turnbuckle, but Van Dam flips over the back of him for a Sunset Flip, but he fails as Joe grabs the top ropes to prevent the execution of the move. He steps back over Van Dam and uses the ropes to elevate himself for a senton backsplash. The fans gasp as the splash crunches over Van Dam’s face. JR: “Gosh that may have busted RVD’s nose.”

As Joe turns over for the cover, we can see that Van Dam’s indeed busted open. Joe gets One on the cover, but Sheamus comes to break it. The two of them scrap, fighting on the canvas before battling through the ropes and down to ringside. Sheamus gets the upper hand, bouncing Joe’s face off the ring apron. But Joe battles back, elbowing Sheamus away before shoulder-barging his gut and slamming his back into the announcers table. The comms stand up, anticipating destruction. Joe takes the panel off the table and he picks up a monitor. But Sheamus picks up a monitor as well and the two smash the equipment against one another, but Joe catches Sheamus on the hand. The Irishman roars out in pain as we can see his fingers bleeding and JR suspects that some of them may be broken. Regal: “Damn it Jim. There goes our viewing for the night. No monitors.”

Meanwhile RVD’s come to and he maneuvers the steel stairs so that they’re diagonal to the announcers table. He measures as the fight between Joe and Sheamus goes on. Sheamus has come back angrily at Joe and he manages to get him laid over the table. Van Dam runs up the stairs and front flips off them as if for a Rolling Thunder – and he crashes over Joe and the two of them go right through the table! Regal: “Oh bloody hell, no monitors no table. We’re not even half-way through the show yet.” The crowd go wild as we go split screen to view replays and when we come back Live we can see and hear the fans chanting RVD’s name. Sheamus meanwhile goes toward the ring apron. He reaches under to grab a steel chair, but looks over to Van Dam and Joe and sees that they’re still down. Sheamus then decides to look around the other side of the apron. He reaches under and pulls out a Cooling Box. He opens it and pulls out a can of Guinness. JR: “Haha, a belated Saint Paddy’s Day to everybody.”


Sheamus drinks from the can and places it on the apron. He wipes his mouth, picks up the chair again and shakes his hand, still feeling the pain on his fingers. He starts toward Joe and Van Dam. RVD’s pulled himself up by the barricade. Sheamus goes over and gets set to swing the chair, but Van Dam boots it right back in his face. He then lifts himself atop the barricade and flies off for a spin-kick, nailing the chair over Sheamus’ head again and he takes the Irishman down. Van Dam gets up to thumb-taunt, but all of a sudden Joe’s back to his feet and he uses a camera cable, wrapping it around Van Dam’s neck and pulling him into a Kokina Clutch. The fans gasp as the comms describe how dangerous this is and we zoom in to see the sadistic look on Joe’s face as he brings RVD to the floor. Van Dam’s in a world of trouble, but before Joe can choke him out, Sheamus dives over with a monitor right to Joe’s face and the Samoan Submission Machine is busted open.

JR: “Good God, the brutality. All three men are giving this everything they have. It’s a blood bath out here and Samoa Joe’s bleeding the most. That shot from Sheamus dented Joe’s face and Joe’s blood is flowing like a broken water hose. By God, this is heinous.” Regal: “This is what Hardcore’s all about Jim. Survival. Old school, battle to the end survival and I can’t call who’s going to win this. These guys are matching each other at every turn.” The contest goes back in the ring as Sheamus lifts the weakened RVD in and sets for a cover. He gets One, gets Two – but no, Van Dam kicks out. Sheamus sees Joe climbing the apron, but he’s first to him, picking up his can of Guinness, taking a sip before smashing it over Joe’s head. Joe goes down and Sheamus grabs him to pull him through the ropes for a cover. One, Two – but Van Dam’s up, and he breaks the count. Joe rolls under the bottom rope and down to ringside.


RVD and Sheamus trade shots on their knees now, the fans cheering ‘Yay!’ ‘Yay!’ with every hit. Van Dam is quick to jump to his feet and he spin-kicks Sheamus right in the mush. He then sets his sights on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up, clearly exhausted, but he thumb-taunts and looks ready for a Five Star Frog Splash. He targets the Champ, but Samoa Joe’s up and he’s back in the ring. He has a black bag in hand, but before he can even think about doing anything, RVD leaps off the top turnbuckle to target Joe right in his bloody wound with a flying kick. Joe drops the bag and its contents pour out – thumbtacks, and lots of them. Van Dam sees the tacks, but then sees that Joe’s fallen by the corner. He exits the ring, looks under the apron and pulls out a trash can. He throws it into the squared circle before going to pick up the steel chair. He gets back in the ring to see Sheamus getting up and he slams the chair right over the back of The Great White.

The echoing smash is heard all throughout the arena and then we see Van Dam target Joe. He sees him starting to get up, but then smashes him over the head with the trash can. Joe falls back into the corner and the volume of the audience rises as RVD looks out to the crowd. He then sets the trash can over Joe. Picks up the steel chair again and this time he’s going to the top rope alongside where Joe is laid out in the corner. JR: “Oh my God, what’s he thinking here?! Van Dam’s going to go coast to coast!?” RVD thumb-taunts as he carries the chair to the top turnbuckle. The crowd cheer him on and “Ohhhhhh!” yell the comms as Van Dam uses the chair, smashes right into the trash can and right into Samoa Joe’s face! Regal: “A WrestleMania moment if I’ve ever seen one, and it has to be over Jim. The Veteran RVD’s going to win this.” Van Dam gets up, ready to pull Joe away from the ropes for a cover – but *BAM* Brogue Kick! JR: “Brogue Kick! Brogue Kick!” yelps JR as Sheamus damn near knocks RVD’s head off – but the impact of the move sends Van Dam flying over the top rope.

Sheamus looks around and sees Joe. He begins pounding his chest and shouting “Brogue! Brogue! Brogue!” as Joe gets up by the corner, bleeding even more than he was before. The crowd chant Brogue along with Sheamus, but it acts as a warning signal for Joe and as Sheamus approaches, Joe ducks so that Sheamus boots a leg and has it hang over the top rope. The fans gasp and the mistake proves costly as Joe then maneuvers Sheamus to be atop the top turnbuckle and we watch as the Nation of Violence grabs Sheamus atop his shoulders. He takes one step out of the corner. He takes another step out of the corner. He lays back on the move and the comms yell in unison: “Muscle Busterrrrr!” JR: “In the tacks! Joe’s slammed Sheamus in the tacks!” And as Joe turns round we can see that he too has thumbtacks in his upper back. But he doesn’t care. Bleeding is Joe. Fatigued is Joe. But fighting is Joe and we watch as he crawls over Sheamus for the cover: ‘One!’ chant the crowd, ‘Two!’ and ‘Three!’

Winner and New KWF Hardcore Champion: Samoa Joe.


Joe’s music♫ «< click to play) hits and the crowd go absolutely berserk. Sheamus is motionless as his body lays planted on the tacks that have kept his shoulders pinned down and the audience chant and cheer as Samoa Joe raises the KWF Hardcore Championship. JR and Regal applaud the efforts of all three men and they review replays of what was one of KWF’s greatest Hardcore bouts ever. Regal: “It certainly lived up to the billing, and it could have been anyone’s match in the end.” JR: “Indeed William. Van Dam never got a chance to pin Joe after the Van Terminator. Sheamus never got to pin Van Dam after the Brogue Kick and it was Joe, the Nation of Violence who prevailed. Slamming Sheamus into the tacks with a Muscle Buster and I gotta say, what a memory we’re left with here. This was a dream bout between three fan favorites and all three of these men can leave New Jersey with their heads held high. What a match. What a treat for all of us and what sacrifice made by Joe, Sheamus and RVD. I tip my hat to you gentlemen.” The fans stand to applaud as RVD sit against the barricade at ringside and we see medics come to the aid of Sheamus.

Backstage we see John Cena. He has headphones on and he’s sat in his locker room seeming like he’s getting in the zone for his World Title opportunity tonight. We see a hand come over his head and pull off his headphones. Cena looks up. Stands up and right before him is the immortal Hulk Hogan. Hulk: “How are ya brother?” Cena: “How am I? You tell me; I’m about to take names, lay out some fools and raise the World Title. I’m doin’ pretty good.” Hulk nods. Cena snatches his headphones back, and he sits back down. He says: “Why are you here?” Hulk: “I’m here to make sure you know what it means to be here tonight.” Cena: “You don’t need to tell me that. I know what it means.” Hulk: “Look John, I want you to cool yourself and stop sniping for just a second.” Hulk sits down. Cena puts his headphones down: “Alright. What you got?”

Hulk says: “Brother I know who ya are and I know what you mean to this industry. You John, you were our chosen Champion. When Flair and I ran this place, you were our chosen one brother because you had absolutely everything. The body of a soldier, mic-skills, the ability to hand out a beating and the FU attitude to make sure that you brushed off any criticism and still went on to do what you do best. Since Ric and I lost control, you’ve had to climb a ladder to be here and I don’t want you to take for granted what it means to be part of the main event on this, the last night of KWF Blogs.” Cena looks at Hogan. Hulk goes on: “I know you well enough to appreciate you man. But you have to appreciate the occasion, and you gotta channel everything to make sure you win tonight. In this company, you’re real. You rap, you curse, you fight – and you win. But tonight John, it’s not just about winning the Title. It’s not just about being a Champion. Tonight it’s about John Cena and what you represent for the WWE Generation. Now I know you don’t care about that and I dig how you hate the PG garbage. But John, those that love the WWE, they want you to fail tonight. They’re not supporting the WWE in the Generations battle and all they’re doing is hating on you. I have been there first hand brother. In my lifetime when I went from the WWF to the WCW, I was never appreciated brother. People resented my t-shirts, they hated the fact that I was a Suburban Commando and Hulkamania was drowning. Then the nWo was born and I realized that what you gotta do to be successful in this business is be selfish. Hollywood Hogan was the real me. The control, the power and the money – that’s what I cared about.”

Cena listens intently as Hogan continues: “It all gave me everything in life and so far John, what’s WWE given you? You work night and day, you’ve done movies for them and made appearances all around the world. But it destroyed your family and John I know from your attitude in the KWF that you are in that position now, that selfish position to not give a damn. Those fans out there are not supporting you. Tonight John, you take in the occasion. And this occasion means that you’re not winning for WWE. You’re not winning to be better than a TNA, a Ring of Honor or a WWF. You’re winning for yourself. You do it, you win tonight for John Cena and nobody else. It’s all about you brother. Screw everyone and everything else. You use the occasion to mark your name down in history. You are the model Professional Wrestler. You deserve the spotlight and tonight, tonight you make it all about you.” Hulk stands up and Cena eventually stands up too. Cena: “You got a lotta hate for the business don’tcha?” Hogan: “I don’t hate it. I crush it. Do what I did John. Make them all cry. At the end of the day the nWo destroyed WCW. Nowadays, I’m destroying TNA. Tonight, the KWF comes crashing down. And when the dust settles, the name that I wanna see up in lights is John Cena.” Cena nods and he shares a manly hand-shake with Hulk. We hear the comms voice over. JR: “Gosh. I’m speechless.” Regal: “Well that was insightful. God Jim, it really makes you think doesn’t it?”…


We come to a video package where we are reminded of when Dolph Ziggler defeated Panther to obtain the managerial services of Kaitlyn last year at Sovereignty. He made Kaitlyn his Queen, and tried to ‘woo’ her, but she did not reciprocate and Dolph decided to bring in Angelina Love and Velvet Sky to his Kingdom. The new Queens terrorized and bullied poor Kaitlyn, even after she won the Women’s Championship. Angelina and Velvet treated the Title as if it were their own as they had played a significant part in Kaitlyn winning it, but they were the ‘Beautiful Sisters’ to Kaitlyn’s Cinderella, and made her life a misery. Once Madison Rayne had infiltrated the Kingdom and fired The Beautiful People as Queens, they went straight back after the Championship, with Love and Sky teaming up to allow Love to win the Belt from AJ Lee at the Royal Rumble. Kaitlyn’s BFF and fellow Chickbuster was unable to win it back in her rematch at SuperBrawl, but it is now Kaitlyn who gets a shot at Angelina and a chance for retribution.

Back in the stadium, the arena lights blink white and pink as ♫the music of The Beautiful People♫ «< click to play) hits. Women’s Champion Angelina Love emerges, with Velvet Sky crawling through her legs. Regal: “Here come two of the finest female competitors of our time. Both Angelina and Velvet are superb athletes, as well as being Beautiful People. This should prove to be an enthralling match.” TBP complete their ‘pigeons’ entrance and the male capacity of the audience cheer. The fans’ volume rises though as we hear ♫Kaitlyn’s music♫ «< click to play) and the Hybrid Chick makes her entrance. She hurries to the ring, but waits at the bottom of the ramp, and she is then joined by her best friend, AJ Lee. AJ skips down to ringside to join Kaitlyn. JR: “Solidarity on show from the Chickbusters, the numbers are even now, so the advantage that Love usually enjoys by having Velvet at ringside is wiped out.” Kaitlyn and AJ bump fists and Kaitlyn is about to get in the ring, but all of a sudden AJ turns Kaitlyn’s attention to the stage and we see that Trish Stratus is making an entrance! The fans go wild as Trish approaches the Chickbusters, and she shakes hands with AJ, before hugging Kaitlyn and wishing her luck.

JR: “Trish is in Kaitlyn’s corner as well?! It’s three versus two. For once, The Beautiful People are outnumbered.” Kaitlyn is now looking ultra confident, while Angelina and Velvet are outraged. Kaitlyn, AJ and Trish get in the ring and Velvet’s not shy of yelling at AJ and Trish. The crowd’s volume is at a high, but then there’s a pause as the lights dim and we hear ♫music hit♫ «< click to play). All eyes turn to the stage and JR yelps: “My God that’s… that’s Lita!” Regal: “Trish Stratus’ mortal enemy from way back when. Is she on the side of The Beautiful People? It’s three on three!” Lita slides in the ring, before looking at both corners, and then removing her t-shirt to reveal a referee shirt underneath. JR: “Lita is the special guest referee?! Who’d have thunk it!! What a surprise Edge has dished out here, making his former flame special referee here tonight. It’s not three on three at all. Lita’s the officiator and Trish makes it 3-2 to the Chickbusters. Wow, listen to these fans. What a surprise!” Lita makes sure that Trish, AJ and Velvet all exit to ringside before doing the job of showing both women the Title Belt and raising it to show the fans.


Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky vs. Kaitlyn w/ AJ Lee & Trish StratusWomen’s Title match with Lita as Special Guest Referee

As soon as Lita calls for the bell, Kaitlyn races over to Angelina and dump tackles her down, firing rights and lefts into the beautiful face of the Champion. Trish and AJ clap and cheer her on, but Velvet gets up on the apron and yells at Lita to break it up. Lita tells her there is nothing wrong with it, and Velvet aims more abuse at her, so Lita kicks her in the head and sends Sky crashing to the outside. Regal: “That is outrageous behaviour from the supposed referee!” JR: “It was outrageous behaviour from Velvet Sky. Two seconds into the match and she sees fit to get involved?! Haha, what a kick from Lita!” Kaitlyn is dominating Angelina as she vents all the frustration that has built up over the past year. She wraps her huge legs around the waist of Love, trying to squeeze the air out of her. Angelina refuses to tap, as Kaitlyn’s look of determination is clear to see. JR: “Wow, Kaitlyn sure is determined to beat the holy hell out of Angelina Love here tonight. She has won the Women’s Title before, but she always felt it was a hollow victory as it was mainly down to the interference of TBP. They followed the instruction of King Dolph to make sure Kaitlyn won, but then essentially acted as if it was their Title. Now Kaitlyn has earned her spot here tonight and she wants to win the Title outright. She’s all fired up for this one.” Regal: “She has a chance, but Angelina Love is the best women’s wrestler in the world in my opinion. The Beautiful People may be outnumbered for once, but they have the experience to overcome this.”

The match goes on with Kaitlyn on top, but she is almost too enthusiastic with her offense, and Angelina is able to turn things around as she avoids a shoulder barge in the corner and Kaitlyn slams into the ring-post. Love now uses her experience to work over the Texan lass and abuses Lita while she does: “You could never compete at this level honey.” She says as she applies a Boston Crab. Kaitlyn cries out in pain, facing Velvet Sky, who from the outside is screaming at her to tap out. Velvet is getting very animated as Kaitlyn struggles to the ropes, and she actually pulls the bottom rope away. We see that AJ has headed around ringside and Velvet sees her. She lets go of the bottom rope and turns around to run away, only to get smacked in the face with a Chick Kick! JR: “Trish boots Velvet down, and Kaitlyn has reached the bottom rope!” After the Four-count from Lita, Angelina lets go, but elbows Kaitlyn in the spine.

As the action evolves, Kaitlyn tries her best to get back into things, hitting Love with forearms to the face, but Angelina is able to work her down to the mat again and get back on top. JR reminds us of Kaitlyn’s relationship with the new King of the KWF Panther, and suggests that, together, they have raised each other’s games these past few months. Regal: “I must say, when you have a partnership like that it can improve you as you’re always looking to impress the other, but in the case of Panther and Kaitlyn, all they ever did was make silly jokes and act the goat. They’re both imbeciles as far as I’m concerned, although I’ll concede Kaitlyn is a tremendously talented competitor.” JR: “What about King Panther?” Regal: “Meh.” Kaitlyn is mostly on the defensive now, but she counter attacks with a small package, getting Two. Angelina is angry as she gets up and boots Kaitlyn in the chest, before backing off to the corner. She seems set for a Spear, and as a groggy Kaitlyn gets up, Love races over. However, Kaitlyn jumps and Angelina runs underneath her, slamming into the turnbuckles. Kaitlyn grabs her on the return and dumps her down with a reverse DDT. She hooks the leg and gets One… Two… and… no! Love kicks out!

JR: “So close! What a match this has been. The Chicks Division in the KWF has showcased the highest standard of Women’s Wrestling I can recall ever commentating on in my long broadcasting career.” Regal: “Oh absolutely. It has been a pleasure calling matches with you here in the KWF Jim, and especially those involving our female competitors. I can’t get over how much free reign they have been given in this company to showcase their skills, and some of our best contests in the past couple of years have involved the likes of Kaitlyn, AJ Lee, Mickie James, Angelina, Velvet, Gail Kim and Queen Madison. Soon it’ll be back to their three-minute slots on WWE or TNA.” Kaitlyn sends Angelina against the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Angelina ducks, before hitting Kaitlyn with a Chick Kick! JR: “That’s Trish’s move! She’s stolen the Chick Kick to try and beat Kaitlyn!” Love turns to blow a kiss to Trish, before covering. JR: “Trish said that Angelina and Velvet were Trish wannabes, I guess she was right.” However, Kaitlyn kicks out at the last split second and this match continues.

Angelina is frustrated and yells at Lita, accusing her of a slow count, before leaning over the ropes to abuse AJ and Trish. AJ gets up on the apron. She walks slowly toward Angelina as Lita tells her to get down. Angelina is still shouting her down, but not for long as AJ grabs her by the face and plants a huge kiss on her! The crowd gasp and cheer as Angelina struggles with AJ’s lips locked on her, and Lita isn’t sure whether to call a DQ or not, but she lets the kiss carry on. Kaitlyn seizes the opportunity and rolls Angelina up, unlocking the kiss and getting another near fall. AJ drops back down to ringside, as a surprised Trish looks at her. She wipes the lipstick from her mouth and shrugs her shoulders before laughing. Regal: “WWE’s nut-bar AJ. Wonderful. Well at least she’s kissing gals eh Jim?” JR: “No comment. I’m a happily married man.” Regal: “What’s that got to do with anything?” Meanwhile, Angelina’s back up and she kicks Kaitlyn in the ribs, and backs off to attempt another Spear. She races over to try and connect, but again Kaitlyn jumps over it. However, Love this time heads for the ropes, before bouncing back and *BAM!* Spear! Spear! Spear!… from Kaitlyn! She covers and hooks both legs, getting One… Two… and THREE!

Winner and New KWF Women’s Champion: Kaitlyn.


Kaitlyn is on her knees and has her hands held aloft in the air in triumph. AJ and Trish slide into the ring and embrace her. They have a group hug, before they both raise the hands of the new KWF Women’s Champion. Lita is handed the Title, and she gives it to Trish, who turns and hands it to Kaitlyn. JR: “If that isn’t a torch passing I don’t know what is.” Regal: “Shame, I fancied Angelina, in more ways than one, but I guess momentum was with Kaitlyn coming into Mania. With Trish and AJ in her corner along with a ref that kicked poor Velvet in the face, Kaitlyn was probably the favorite to win this.” Kaitlyn has mascara running down her face as the realization of what she has achieved sinks in. Trish and AJ lift her up onto their shoulders, as Lita applauds. JR: “Kaitlyn is the last ever KWF Women’s Champion! What does the future of the Women’s Division hold for her and the rest of the KWF Chicks? Who knows, but in this company, they have all been treated like Queens!” Angelina and Velvet sit on the outside of the ring looking forlorn, while Kaitlyn celebrates.

We turn our attention to the stage where a band sets up. We see a video package replaying the various moments of the career highlights of Y2J Chris Jericho. We come back Live and pyro’s explode on stage where Jericho is lined up with his band Fozzy and the group make the crowd go nuts to a Live performance of ‘Balls to the Wall’. Fozzy follow with ‘Enemy’ and then finish with ‘Stay Hungry’. They give our WrestleMania crowd a musical break and the audience cheer them out as Jericho concludes with his Y2J stage-pose. Click HERE to watch/listen to a mesh of the songs above.


We go to a video package reminding us of the history of the British Invasion’s time in the KWF. We see that the group were once led by William Regal on KWF’s old Friday night program Impact SmackDown. Regal was a maestro when it came to choosing young up and coming talent and he was instrumental in leading Drew McIntyre and Styler to Tag Team Gold. The Brits were a proud union, but when the fusion of TNA RAW and Impact SmackDown came, Regal decided to step down as leader, turn to commentary and leave the British Invasion in the capable hands of Wade Barrett. Barrett molded a new tag team; Mason Ryan and Rob Terry, the Welsh Dragons. He took great pleasure in the allure of Layla and he was successful in earning himself World Championship opportunities, most recently against AJ Styles at SuperBrawl. Barrett’s opportunity was cut short though. And this was because of the Latin American eXchange.

LAX are a newly formed faction with the common ground that they all felt overlooked by Edge, the General Manager of the KWF. Rey Mysterio, Konnan, Homicide, Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero, all joined Alberto Del Rio’s cause. A cause fueled by money and the goal to dominate as the top faction in the KWF. The British Invasion were well established, but LAX couldn’t handle that. The Brits’ leader was main eventing SuperBrawl, but LAX couldn’t handle that. They seemed like they were happy with the idea of dominating the Hardcore Division, not just Del Rio, but all of them making sure that he won and thus keeping the Belt within their faction. But the Brits took exception to this. The Brits cost Del Rio his Hardcore Title against Sheamus, not to help the Irishman, but to establish that they were the top faction in the KWF. Ever since costing each other Gold, both these groups have been at logger-heads and tonight is where a conclusion comes to the war once and for all. Edge has made it official. British Invasion versus LAX in a five on five match. First fall to a finish.

LAX’s music♫ «< click to play) hits and we listen as Ricardo Rodriguez begins their introductions from inside the ring. We see a mini-van drive out beside the Mania stage and the doors open with LAX members Homicide, Hernandez, Chavo, Rey, Konnan and Melina all bopping out like a gang of thugs. The crowd boo as they climb up the stage. They stand there all lined up before the music changes into the ♫theme of Alberto Del Rio♫ «< click to play). Del Rio steps out from behind the curtain and lines up with the rest of his faction as Rodriguez proudly announces his name. Regal: “What a goon. This group of bandits steal a mini-van, they cost Wade the World Title and now they’re so far up themselves that Del Rio gets his own part of the entrance here at WrestleMania? The man’s full of himself and he’s proving that this isn’t exactly a unified faction at all.”

JR: “Oh I don’t know about that. Your allegiance to the Brits is clear Mister Regal, but let me remind you that LAX have always worked like this. This group formed on the back of a common notion, the idea that they were all screwed over or harshly treated at some point or another. Now Del Rio is the hood ornament of the group because he funds them completely. When they acquired the Hardcore Title at the beginning of the year, they did so to show their unity and to make a point that they can take whatever they want. But when it comes to the money that is part of the prize with Championship Gold, Del Rio already has that. He must be paying the members of his group very smartly for all of them to not be so distracted by Championships and I can bet you this; he’ll give’m one heck of a bonus if they defeat the Brits here at WrestleMania.”

Regal: “Okay, so tell me this Jimbo. The Hardcore Title was a statement and their attacks on the Brits are to show that they’re the number one faction in all of wrestling and you’re telling me that they’re not individually coveting Title’s because of Del Rio’s money… so why the heck did they steal a mini-van?!!!” JR: “Because they can. Haha Del Rio’s view is probably; why should we pay just because we have the money? It’s like a mob of pirates. Del Rio’s the captain of his ship and he looks after his goons well. But if there’s something they want collectively, they steal it.” ♫The British Invasion’s music♫ «< click to play) hits and the group comes out as one onto the stage. They march to the ring together as Regal says: “Pirates. A fitting way to describe LAX Jim, and if they’re mucky scallywags then the Brits are soldiers to the great Queen of England. Look at them march. Onward Commodore Barrett, off with their heads!”


Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, Styler, Mason Ryan & Rob Terry w/ Layla vs. Alberto Del Rio, Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Homicide & Hernandez w/ Melina & Konnan – British Invasion vs. LAX  

Both sets of factions go to their corners and we watch as Big SuperMex Hernandez starts off against Mason Ryan. The two lock up and Mason shoves Hernandez away. Hernandez takes exception and he widens his eyes before going back toward Ryan, but Ryan backs off to his corner and he tags in Styler, who comes in and dropkicks Hernandez to the thigh. He just stands there though and he barks at Styler, yelling at him to try that again. Styler sprints toward the ropes, but as he comes back Hernandez performs a huge ‘Get Off Me’ shoulder barge and Styler’s sent from one side of the ring to the other. SuperMex bops arrogantly as he goes to pick him up by the corner. He lays into Styler with punches before performing a hard Irish-whip, sending his opponent into the opposite corner. He then makes a tag to Homicide. Hernandez goes and puts a knee into Styler’s back while he’s down. He reaches forward to pull back on Styler’s chin and Homicide runs against the ropes top come back and low-dropkick the Brit right in the mush. We see Wade Barrett bark at the referee and Layla complains from the outside. The ref ushers Hernandez away as Homicide keeps Styler grounded before making a cover. Gets One, Two – but Styler kicks out.

The comms are surprised to see that the two groups didn’t run at each other raring to tear one another’s heads off at the beginning of the match. JR: “We’ve seen both these groups attack each other in the parking lot, during matches, backstage and even during the big Thundercat return this past Wednesday night. All of a sudden they’re at WrestleMania and the brakes are firmly on. Are they nervous because of this Grand Stage? Are they intimidated?” Regal: “Oh no chance Jim. This isn’t just about brawling anymore and you’re right, they are on the Grand Stage. But not only that, it’s the final stage. This is the be all and end all and both these factions know just how important a victory is here. They’re set up, they have game plans and with the match being one fall to a finish, they know that brawling won’t help because backs turned and quick pins could lead to an ultimate victory. No one remembers the losers and faction supremacy means everything here. I’m on the edge of my seat.” JR: “And so are the fans William. Neither of these groups are fan favorites, but everyone is intrigued to see who comes out on top.”

The match continues with Homicide doing well against Styler and then tagging in Chavo. Guerrero receives a round of boos as the comms remind us that he betrayed Edge when the Rated R GM tried to get him to be a peacemaker between himself and the Latin American eXchange. JR: “Edge approached Chavo as a friend, but he stabbed him right in the back.” Regal: “Yes and I’m guessing Mister Del Rio’s money talked there too.” We watch as Chavo arrogantly taunts the Brit corner. He sets to pick Styler up and administer the Three Amigos, but Styler counters, knees Chavo in the gut before yanking him to the canvas in a Small Package. One, Two – but Mysterio comes in full speed and breaks the count. On the far side we watch as Drew McIntyre sprints in and he lays Rey out with a big boot. Chavo gets up to try and go at Drew, but the ref stops him and meanwhile Styler is able to go toward his corner. Del Rio commands Chavo to make a tag and he does, but he can’t get in quick enough to stop Styler from tagging Wade Barrett. We see Mysterio roll out of the ring and Konnan checks on him. Drew goes back to his corner and now there’s a battle of Gladiators type atmosphere as the leaders of the two factions are set to go one on one.


JR: “We saw Barrett versus Del Rio a couple of Turmoil’s ago, but that match was interrupted by LAX and with all their experience, they were able to make it perceived by the ref that it’s Barrett who should be the one Disqualified.” Regal: “Bastards!” Barrett and Del Rio mouth off to one another and the audience erupts as we hear Layla bashing the ring apron and both sets of factions bouncing on the ropes by their corners. Del Rio throws the first punch, but Barrett blocks it. He comes back with a left of his own. A right, then another left, hitting hard and fast, forcing Del Rio toward the corner. Regal: “You can’t get into a fist fight with Barrett haha. The man will knock you out!” But as Barrett forces Del Rio to the corner we watch as Konnan climbs the ring apron. This distracts the referee and allows Homicide and Hernandez to come in illegally and batter Barrett from behind. From the far side though, The Welsh Dragons come in and all hell breaks loose. Konnan drops from the apron as Layla goes around ringside to get in his face. Melina comes by Konnan and without warning she tackles Layla to the floor. “Cat fight!” yells JR.

There’s havoc in the ring as The Welsh Dragons and the original duo of LAX go at it. And while Ryan and Terry are bigger and collectively stronger, it’s LAX that are getting the upper hand, once again using their experience. Regal: “I’ll give them that one. Mason and Rob are knuckleheads compared to Homicide and Hernandez.” JR: “I’ve heard KWF fans say over time that LAX are a tag team that should have been in Tag Title contention since the dawning of the Hogan/Flair era when we went from TNA RAW and Impact SmackDown to one show a week. Even after Edge took over, Homicide and Hernandez simply didn’t take their opportunities when they came.” Regal: “Those chances where through multiple-team matches though Jim. They never earned a two-on-two Tag Title chance, and that’s part of a reason why the entire LAX faction formed. Scorned superstars all feeling hard done by, by the system.” We watch as the referee fails to get control and the crowd gasp as we see Layla tear the bottom part of Melina’s dress off. Regal: “Red undies. Nice.” Konnan meanwhile plays director and he points Mysterio in the direction of the top turnbuckle. Rey flies toward an incoming McIntyre and he performs a headscissor to drop Drew toward the middle rope. Mysterio rolls onto his feet and he sees a chance to dial up the 6-1-9, but as he runs against the ropes, Rob Terry catches him to lift him up into Gorilla Press position. He walks Rey by the ropes and sends him flying right onto Konnan. Layla and Melina continue to go back and forth, their hair and make-up getting very messy in the process.

Homicide and Hernandez have Mason Ryan where they want him, set up by the corner and Hernandez is set to launch the Welshman for an almighty Border Toss. He tries to execute, but Terry’s back on the scene to break it up and the two tag teams continue to battle it out. By Drew we see Ricardo Rodriguez illegally rake his eyes and then Chavo comes round to pull him through the ropes and perform a modified neckbreaker right on the floor. The referee still cannot get control of the match, but he remembers that Del Rio and Barrett are legal and while a brawl goes on we watch as Barrett and Del Rio go at it in the middle of the ring. Del Rio gains control, trying to administer the Cross-Armbreaker, but as he lays back on the canvas, Barrett refuses to get off his feet. The pressure forces him down to one knee and he could be in trouble, but the ref counts One, Two – and Del Rio has to let go of the move. The chaos continues around the legal men and the ref, with Del Rio asking him why he counted and the ref tells him that his shoulders were down. Del Rio then sets to go back at Barrett, but we watch as Barrett takes a step to measure his opponent and then *BOOM* Bull-Hammer connecting! LAX and the Dragons are all tied up, McIntyre’s laid out. We see Konnan and Rey getting up all groggy. Melina’s by the foot of the ramp, covering her chest as she’s been ripped to her bra and panties. Chavo tries getting in the ring, but he has McIntyre holding one ankle and Layla holding the other. Barrett has Del Rio down in the centre of the ring and we hear Melina howl “Noooo! Nooooo!” as Wade covers for One, Two, and Three!

Winners: Wade Barrett and the British Invasion.


Wade Barrett’s music♫ «< click to play) hits and we watch as Konnan and Mysterio gather around Melina, Konnan wrapping a Mexican flag around her. Chavo gets in a few licks on McIntyre, but Drew doesn’t even bother fighting back. He smirks in Chavo’s face and in his strong Scottish accent we hear him shout: “We won! We won you pillock, we won!” And Chavo marches toward the ramp. LAX crawl in the ring and pull Del Rio out and we then see Ricardo Rodriguez with his head down, quietly walking around ringside, tip-toeing around Mason Ryan and Rob Terry. Layla gets in the ring to embrace Wade. Styler brings out a British flag from the timekeeper’s corner and William Regal is on his feet as The British Invasion line up in the ring and their leader, the winner of the match Wade Barrett waves the Union Jack. The crowd applaud the match as LAX look on in disgust. They’re angry and frustrated at having to see the Brits victorious and the scene fades out to an angry group of Latino’s marching up the ramp.

We see that CM Punk is ready for tonight’s main event, and he is sat in the locker room with his head in his hands, seemingly getting into his pre-game mindset. We hear someone approaching, and Punk stands to greet them. It’s none other than former KWF TNA RAW General Manager, Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart. Punk nods to him and shakes his hand. Bret says “CM Punk, the Best in the World. Tonight is without doubt the biggest match of your life, and I just came here to say that, honestly, as much as I respect the hell out of AJ, John and Dwayne, my money is firmly on you to get the job done and win the KWF World Heavyweight Championship.” Punk smiles: “Thank you Hitman. Coming from the Best there is, the Best there was and the Best there ever will be, that means a lot. We are both considered the be the Best wrestlers of our generations, and that’s what tonight is all about. It’s about proving who is the Best of the Best, and tonight I show the whole world that as great as my fellow competitors are, none of them are the Best in the World. That title belongs to CM Punk, and by the end of the night, so will the KWF World Heavyweight Championship.” Bret reminds Punk that he main evented many WrestleMania’s in his time, but adds that he wishes he’d still been able to compete on a night like this. Bret: “This is the biggest Mania ever, and there’s nothing like the feeling of holding the Title above your head as the pyro’s go off and the show fades out. Just remember that you could be the last face people see as the tenure of the KWF fades out. You fight for the honor of making that happen.” Punk nods and shakes Bret’s hand again as the Excellence of Execution exits. Punk rolls his wrists as we fade back into the Stadium.


We come back to ringside where Justin Roberts announces that the following contest is for the KWF Intercontinental Championship. The audience rise as one as we hear ♫the music of Randy Orton♫ «< click to play) and KWF’s Apex Predator makes his way out to the stage. He takes in the cheers as he proudly carries his Belt to the ring and JR tells of how WrestleMania really is the showcase of the immortals. The comms discuss how this match has been in the making ever since the unification of the United States and Intercontinental Belts. JR: “That was at Starrcade 2011 when Morgan defeated The Pope to drop the US Title and raise the Intercontinental Gold.” Regal: “Yes and that was also the moment that Randy Orton realized how much that Belt meant to him. The KWF re-established the prestige of being lucky enough to be on the list of IC Champs and to Orton, one word came to mind when linking his name to the Belt, and that word was ‘legacy’. Randy went after that Title and he won it on the Mania stage last year, defeating Morgan, The Rock and Dolph Ziggler in an epic Fatal-4-Way match. Now, a year later, Dolph Ziggler’s become the King of the KWF, okay, he lost tonight, but let me continue; The Rock has an even more successful movie career and he’s in our main event later on. But Mister Orton and Matt Morgan here are still fighting over the Intercontinental Title. They’re obsessed and I for one think it’s brilliant. The Apex Predator has made that Belt his property, but The Blueprint believes that he will defeat Orton for the Belt tonight, getting the ultimate retribution for losing it in the 4-Way last year. What a Mania it’s been so far, and this match is certainly top billing for me.”

Orton stands in the ring as JR tells of how this past year hasn’t been an easy ride for The Viper: “He’s had suspensions, injuries. He’s lost and won back that IC Title and tonight’s the night he does cement his legacy.” The Blueprint completes his entrance meanwhile and he looks pumped as he eyeballs Orton across the ring. The referee shows both men the prize before raising it to the audience and then handing it to the timekeeper. Regal: “Here we go.”


Randy Orton vs. Matt MorganIntercontinental Championship

Orton has a focused look in his eyes and we watch as Morgan approaches for a lock-up, but Orton ducks under and takes a step toward the other side of the ring. The Viper turns round and Morgan doesn’t look impressed. Morgan sets for another attempt at a tie-up, but Orton ducks under it again and then takes a shot to Morgan’s kidney before elbowing the top of his back and then going in front of Morgan with his back to him and taking him over with a snapmare. Morgan rolls through it and stands up right away, but by the time he turns round, Randy Orton’s slithered out of the ring. Regal: “What the heck’s he playing at? Just get on with the match Randy.” JR: “Aww Mister Regal, Orton’s not the reigning Intercontinental Champion because he’s a dummy. He’s wrestling this match his way and that means that he won’t allow Morgan to control proceedings in the way that he wants to. It’s like a game of chess. Orton’s clearly studied his opponent and he knows his moves. So what he does is counter those moves well enough to not allow his opponent to think that they’re in control. It’s a mind game, it’s tactical and it’s impressive from Orton. He has his game face on right here.”

Regal: “All well and good Jim, but Matt Morgan’s not called the Blueprint for nothing. He has an answer for everything and being the Blueprint means that he knows the way out. You’re right that Orton’s trying to ensure that Morgan doesn’t get comfortable, but how does he know that his plan’s working? Morgan has a bit of a poker face on here and it doesn’t seem to me that he’s getting so angry.” Orton eyeballs Morgan whilst at ringside and the referee tells him to get back in the ring. Morgan just stands there, but taunts, tapping his wrist signaling that it’s only a matter of time before he gets on the Hellavator and it’s lights out for Orton. Randy slithers under the bottom rope and into the ring, but Morgan pounces and he clobbers Orton over his back. He lays into him with forearm shots, not allowing Orton to get to his feet and the ref yells at him, but Morgan then flips Orton over for a cover. The ref sets to count, but no, Orton’s feet are under the ropes.

Morgan gets up and picks Orton up to place him by the corner. He lays into him with knees to the gut and then follows up with a boot to the throat, choking The Viper and the fans boo like hell. JR: “Orton’s the clear fan favorite, but there’s no doubting the talent and tenacity of The Blueprint.” Morgan Irish-whips Orton into the opposite corner and he sets to drive into his gut with a shoulder-barge, but Orton lifts himself atop the top turnbuckle and rolls over the back of Morgan to clutch him down to the canvas for a school-boy-like pinning predicament. Orton gets One, gets Two – but Morgan kicks out emphatically. Regal: “Smart move by both men. Getting pin attempts in early, making sure they warn each other that they could lose this match at any time.” Orton gets to his feet, as does Morgan. Orton tries for one of his patented hard clotheslines, but the fans gasp as Morgan just stands there. Morgan shakes his head as Orton tries it again. Morgan shakes his head more as Orton then feigns to throw a right hand at Morgan’s face, but he stops himself, drops to the canvas and rolls out to ringside. Regal: “Come on, this is getting silly now.” Some of the fans even boo Orton, but JR says that Orton knows exactly what he’s doing: “He knew very well that he wasn’t going to win that battle, so instead of allowing Morgan to build his adrenaline to come back at Orton and take his head off, Orton simply slithered out of the ring and he survives this part of the match. At the very same time he’s aggravating Morgan and as you suggested earlier William, that’s all part of the plan. Orton’s trying to get Morgan out of his comfort zone and so far, as the match goes on, his tactics are working. Morgan must be getting increasingly frustrated inside.”

Regal points out that Orton usually takes the battle to his opponent and makes him wrestle his game, but with a man the size of Morgan and with such stakes as the Intercontinental Title on the line, Orton can’t take any chances and he must bide his time to strike at the most opportune moment. Orton sets to slither back in the ring again, but stops himself as Morgan approaches. Orton tells the ref to get Morgan back, and so Morgan does step away. As Orton slithers into the ring, we watch as Matt Morgan backs out of it. He drops to ringside and eyeballs Orton. Randy slowly approaches the ropes where Morgan mouths off at him from ringside. Regal: “The tides have turned now. Morgan’s playing Orton at his own strategy and now it may be The Viper who’s getting angry. This is brilliant Jim. Neither man is letting up at all. They both know that a moment of weakness in the mind could lead to a move that decks them in the match.” We watch as Orton raises his arms and the crowd begin to scream. They show their allegiance to The Viper and the roar from the crowd gets to Morgan. He shakes his head and waves his arms, telling Orton that the fans mean nothing to him. Randy climbs the turnbuckles and poses. Regal: “Now he’s got the help of the proverbial sixth man. All roads lead to an Orton win so far here Jim.” JR: “That certainly seems like the case, but let’s not take for granted that the match has been very methodical so far. Neither man wants to lose, but which man is going to take that stride, take that risk to get the win?”


As Orton climbs down from the buckles, we see Morgan climb the apron and he yanks Orton by the neck over the top rope. Morgan drops back to ringside and then pulls Orton by his feet, dragging him out to ringside and the fans boo as Morgan knees Orton in the face. He picks him up to place him against the ring apron and then he knees him in the gut. Once, twice, before headbutting him right over his brow. The crowd boo as the comms tell that Morgan’s finally getting some kind of control of this match. However, as he starts toward Orton again, The Viper turns round and levels Morgan with a hard right hand. He builds momentum, Orton punching over and over before trying to bash his head off the barricade, but Morgan’s too big, too strong and he counters to clobber Orton over his neck and he sends him over the barricade and into the front row. Morgan goes back toward the ring, rolls in and rolls out to reset the referee’s count. He starts toward the barricade and he steps over it. Orton’s getting up, but Morgan nails him with a knee to the gut. The crowd clear out the way and Morgan launches Orton toward the unpadded floor. He then picks him up and launches him like a torpedo over the barricade and back out toward ringside. The fans boo as Morgan maintains his control for a period of time here. He dominates Orton as he takes the match back in the ring and JR says: “Orton’s early strategies may all be moot here. Morgan’s got complete control of the match.” Regal; “Morgan was full of confidence in his interview on Turmoil this past Wednesday night and he’s certainly delivering when it comes to hurting Orton tonight. Randy’s not dealt with this kind of challenge before and it may only be a matter of time here Jim. The Viper looks spent.”

Morgan has Orton down after a side-walk slam and he covers, but Orton kicks out after Two. He picks him up and taps his imaginary watch, getting set for a Hellavator, but no, Orton rushes him toward the ropes. He pushes him through to the apron, but before Morgan falls, Randy grabs him by his neck and we watch as he pulls him back through the ropes. He has that I hear voices look in his eye and *BAM* he drops Morgan for his trademark hanging legs Orton-DT. The Viper turns the big man over, makes sure he hooks both legs. Gets One on the cover, gets Two – but Morgan kicks out! Orton stands up. The crowd applaud as he looks out to them and then we watch as he performs the Orton stomp. Hard stamping of his feet on every limb of Morgan, but as he works his way round Morgan’s body, at the last stamp Morgan catches his ankle and he tackles him to the canvas. He lays into him with lefts and rights, ferociously battering him with closed fists. The referee rolls Morgan off, telling him off for fighting illegally. We see Orton get up by the turnbuckles and Morgan storms at him with a shoulder-barge to the gut, connecting this time. He lifts Orton to prop him atop the top turnbuckle and we watch as he administers a second rope superplex. Orton crashes to the canvas and Morgan makes the cover; One! Two! – but Orton kicks out! The crowd is in suspense, worried about The Viper, but their volume rises as they try get Orton back into the match.

Morgan maintains control for the moment, pinning Orton again, but again only getting Two. He gets to his feet and complains to the ref, but the ref tells him that Orton got his shoulder up before the Three. Morgan sets to get Orton on his feet again, but The Viper begins to fight back now, punching Morgan in the gut and then the face. Morgan pushes Orton away, and Orton rolls back on the canvas, but gets up to sprint back at his opponent. Morgan however grabs Orton by the throat, a menacing look in his eyes, but Orton Mongolian Chops down Morgan’s arms and then kicks him in the gut before uppercutting his jaw. Morgan drops to one knee, but then he counters another punch and stands up to headbutt Orton like a rising bull. He drops The Viper, covers, One, Two – but no, Orton kicks out again. Morgan gets up, determined to end this now and he picks Orton up onto a vertical base. He hooks his neck and now we may get set for a Hellavator, but no, Orton counters with a DDT! But Morgan’s head bounces off the canvas and his body’s momentum has him stand up right away. Orton gets up aswell. He dropkicks Morgan emphatically at the top of his back and Morgan bounces off the ropes. He comes back and Orton impressively lifts him for an almighty scoop powerslam! An amazing show of strength and a huge WrestleMania moment and now Orton has the crowd going wild as he pounds his fists on the canvas, gearing everybody up for an RKO. The fans chant his name, but as Morgan gets up, Orton leaps to go for the move – but Morgan catches him! Morgan shows his strength now and the fans gasp as one as Morgan maintains a lift on Orton in mid-air. We can see a release of panic on Orton’s face as Morgan turns him all the way round while he has him up – and then he drives The Viper down with the most hellacious Hellavator we’ve ever seen! Morgan makes the cover, hooking both legs for the referee to count. One! Two! And this time, Orton’s down, Orton’s out, Orton’s finished as Matt Morgan gets Three!

Winner and New KWF Intercontinental Champion: Matt Morgan.

Morgan’s music♫ «< click to play) hits and we watch as he gets to his feet and the referee hands him the Intercontinental Title. JR: “He’s done it! By God he’s done it! Matt Morgan has his retribution, his redemption and a year after losing the Intercontinental Championship, he wins it back on this Grand Stage, he defeats The Viper and William we have a new Intercontinental Champion!” Regal: “Aaahh what a match this was Jim. A fascinating battle and I must say I’m impressed. Orton had his WrestleMania moment when he took Morgan up and over for a scoop powerslam, but no one could have seen that coming from Morgan. To evade an RKO is one thing, but to counter it completely and turn it into your finisher, well that down right deserves a victory in itself. Well done Blueprint. That was one heck of a victory.” We see Orton coming to, sat on the canvas looking desperately disappointed as Morgan celebrates with his Title in the background.


Edge is standing and applauding after having watched the IC Title match from the balcony of his Skybox. KWF interviewer Jeremy Borash steps into the picture to get a word with the GM. Edge says that while this is KWF’s last night, there’s a solemn sadness about the locker room, but it can’t take away from the fact that this is a celebration. A celebration of the best wrestling talent in the world “and so far JB, I think our guys and gals have done us proud. There’ve been some great matches. I’m proud of my old T-cat hombre Panther, Kurt Angle put on the match of his life and what about that thumb-tack Muscle Buster by Joe? Man that had ta hurt!” Borash smiles and says that such matches indeed make this night a celebration of everything KWF’s put forward: “But up next Edge is the Triple Threat Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the KWF World Tag Team Championships. How do you see that panning out?” Edge scratches his head. He says that neither team can stand each other: “and it was eerie how they didn’t touch each other on Turmoil this past Wednesday. It was almost as if it was a calm before the storm and with TLC, we know it’s going to be one heck of a storm out there.” We hear a voice in the background: “Damn right it’ll be a storm.” Christian Cage comes into the Skybox and Edge invites him to take a seat. The two of them reminisce about their time as TLC competitors and they declare that while they enjoyed a WrestleMania rivalry against one another, E&C will always remain friends. Edge pulls out a bowl of popcorn as we hear ♫Beer Money’s music♫ «< click to play) in the background.

We go to ringside where we see James Storm and Robert Roode make their entrance alongside Gail Kim. They pat the already set-up tables and they check that the ladders are steady before eventually getting in the ring. Their Tag Team Title Belts are hanging high above the ring and we see them point up to signal to the fans that those Belts are coming home to them. The Dudleys are next out. Carrying a table all the way down the WrestleMania ramp and then setting it up by the ring apron. Bubba and Devon aren’t messing around. They both go to different sides of the ring and set up two more tables. ♫Music hits♫ «< click to play) and while we see Beer Money eyeball The Dudleys we watch as Gambit and Jeff ‘The Joker’ Hardy make their way down the ramp. The Joker swerves under and out of already set-up ladders and Regal says: “That’s bad luck.” JR: “Not the first time Jeff Hardy’s done that.” Beer Money turn to see Gambit and Joker make their entrance, but from behind they’re attacked by Bubba and Devon and the referee gets the match underway.


Beer Money vs. The Dudleys vs. Gambit & The JokerTriple Threat TLC match for the KWF World Tag Team Titles

The Dudleys clobber Beer Money from behind, getting the upperhand. JR: “There’s no ‘last show fever’ about this match here William. I don’t think any of the competitors in this contest could give a damn about KWF coming to an end. To the Dudleys it’s about cementing their name in history as the most successful and dominant team in Tag wrestling. To Beer Money it’s about legitimizing their own dynasty and making sure that the world knows who they are as the Tag Team Champions. Not because of any interference or close call. They’ve won TLC before and they’ll do it again by hook or by crook.” Regal: “And what about Why So Serious? What are they here for?” JR: “Spotlight. Attention. I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the build-up to Mania and what’s been clear about Why So Serious from the very beginning is that they crave being talked about. They want to be in the newspapers, they want to be on ‘Wanted’ posters and they love the attention they get when they’re targeted. Gambit and Joker are Tag Team competitors and throughout all Why So Serious’ shenanigans; laying down in matches, taking hits, threatening people with knives and setting rooms on fire, Gambit and Joker Hardy are two of the very best and that’s what makes them so feared. It can seem that they’re losing, but they’ll still win. And I must reiterate; there’s no limits that Why So Serious won’t go to to ensure that the headlines are all about them. The Joker won’t admit it and Gambit will say ‘whatever’, but through my experience I know egomaniacs when I see them and Why So Serious are the worst kind because they’ll do anything for all that attention.”

We watch as Gambit and Joker get involved in the match and there’s a lot of chair use early on as Bubba bashes James Storm over his back at ringside. We then see Joker Hardy climb the barricade to run along it and go flying at Bubba, but he’s caught as Bubba drops the chair. He turns, holding Hardy in position and Devon comes long from behind to grab Jeff by the neck and The Dudleys 3D Hardy through a table! The sound of the crash is followed by a collective ‘Ohhhh!’ from the fans, but then we see Joker turn over in the rubble and he’s laughing his head off. Bobby Roode comes onto the scene to go at Devon and we see Gambit jab Bubba with a ladder. Roode smashes Devon into the steel stairs before getting in the ring and directing Gail to get a chair and watch Devon. Roode manages to set a ladder up and he’s looking to end this early, but then we see Christy ‘Harley Quinn’ Hemme emerge from the audience. She slides into the ring and drags the ladder. Roode tells her off, dragging it back and then we see Gail come into the ring. Roode stands in the middle of the argument as Gail and Harley Quinn yell at one another. Gail lifts the steel chair, but then from behind we see Kelly Kelly grab the weapon off her. Gail turns round and *BAM* Kelly nails her with the chair! The crowd gasp ‘Ohhhhh’ again as Gail is laid flat out! Devon gets in the ring meanwhile and he goes at Roode. The Why So Serious girls then kick-roll Gail out the ring and they exit to ringside.


We watch as Gambit and Bubba battle all the way up the ramp. There are tables, ladders and chairs all over the ramp and by the side of the stage. As Bubba gets the upperhand, overpowering LeBeau, we see him target a table below. JR: “He wants to throw Gambit off the stage and through the table. He could do some real damage here.” However as he sets Gambit into Powerbomb position, he looks toward the table again and it’s suddenly been set on fire. Regal: “It’s Abyss!” Abyss is stood by the flaming table and while Bubba’s distracted we see Joker Hardy come storming up the ramp with a chair and he smashes it over Bubba’s back. Gambit gets up and he and Joker then toss Bubba down to the floor by the stage. JR: “By God, Bubba’s all alone with Abyss here. Devon hasn’t got a clue what’s going on.” Regal: “It’s turnabout Jim. Remember a few months back when The Dudleys put Abyss through a flaming table?! This is Abyss returning the favor!” And the comms yell “Aaaahhh!” as Abyss Chokeslams Bubba through the fire! The Monster stands there, laughing evilly and then we see medics and security come to hose down the fire around Bubba-Ray.

Gambit and The Joker walk back down the ramp as the comms tell that Why So Serious are running ragged on this match simply because of the numbers game. Regal: “They have the girls watching the ring, the Monster watching the stage. It’s impossible. The Dudleys don’t stand a chance now that Bubba’s out of it and Beer Money’s valet has just been smashed with a steel chair! Jesus Christ!” JR: “Why So Serious don’t care. Joker laughed when he was put through a table and the girls aren’t afraid of getting in the rough stuff with the boys. Good God, what next?” We watch as Joker grabs a ladder and sets it up to be tilted from the foot of the ramp to the middle rope. Gambit goes at James Storm at ringside, but telegraphs his attack and Storm lifts him for a back body drop – and the Cajun goes flying over the top rope and down to ringside through a table! The comms review replays and we then see Kelly Kelly go and check on him. Joker meanwhile goes to pick up a chair. He throws it in the ring, then another, then another. He grabs another one and gets in the ring, but then Devon and Roode are waiting for him. Joker smiles and throws the chair at Roode before dropkicking Devon’s chair back in his face. Roode gets back up and he grabs Joker in a front headlock. James Storm comes into the ring, bringing another ladder. He lays it down and Beer Money double suplex Joker on the steel. They seem to have control now and they get a ladder set up under the Belts. Roode climbs as Storm watches the surrounding area. Devon gets up and he manages to jab Storm in the gut with a chair before following Roode up the ladder. He smashes his back with the chair and Roode falls all the way down to the mat. Devon seems to have control now, but only now he realizes that he’s on his own. He looks around for Bubba and then looks all the way up to the stage where there’s carnage from the flaming table.

Devon has a determined look on his face as he drops the chair and sets to climb the ladder. He manages to get to the very top, but then James Storm jogs the ladder. He begins to climb the other side of it and by the time Devon reaches, he touches the Gold, but he can’t yank the Belts down because Storm climbs high enough to punch him in the gut. The two slug it out with right hands, but then we see Gambit get back in the ring and he picks up a ladder to throw it toward Devon. This rocks the Dudley brother and Devon falls all the way to the mat, his body rocking and gyrating after such a fall. James Storm sees Gambit down below, but doesn’t see that The Joker’s up and he’s pushing the ladder. He tilts it toward the ropes by the ramp-way and Storm flies off, crashing into the ladder below, the big ladder that was earlier set up by the Joker from the ramp to the middle rope. Storm rolls down the metal after crashing hard and Joker laughs again. We watch as he then exits the ring, pulls out another ladder, an even taller ladder and he sets it up by Storm. Meanwhile we see Gambit befall Roode with an echoing chair shot and while Joker goes up the ladder at ringside, Gambit goes up the ladder in the ring. Devon tries pulling himself up by the ropes, but Harley Quinn bites his fingers. We see Abyss emerge back on the stage, walking down the ramp and he’s bringing a barrel with him. K2 gets in the ring and as Gambit reaches for the Belts, The Joker flies off the ladder and Swanton’s the Cowboy! Gambit pulls down the Belts and the crowd go nuts as Hardy completes the circus act of a lifetime!

Winners and New KWF World Tag Team Champions: Gambit and Jeff ‘The Joker’ Hardy.

Why So Serious’ music♫ «< click to play) hits and the replays of the match are shown over and over. A match that lived up to all its billing and Regal says that JR was proved to be right: “The attention is what they crave and they’ve bloody well done over all their opposition tonight. Gambit and Joker are Tag Champions yet again.” We watch as Abyss helps Joker to his feet. Hardy looks broken after performing the Swanton partly on the ladder, partly on Storm and partly on the floor below. Joker laughs as he aches, rolling himself into the ring. Gambit hands the Tag Titles to Harley before helping Abyss get the barrel into the ring. The music stops and the audience begin to murmur, wondering what’s happening. Abyss stands in the center of the squared circle and he takes out a liquid bottle from his pocket. JR: “That’s gasoline! What on earth?! He used that on the flaming table earlier, but what’s going on here?” We see K2 wrap her arms around Gambit, hugging him from behind. Harley Quinn holds up the Tag Belts to show The Joker and he laughs as Abyss pours gasoline into the barrel.

The audience begin to boo and then they boo louder as Joker shouts “Do it!” to Harley and she drops the Belts into the barrel before Joker lights a match and sets the Belts on fire! The crowd boo as we see a shot of Edge and Christian in the Skybox. They’re both standing. Christian with his hands over his mouth and Edge with his hands over his head. The KWF World Tag Team Championships are being destroyed and JR is beside himself: “For all the wrong reasons, of all the nasty ways you could end it here in the KWF, this is how you do it Hardy?! This is how Why So Serious want to be remembered?!” Regal: “No Jim, you said it yourself. It’s not about being remembered at all, it’s about the attention that this gets. Over time here in the KWF we’ve seen Why So Serious become unfathomably popular with the fans. But tonight they show their true colors. They have the attention that they seek. They have their headlines and for sure I feel that they’re making it clear; they’ve never cared for the opinions of the audience. They just want to be recognized as the biggest bad guys in the business. It’s a damn shame I’ll tell you that, but at the very same time I’m not surprised. After being recruited back in the KWF we’ve waited, feared, when the real Why So Serious would show up. And here they are.” Joker laughs along with Harley, who hands him a microphone. Abyss stands there eerily smiling as Kelly kisses Gambit. The flame blazes in the barrel and as the crowd calm, The Joker finishes: “Why So Serious?… Ha ha ha ha ha ha haa ha ahaa ho ho haaaa! Ha! Haaa!”


As the camera zooms in on the fire, the screen fades to black. Smoke fills the screen and we hear a *BONG!* Then a silhouette emerges in the image of a mask, that of The Absolute Lashley. The image changes to clips of KWF WrestleMania 2011, where The UnderTaker was facing Kurt Angle. The Deadman was in trouble and Angle had his straps down, ready to go for the Ankle Lock. However, a being made its way to the ring. That of The Absolute Lashley. Michael Cole: “What on Earth is that thing?!” Jerry Lawler: “Aaah!!” Lashley floored Angle, allowing UnderTaker to pick up the win once the official had recovered. The UnderTaker went on to reveal that Lashley was his new protégé. We see images of Bobby Lashley, the smiling fan favorite who rolled with the Thundercats, while Taker explains that he needed someone to follow in his footsteps and eventually become heir to his Dark Side throne. Taker had selected Lashley. He abducted him at Survivor Series 2010, and tortured and broke him. The Lashley who returned with the black DareDevil-like mask was barely a shadow of his former self. A mute with no emotion, no expression, and only a desire to punish and destroy. The Phenom guided his new project to hurting anything in his path, and had a masterplan for Lashley to dominate the KWF, which eventually led to him becoming World Champion. However, he soon lost the Title to AJ Styles just before WrestleMania 2012 in a Hell in a Cell match thanks to interference from Kane. Lashley went on to defeat Kane at Mania, and that encouraged The UnderTaker that he was still well on his way to becoming the new leader of The Dark Side. Taker was absent for many months, allowing Lashley to be guided by the late Paul Bearer, but The Beast struggled, and was defeated by Kane in a rematch at Sovereignty 2012.

The UnderTaker returned to cost Lashley in a match, ironically against Kurt Angle, and claimed that The Absolute One had let him down. Lashley tried to prove him wrong, and faced Sting at Starrcade, but was defeated again. UnderTaker was now trying to eradicate what he saw as a failed project, but such was the determination from Lashley to prove him wrong, they nearly came to blows at the Royal Rumble, but Lashley took his anger out on Kane instead, eliminating the Phenom’s brother. Taker continued to disrespect Lashley, and challenged him to face Kane once more in a decider, but it was a trap so that the Brothers of Destruction could attack him. However, Lashley fought them off, and for the first time, struck The UnderTaker. The final act of Bearer before his untimely recent passing was to lay out a challenge to The UnderTaker on behalf of Lashley, to face him at WrestleMania. The Deadman initially refused, but after provocation from Sting, agreed that the match would happen ‘if’ Sting beat Kane at SuperBrawl. The Icon got the job done and the match was set. These past five weeks have seen both monsters try to play mind games with the other, including The UnderTaker striking the ring with lightening, and Lashley causing the ring to raise from the floor this past Wednesday. The Streak is on the line, it’s the Student versus the Master, it’s The Absolute Lashley versus The UnderTaker, and it’s next Live here at KWF WrestleMania!

The sky is pitch black, fittingly for this match, and the stars look bright as every single light in the Stadium goes out. There are loud cheers and screams from the crowd, before we hear *BONG!* ♫The eerie music of The Absolute Lashley♫ «< click to play) plays, and smoke fills the Stadium. Lashley emerges from a raising floor up to the stage, and we see that he is wearing a long black coat in the style of The UnderTaker. With the Mask to over his head, he looks positively frightening, and he slowly makes his way to the ring. JR: “A match that has been on the cards ever since this Beast made his debut two-years ago this very night. WrestleMania night. The longevity of this story has been incredible, and it was almost inevitable that it would lead to this moment. The UnderTaker facing his protégé, The Absolute Lashley, at WrestleMania.” Regal: “The little hairs are standing up on the back of my knees Jim.” Lashley raises the lights, but then the lights flicker and remain off. We see him turn his head toward the stage and we hear *BONG!* The oh-so ♫familiar music♫ «< click to play) The UnderTaker fills the Stadium, as does yet more smoke. The Phenom’s unmistakable figure comes out to the stage and he makes his way to the ring. He stares straight at Lashley as he moves, and even when he makes his way to the steps. He gets into the ring and raises the lights himself. He removes his coat and hat, and the tension is ferocious, both beings with eyes locked upon one another’s from one corner of the ring to another. All of a sudden the ring-posts set ablaze in the style of Kane’s entrance. We then pan upward, higher than the arena Skyboxes and we see a familiar white face. JR: “That’s Sting! Good God, Sting and Kane two major players in the build-up to this match, they’re making their presence known here William.” Regal: “Indeed they are Jim and if Kane and Sting’s eyes are on this match, then let’s be sure, this is a must-see contest that the entire world has got to witness.”


The Absolute Lashley vs. The UnderTaker

The bell rings, and the fans cheer, but neither man moves. They just stare fiercely at one another. JR: “I can barely stand this. What electricity there is in MetLife Stadium. UnderTaker and Lashley are about to go at it at WrestleMania!” Regal: “Well, they’re supposed to be. Somebody do something!” All of a sudden, Lashley marches to the middle of the ring. He never takes his eyes off of UnderTaker. Taker looks back, and then steps up to the middle himself. The two are now face to face, barely an inch from one another, but neither moves. They just stare fire through each other, until The UnderTaker motions his throat-slit sign. Lashley begins to snarl, and then finally, throws the first punch. He nails Taker, who stumbles back, but then comes back and fires a shot at Lashley. The fans actually cheer both hits, and Lashley definitely took the worst off that opening exchange. They trade blows again, but soon it is clear that Taker is on top and he backs Lashley into the corner. JR: “You don’t take on The Phenom in a striking game, The Deadman’s power cannot be matched.” Regal: “Amen.” Lashley is able to bring Taker back into the middle of the ring, and sends him against the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but Taker ducks and comes back off the ropes to hit a flying lariat.

The UnderTaker has made the first moves here, and is looking to put his former apprentice in his place early on. However, he sends Lashley against the ropes and goes for a big boot, but Lashley ducks it and comes off the far ropes, also hitting a flying clothesline. The fans cheer as JR says “Wow, we could be seeing like for like all night here. That’s the problem when you teach someone all your moves, they can then use them against you.” Regal: “Ah yes Jim, but you must bear in mind that The UnderTaker may have taught Lashley everything that Lashley knows, but he didn’t teach him everything that he knows, and that will be the difference here for me.” Lashley is enjoying some time on top now and fires Taker into the corner, before hitting a powerslam on his return. He is fighting at a very fast pace, looking more dominating and assured than he has in last year’s pay-per-view losses to Kane and Sting. JR comments that despite everything that’s happened, Lashley looks a far more imposing competitor since he became ‘Absolute’. Regal argues that Taker himself has admitted that Lashley is not ‘Absolute’, merely a failed experiment.

Lashley has tried too hard and been caught out by the Phenom, who manages to hit the big boot after Lashley runs the ropes again. Taker has got himself in control as he works down Lashley with more shots in the corner, before grabbing the arm and going up to the top rope. He is going for Old School as sets to jump off, Lashley pulls him off savagely and Taker flies across the ring, crashing and rolling to the far corner. UnderTaker sits up. He stands up, but as he gets balance, Lashley races over and nearly decapitates him with a clothesline! Taker is flat on his back and Lashley covers, but Taker kicks out at Two. Lashley gets to his feet, and sees Taker sit up, before he shoots him a wide-eyed look and also gets to his feet. He grabs Lashley and fires him into the corner, before following and hitting a clothesline, before heading off to the far ropes and coming back to hit the stumbling Lashley with another big boot. UnderTaker holds the top rope and looks out to the fans, looking tired. He turns around to see Lashley sit up, before getting to his feet. JR: “I told you, move for move! I think I saw a rare look of exasperation in the Deadman’s eyes!”

The match continues going back and forth, and Taker blocks a Sitdown Spinebuster attempt with an elbow to the head. This shakes Lashley enough so that he leans on the ropes to stay up, but he’s not up for long as Taker clotheslines him over the top rope. However, Lashley lands on his feet on the outside. UnderTaker soon comes off the far ropes and flies over the ropes to land on Lashley at ringside. Lashley tries to catch him, but can’t hold him up and they crash. JR: “Credit to Lashley for trying to catch him, but he is sent down by a move that we only see at WrestleMania.” Taker has some energy taken out of him after that move, but he has enough about him to get up and continue attacking Lashley on the outside. They go by the crashed announcers table and to the barricade, where Taker grabs Lashley’s arm and climbs. He walks across the barricade, before leaping off and striking Lashley across the back with Old School. JR: “Old School on the outside to take Lashley down! If The UnderTaker gets back in the ring he could win this by count-out.” Regal: “Taker continue his undefeated WrestleMania streak with a Count-Out? You must be mad.”


Regal is correct as Taker rolls Lashley back in the ring, before following and sizing him up. As Lashley gets to his feet, Taker grabs him around the throat, before lifting him up and crashing him down with a Chokeslam! He covers and the referee counts One… Two… kick out! Lashley gets the shoulder up, and this match continues. Taker goes back to the Beast and hits him with shots, but they have little effect on Lashley this time around. Lashley stares widely back at Taker, and fires him against the ropes, before going for a back-body drop. However, Taker stops and grabs Lashley, lifting him in the air and slamming him down with a Last Ride! He slumps to his knees and manages to cover again, getting One… Two… but again Lashley gets the shoulder up! Taker falls back and cannot believe it. He’s given Lashley two of his biggest moves, but hasn’t been able to put him away. JR: “I think The UnderTaker is starting to think that Lashley is as tough as he first thought. This is the Lashley he created, and I think that realization is starting to hit him.” Regal: “He’s still in control though, those moves must have taken a lot out of Lashley.”

Taker is sizing Lashley up again, and as he gets up, Taker grabs him and pulls him down into the Triangle Choke Hold. JR: “Hell’s Gate! Hell’s Gate applied!” Lashley is struggling and reaches for the ropes, but he’s dead center in the middle of the ring. He is able to move around, but cannot get free of Taker’s hold. He is fading, as Taker is looking determined to end it here. JR: “Can Lashley hang on here? Many have tapped to this, but Lashley has never tapped out. Can Taker be the first to do it?” Lashley looks to have faded completely, but just as the official is set to check on him, Lashley moves and drags his feet under himself. This allows him to drag himself and Taker across the ring, and he grabs the ropes. JR: “What strength! But Taker won’t let go! The referee is counting, and if he reaches Five, The UnderTaker’s Streak is over!” He gets to Four, but Lashley doesn’t let it end this way. He lets go of the ropes, and with an amazing show of strength, is able to lift The UnderTaker into the air. The Phenom is still clamped on Lashley’s arm, but not for much longer as Lashley slams him down. Both men are on their backs in the middle of the ring. Lashley crawls to the ropes, as does Taker. They both get to their feet, and as they do, Lashley bursts into action and picks the Phenom up again before *BAM!* planting him with a Sitdown Spinebuster!

Lashley covers and the referee counts One… Two… NO! The UnderTaker kicks out! JR: “My God! Nobody has ever kicked out of the Sitdown Spinebuster! What the Hell!” Regal: “Incredible! What a match! Will it ever end?!” Lashley looks down at The UnderTaker, who can barely move. Lashley looks around the arena, before setting his eyes on the turnbuckles. He heads out to the apron and starts climbing. Once he reaches the top, Taker quickly sits up. JR: “Jesus, look at him go!” UnderTaker gets to his feet, before racing over and hitting Lashley in the stomach with a hard fist. He turns and backs his shoulder into Lashley’s stomach, before wrapping his arms around him and carrying him off the top rope, into Tombstone Piledriver position. JR: “Here we go! This is it! And Boom! There it is! Tombstone Piledriver to Lashley!!!” Taker looks fierce as he drives Lashley’s head into the mat. He places both arms over Lashley’s chest before sticking his tongue out and covering, One… Two… and Thr… JR: “NO! NO! NO! Lashley kicks out… AGAIN!”

Taker lies back again and is shaking his head. He really doesn’t seem to know what to do to put Lashley away. He sits up and just sits there for a few moments, looking at Lashley. JR: “I think he’s out of plays. This is unbelievable.” Taker gets up and demands Lashley to get up. He is yelling at him to get to his feet, and helps him up eventually, before lifting him back onto his shoulder. JR: “Another Tombstone coming up, surely this time it’s going to be over.” Taker is holding Lashley with one arm, and slits his own throat with his other thumb. However, he falls back and Lashley manages to reverse it, landing on his feet and using the momentum to carry Taker into the same position, and then before anyone can figure out what has happened… *BAM!* JR: “Tombstone Piledriver! Tombstone Piledriver from The Absolute Lashley to The UnderTaker!!! Cover him!” Lashley does slowly wrap the Deadman’s arms across his own chest, and performing the trademark pin, even sticking his tongue out and rolling his eyes as the referee counts One… Two… and… THREE!

Winner: The Absolute Lashley.


JR: “Lashley! Lashley! Lashley! He is ABSOLUTE!” Regal: “Wait, what? Why is the bell ringing? Why is Lashley’s music playing? Is this some kind of joke?” JR: “No joke William, The Absolute Lashley has pulled off the unthinkable! He has ENDED THE STREAK!!!” Lashley gets to his feet and there is no reaction. He just stares down at The UnderTaker, who is out cold. The official doesn’t dare raise his hand, but Lashley simply raises his own arms, and fire spews from the ring posts in the form of fireballs. Fire then comes out from the top of the Stadium, before an almighty explosion hits the stage, and we see a giant flaming image that simply reads ‘21-0’. Regal: “Wait, hang on, what? Surely it’s 20-1?” He stares up at the numbers, as we see in the background behind him, The UnderTaker getting to his feet. He looks spent, and can barely stand. He actually stumbles and nearly falls down, but Lashley holds out his arms and holds him up. Taker holds onto Lashley, and just looks at him. He then backs off, and drops to one knee… The UnderTaker bows to The Absolute One.

The fans cheer as The UnderTaker shows the ultimate respect to his protégé and the man who finally defeated him at WrestleMania. The lights then go out, and when they come back on, The UnderTaker is gone. The ring and surrounding area all filled with smoke. Lashley stands there, looking up at the 21-0 image, and JR thinks he’s figured it out: “I don’t think that number represents the Streak of The UnderTaker, I think that’s the number of The Dark Side. By defeating The Deadman, Lashley became the new representative of The Dark Side, the new Lord of Darkness and so it is his victory that is recognized. He was always The UnderTaker’s protégé, and the Phenom knew that, so now Lashley has passed the ultimate test, he has been handed the reigns, and that may well have been the very last time we were ever in the presence of The Phenom, The Deadman, The UnderTaker!” The camera pans in on Lashley, who stands in the ring, cutting an iconic figure as he stares into the fire. He looks to the skies as we hear thunder. He raises his arms and his eyes roll back as the fans cheer the rise of The Beast, The Absolute Lashley.

Backstage we see The Great One, The Rock walk the halls and the comms voice over that we’re just about set for our main event. However, JR: “Austin!” And Rock stops in his tracks as The Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin steps into the picture. The Rock shakes his hand and says: “Glad you could make it.” Austin: “Rock I wouldn’t miss a night like this, but with everything that’s gone on and given the fact that KWF writers still haven’t been hired yet, I’ve come here to tell you somethin’ I think you need ta hear before you step through those curtains for tonight’s main event.” Rock: “Shoot.” Austin tells Rock that AJ Styles, CM Punk and John Cena all have a right to be in this match tonight because they’ve earned their spot. He says: “To most people, you haven’t earned that spot Rock, but let me tell you this. With everything that we did in the World Wrestling Federation, guys like you and I are the reason why KWF started in the first place. We put asses in seats, we made people want more and while KWF will always be remembered for bringing together the very best in the industry to put forward the best stories and matches, let me etch into your mind that we are the reason that this show has so much passion. Every detail, every bit of soul that is left on the page, the writers do it because of us and every other character that’s on this blog comes to life because of… The Great One.”


Rock nods as Austin goes on. Austin says that Rock brought about this Generations idea and it’s a brilliant idea: “The Brahma Bull entertains like no one else can and you brought it Rock. You came back to the KWF and you main event Mania just like that. But tonight, as a friend I ask you to whup some ass and you do it in the style of the Attitude Era! You, Me, UnderTaker, Hunter, Shawn – none of us took crap from nobody. We made this business and Rock you go out there tonight to make sure that the Keystone Wrestling Federation goes out with a bang from The People’s Champion. I’ve known you damn near twenty years and I know you’ll give everything you got. But with competition like those three guys out there, you gotta realize that this ain’t Attitude Rock. It’s KWF and unless you match your wrestling skills with your mind, you ain’t gon’ win tonight.” Rock: “What are you getting at?” Austin: “Think. Go out there and do what you do, but put all that on auto-pilot. The fans will always chant your name, always. You can taunt ‘Just Bring It’, you can put Boots to Asses all you want, but when you go out there you make sure you think. You’re going to be out there with three guys that want to win this just as badly as you do. But think, what did you do when you won the Royal Rumble in 2000? What happened when you beat me at Mania, when you beat Hogan at Mania, and when you beat Cena at Mania? Rock tonight is the night where you have the biggest chance of your life to live up to the name; Great One. Now go out there and make KWF history.” Rock bounces on the spot as we hear JR say: “Oh my.”

When we come back we see that the stage has been set up for our main musical act of the evening. The crowd cheer loudly as the band come out to the stage. The Rolling Stones are here, and Mick Jagger takes the mic: “How you doin’ East Rutherford?!” They cheer back. “Hit it!” The music begins to play and they kick things off with Jumpin’ Jack Flash. They are in top form as the fans bounce along to it. We see that William Regal is thoroughly enjoying himself at ringside as they go onto their second song, Paint it Black. Once that comes to an end, Jagger asks the fans if they’re enjoying WrestleMania, and they cheer loudly. “Well that’s funny, because personally…” the guitars play and he begins singing (I can’t get no) Satisfaction. The fans are loving it, and a group of female dancers dressed in old style clothing come out and start dancing opposite one another. The tron is lit up brightly as the Stones wrap things up and tear the house down with what was an awesome set. JR: “There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the legendary Rolling Stones!” Jagger thanks the fans and wishes them the best for the rest of the night. Click HERE to watch/listen to a mesh of the songs above.


We fade to a video package that dives into the recent KWF histories and career memories of our four main event competitors here tonight. We focus on The Rock and see clips of his WWF debut at Survivor Series of ’96. We see images of his Intercontinental Title defense at Mania ’97. The moment Rock joined Shane McMahon’s WCW, and the night where Rock defeated Kurt Angle and The UnderTaker to become the Undisputed People’s Champion. Fast-forward through The Rock’s movie career and we see how The Rock has come in and out of the KWF and planned his time around his films. We see how he’s always electrified and entertained the crowds no matter where he’s been and we see the moment when he introduced the idea to end KWF Blogs with a match of Generations.

The video fades into clips of CM Punk, early in his career, battling guys like Raven in Ring of Honor and teaming with long-time friend Colt Cabana. We see how Punk’s come across superstars such as Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and reigning/current KWF World Champion; AJ Styles. Punk has had many storied rivalries within the industry and he took his rookie status to WWE’s version of ECW. From there Punk’s career progressed slowly until his infamous ‘pipebomb’ on WWE RAW. There he told of some home truths, spoke freely and mentioned the name of his old friend, Colt Cabana. In the KWF, Punk’s always remained this character and tonight he sets to prove himself once again as the Best in the World.

The video fades into a selection of t-shirts that have been worn or sold by the name of John Cena. Cena first stepped into WWE displaying ‘ruthless aggression’ and having an on/off rivalry with Kurt Angle before finally making it big and defeating John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield at WrestleMania 21. Cena had numerous rivalries with superstars such as Rob Van Dam, Triple H and of course, KWF’s current General Manager Edge. Cena’s won multiple Championships, but always maintained his stance as a guy that does it best alone – but that was until the KWF where he was very much backed by the likes of Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. After Edge’s appointment as GM, Cena had to climb back up the ladder the hard way and tonight he finds himself with a chance of cementing the legacy of KWF’s Doctor of Thuganomics.


Like CM Punk, AJ Styles was also a big fixture in Ring of Honor and Styles even had a short stint in WCW before WWF bought the company out and left AJ without a job. TNA was born and the company grew based on WCW’s rebranding of Cruiserweights; the X-Division. AJ carried the torch, made his name as an X-Division superstar and many said that he wouldn’t fly so high with the heavyweights – but they were wrong and AJ flew over the heavyweights to eventually become TNA World Champion. In the KWF, Styles began as a Thundercat, dominating the Tag Team scene with Shelton Benjamin. After the Thundercats were split via a Draft in 2011, AJ went down the singles route and eventually earned himself the World Heavyweight Championship. His rivalries in the KWF include feuding with The UnderTaker, Wade Barrett, Triple H and most notably; John Cena. Styles comes into Mania on the back of thinking that his opponent tonight would be Cena in a one-on-one epic that would tilt their rivalry one way or another, with their previous score being 1-1. However, with Punk winning the SuperBrawl Elimination Chamber and The Rock thinking up the idea of Generations, we come to this moment on the last ever show from the Keystone Wrestling Federation. TNA’s prize superstar, the Phenomenal AJ Styles to defend his KWF World Heavyweight Championship against WWE’s Doctor of Thuganomics, John Cena. Against a man who brings honor to the ring, Ring of Honor’s CM Punk and a man who stands in Hollywood’s spotlight; WWF’s Brahma Bull The Rock. The Phenomenal One? The Best in the World? The Doctor? The Great One? Who wins? We find out next!

We’re late into nightfall here in New Jersey and we hear screams from the crowd as a shower of golden pyro pours upon the stage. We watch as it continues to pour and very loudly we hear the theme of AJ Styles: ♫Get Ready To Fly♫ «< click to play). AJ runs out to the stage and tips his hood back as the fans stand as one for the entrance of KWF’s World Champion. We see a shot of Edge standing in his Skybox and he applauds as AJ makes his way to the ring. Styles is followed out by a chorus of boos as Royal Rumble winner John Cena makes his entrance. The comms discuss what Hulk Hogan said to Cena earlier and Regal ponders: “All those years ago when WWF let Hulk Hogan go, did they do so with Hogan’s ego in mind? I mean, did they know that he was such a selfish liability?” JR: “I don’t William, but WWE sure has made a lot of money from Rock vs. Hogan at WrestleMania 18. I don’t know what to make of Hulk’s words, but I do know this, Cena’s taken everything on board and he’s ready. He’s not here for the fans and maybe we should consider him as favorite for this match. Cena will do whatever it takes to win, and that makes him dangerous.”

We watch as ♫CM Punk’s music♫ «< click to play) hits and the fans cheer as JR describes Punk as a man that could be considered the real People’s Champion: “Punk’s been a top competitor everywhere he’s been. He’s gone toe to toe with some of the industry’s best and that means that he’s wrestled in front of various audiences and I think William, that the Best in the World moniker that Punk carries isn’t far-fetched at all.” Regal: “You’re right Jim it’s not. Punk’s got fans everywhere, but audience approval, as Hulk Hogan will tell you, means nothing when it comes to what happens within the squared circle. The next competitor out might say otherwise though.” ♫If Ya Smellllll…..♫ «< click to play) and the crowd go wild for the entrance of The Rock. The People’s Champ makes his way to the ring and the atmosphere intensifies as we see CM Punk roll his wrists, AJ Styles bounce on the spot and John Cena remove his trademark thick metal chain. JR: “It’s a big fight feel folks, the biggest fight, the biggest match in KWF history. We thank you for being with us and here comes our main event for the KWF World Heavyweight Title!” The official introductions are made and every single fan is on their feet.

AJ Styles vs. John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. The RockFatal 4 Way for the KWF World Heavyweight Title

The bell rings and Cena goes right for the Champ as Rock goes after Punk. Cena corners AJ, but he comes out with it via a headscissors. Rock corners Punk with one smack, a second and a third. He goes to spit in his palm, but Punk kicks him upside the head. JR: “Ohhh it’s personal between Punk and Rock, after all Punk said to him on Turmoil a couple of weeks back, The Rock wants payback, and he wants to be the man to shut Punk up.” Regal: “So Rock’s doing the exact opposite of what Austin told him to do then?” Punk makes the cover, but AJ comes over and breaks it before a One-count. Styles and Punk get to their feet. AJ kick Punk in the thigh and Punk comes back with the same move to AJ. AJ kicks again, and Punk kicks again. Both men resolute, standing there taking one another’s kicks, with the crowd volume growing and growing. However, Rock and Cena are both on their feet and they clobber Styles and Punk from behind. Cena tries to go past AJ and go at Punk, but then Rock turns round and he uses Cena’s own momentum against him and he performs an over-the-top belly-to-belly suplex. The crowd cheer as Punk covers. Gets One on the count, but then Rock comes over and boots Punk in the gut, forcing him through the ropes and out to ringside.


AJ gets up and Rock turns round to see him. Rock raises his eyebrow as Styles says “Come on!” and the two of them lock it up. JR: “WWF’s finest against TNA’s Phenomenal One, this is one of the beauties about the Keystone Wrestling Federation. We wouldn’t get to see this anywhere else.” Regal: “And if we did, then it would be badly written.” Rock overpowers Styles, grabbing his arm and wrist and turning his arm over into an arm wrench. AJ handstands to flip out of the move and Rock tries to pull him into a short-arm clothesline, but Styles ducks. Rock turns round and AJ nails him with a spin-kick, taking Rocky down. Rock gets up and AJ props him against the ropes. He sets for an Irish-whip and sends Rock toward the far ropes. Rock comes back and *BAM* picture-perfect dropkick by Styles and he stands up to wave his arms toward the fans. “Now that’s Phenomenal.” Styles has a think before his next move as Cena stirs, but before he can execute we watch as CM Punk’s on the ring apron. He uses the top rope to springboard and he jumps to leap off it and he nails his flying clothesline. Styles goes down as Punk sees Cena get up by the corner. Punk runs at him and connects with a high knee. Cena’s rocked, but as Punk goes for a bulldog, Cena pushes him off. Punk turns round and he targets Cena with a roundhouse kick, but Cena ducks and Punk nails The Rock!

The match goes on with AJ covering Rock after the Punk kick, but Punk breaks the fall. He picks Styles up and sends him toward the corner. AJ runs up the buckles with ease and flips backward for a version of Whisper in the Wind! The crowd gasp as he connects with Punk. An instant cover, One, Two – no, Cena’s aware and he pulls Styles by the leg and locks on the STFU submission. JR: “Wow, Whisper in the Wind from AJ. That’s Jeff Hardy’s move!” Regal: “A TNA move and look Jim, AJ may be about to tap.” But no, The Rock’s up and he breaks Cena’s submission. He picks Cena up and sends him toward the corner, laying into him with right hands before waving a ‘You Can’t See Me’ taunt in Cena’s face. Rock then grabs Cena by the arm, he twists it and goes under so that his own back is to the turnbuckles. Regal: “What the?” We watch as Rock climbs the buckles backward and then walks along the top rope to land an almighty Old School on Cena. Regal: “UnderTaker’s move? What the flibbit is going on here?” JR: “Haha, it’s the showcase of the immortals William and while not everyone subscribes to the generations idea, these four superstars are instinctively channeling the moves and attitudes of everything and everyone that has brought them to this dance. This is amazing.”

Cena goes down and Punk crawls over him for a cover, but Rock breaks it after One. Styles gets up by the ropes and he moves out to the ring apron. He measures before using the top rope to elevate himself and he springs to land a textbook AJ Styles flying forearm smash right on the mush of The Rock! The momentum of the move sends Rock all the way to ringside and Punk stands there and laughs at Rock, but AJ’s up and *BAM* he nails Punk with a Pele! JR: “That’s it! That’s it! This is over!” Styles covers for One, Two – but Cena breaks the pin. He picks Styles up and “Jesus Christ!” yelps Regal as Cena Stuns Styles! Regal mocks: “Stone Colddd Stone Colddd! Stone Colddd – haha, come on Jim, that was brilliant.” JR: “Aww, there’s some history there. KWF history where Austin Stunned Cena at WrestleMania a few years ago and now, as Austin talks to Rock before this match, Cena rubs it in to the Rattlesnake.” We watch as Cena then directly eyeballs The Rock, with Rock having seen the Stunner. Cena flips a bird in Rock’s direction and goes out after him.

The two of them trade blows at ringside, back and forth on equal terms throughout. Not long after though, we watch as CM Punk suicide dives through the ropes and he catches both Rock and Cena. Punk stands up and the crowd cheer as he takes a bow. He sets to pick up Cena, but Cena gets up to lift Punk atop his shoulders and *BAM* FU! Punk’s down with an FU! The fans gasp as Cena picks Punk up to roll him into the ring. He follows, but he can’t stand up as AJ grabs him right away and Styles performs the Angels Wings! JR: “Paying homage to former friend and TNA star Christopher Daniels. What an Angels Wings from AJ!” Cena’s down, AJ has the cover, gets One, Two – but no, The Rock’s up and he pulls Styles to ringside. A kick in the gut and then a DDT and Styles is down. Rock gets back in the ring. He crawls for a cover on Cena, gets One, Two – but Cena kicks out. Rock sees Punk down and he covers him. One! Two! – no, Punk kicks out as well. The Rock gets up. Asks the ref if he’s sure and the ref says that he only counted Two.


Rock looks around with all three opponents down and he decides to pick Punk up and dump him out of the ring. JR: “Rock wants to pin John Cena. He wants to be the Champion with WWF overcoming WWE.” Rock steps to Cena in the center of the ring. He removes an elbow pad and signals for a finish. He goes against one set of ropes. He comes back to leap over Cena and go against another set of ropes. He comes back, kicks a leg and sets to nail a People’s Elbow – but Cena catches him as Rock goes down. He counters and turns Rock over into; the comms: “The Kimura!??” JR: “Cena’s got the Kimura on Rock! Cena’s got the Kimura on Rock!” Regal: “God Jim, who knew Cena could wrestle?! Cena’s using Brock Lesnar’s WWE move – so he’s not exactly listening to Hulk Hogan either.” The crowd boo like hell as Rock seems to be in real trouble here. We watch as the ref looks set to call for the bell, but then out the air comes CM Punk, with a diving Macho Man elbow on Cena. Punk covers; One! Two! – but Cena kicks out.

Then out the air comes AJ Styles – with a Spiral Tap on The Rock! JR: “Spiral Tap! Spiral Tap!” AJ covers as the crowd scream; One! Two! – but Punk breaks the count. Rock is groggy as hell as he rolls out of the ring. Punk grabs AJ and pulls him into Powerbomb position. But no, it’s no Powerbomb – as Punk performs the Canadian Destroyer! Regal: “That’s Petey Williams’ move!” JR: “It issss and the Champ is down and out! And after a talk with Bret Hart, Punk pulls off the Canadian Destroyer. This is absolutely awesome! Our fans are going bananas!” The crowd go wild for KWF’s first ever showing of the Canadian Destroyer as CM Punk performs this Ring of Honor move on Styles. He can’t pin though, as Cena’s on his feet – but Punk sees him coming and he lifts him atop his shoulders to nail The Doctor with a GTS! The comms go nuts, as do the fans as they all count the pin ‘One!’ ‘Two!’ ‘Threeeee!’

Winner and New KWF Heavyweight Champion of the World: CM Punk.

The crowd go berserk as ♫CM Punk’s music♫ «< click to play) sounds out to the sky from the MetLife Stadium and JR yells: “CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk’s our new World Champion!” Pyro goes off all around the stadium and we see Edge, JR, Regal, Justin Roberts, the timekeeper and every fan that has witnessed this all stand to their feet and scream, shout and applaud for this outstanding victory from a man that can now call himself, without a shadow of a doubt; the Best in the World. We see even more pyro’s go off and Punk celebrates as he’s handed the KWF World Title. He climbs the turnbuckles and raises his Belt, shouting to the fans “Best in the Worlddddd!” The crowd chant Punk’s name as the comms review replays of John Cena’s Stunner, Rock’s Old School, Styles’ Angels Wings and Punk’s Canadian Destroyer. We come back Live and the fans quieten and the comms calm as it suddenly hits them that it’s over for the KWF. We see that realization come across Punk’s face too and he turns to his left where he sees AJ Styles standing up. He turns around and The Rock is entering the ring and to his right we see Cena standing up also. The three of them look at one another and look out to the crowd. Punk raises his Title again. He yells “Best in the Worlllllddddd!” as KWF’s Live programming fades out.


We come to a video recap of all the events of KWF WrestleMania and through all the highlights, the moments, the matches, the Title victories and the memories, from the writers of the Keystone Wrestling Federation, we thank you for reading. Thank you for being with us for the ride and thank you for sparing your time for our product. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. Your responses, tweets and messages have always given us great pride and you’ve motivated us to ensure that we put out the very best product for you, wrestling fans. Thank you for helping us come to this conclusion. From Farook Razak and Dave Segar, Thank you.

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